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The Loving Shines Through in Soul Transcendants

Soul Transcendants — the book of stories compiled by Jackie Peterson — is now available!  If you are new to the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), read this book. If you have been in MSIA for 50 years, read this book. The stories of people you know or may get to know are a remarkable treasure trove of their experiences with the multi-dimensional person that John-Roger is through the Christ/Traveler consciousness.

Yet as you read this book, you come to realize that the multi-dimensional ways in which this man presented himself comes down to one thing (write this down) it’s the loving. In every exchange he has with the people who have contributed their stories to this book, it is always the loving that shines through. He was what he taught, with a large dash of humor to keep us entertained on our journey home to God.

Future generations will not have the human being of J-R to relate to. They will read his discourses and books, hear his seminars, find MSIA, PTS and Insight and will come to their own understanding inwardly. That is where Jackie Peterson and her team’s compilation of people’s real experiences with J-R can be helpful. It offers a glimpse of why he was so meaningful in the lives of those of us who knew him and are still learning from him and his successor John Morton. It cannot be said that John-Roger appeals to everyone, but he and his message of living love are the same, and John Morton carries on that message of loving and Soul Transcendence.

Soul Transcendants is available through MSIA Store or Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

3 thoughts on “The Loving Shines Through in <em>Soul Transcendants</em>”

  1. Thanks for the prompt, Glenn as I wanted to get Jackie’s “compilation” of wonderful stories. I didn’t see it on the MSIA store though…
    However, while I was there I got Betsy’s book “Facets of Loving” – a steal at $5.50 for download and $6.50 for a REAL book. I would have ordered the book except the postage would likely be double the book cost (to Canada) 🙂 So….I trust there will be some of both at Asilomar.
    I appreciate you sharing.

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