Calling All Peacemakers! Worldwide Peace Prayer, July 3, 2014 – August 4, 2014

June 20th, 2014


July 3, 2014 – August 4, 2014

Note: We’ll open this round of the Peace Prayer at IIWP’s Gathering of Peacemakers on Thursday, July 3rd 7 – 9pm PDT, as part of MSIA’s Annual Conference of Soul Transcendence at The Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village & Live Online. Feel free to participate with us! Click here for info. Click here to watch online.

Breathe in peace. As tensions and worries drop away, peace starts radiating through your body. Peace is very much alive and present. As you drop the pressures of your life, you’ll find that peace is present, beyond the distractions. It was always there.

-John-Roger, D.S.S., IIWP Founder

Are you looking for a simple way to let go of judgments?

Would you like to send your loving to the planet in fellowship with other peacemakers?

Participate with us as we bring our loving hearts and our intentions toward peace together for the next round of the Peace Prayer, which begins on Thursday, July 3 and runs through Monday, August 4.  This prayer is a way for us to experience peace in our daily lives and to extend loving and blessing to the planet earth, its inhabitants, and all those places where there is a need for greater peace.

If you’re not currently subscribed to the Peace Prayer, we encourage you to check it out. Your participation with us in the Peace Prayers is such a blessing!

If you would like to participate:

Click here for English
Click here for Spanish

The Prayer is based on John-Roger’s “nine magic words” and is an easy process you can do each day to come into greater peace in your daily life.

As John-Roger says:
Practice using what I call the nine magic words.  The first three are, “I love you.” The second three are, “God bless you.”  And the third three are, “Peace, be still.”  Say them silently when you are in situations of conflict or upset.  These words are powerful.
-John-Roger, D.S.S.

Our theme for this round is one of IIWP’s four principles of peace: “Peace is a choice, available regardless of any conditions.” The quotes and processes are chosen for you to tap into the peace that is always available to you and to expand into the experience of peace within you.

Our prayer is simple.

The Inner Peace Process and Prayer
Whenever you “tune in”, see yourself, those you know and all of us from around the world standing together, regardless of time zones. See us surrounding our planet with other Peacemakers chanting…

“I Love You.
God Bless You.
Peace, Be Still.”

Check inside to let go of any againstness that may be present with yourself or others. Relax, breathe, let go.

Then envision a dawning of peace taking place in the hearts of people throughout the world.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 323-328-1905 or
Remind yourself that you are the peace of God, that you bring peace and find the peace that is present, and that wherever there is disturbance, you find peace. You become the peace that is present.

John Morton, D.S.S., IIWP Spiritual Director

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