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A message from John-Roger — Christmas 1979

Editor’s Note:  Found in the J-R Library Archives, this Christmas message from John-Roger is from 1979 and is just as practical, powerful and relevant today in December of 2022.


Hold fast to your courage.

You don’t have to save the world.

Just love the person next to you.

Love that person, not for gain but as your gift.

Just give of your heart.

When you give of your heart,

you give through the Soul.

When you receive love that has been given

through the Soul, you experience knowledge

without detail, without conflict, without struggle.

You just know.

You know yourself,

and you know the one who loves you.

In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness,

we come together to love one another.

We come together to lift one another and

to be lifted.

We come together to know our divinity

and to know our God.

God bless you all this Christmas

and always.

Baruch Bashan,


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