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Linda Mogitz (at right) with her grandson

“Inner Worlds of Meditation” Self-Paced Workshop – Worth Its Weight in Gold

I have been so fortunate, so blessed, to have been able to participate in the self-paced “Inner Worlds of Meditation” workshop through It’s absolutely amazing, phenomenal, powerful, and extremely experiential.

What I love most about this is that it’s practice, actually doing what John-Roger and John Morton talk about. I love practicum!!! I actually watched the entire workshop twice, and know that I would love to participate in the meditations again, especially in the energy that this class provides.

Just a few more notes.

John’s welcome is just beautiful! He creates a lovely atmosphere, and his countenance is so Light-filled. He said, “It’s the best workshop ever,” and I agree! It’s the best of the best. I love all the fun, antics, spontaneous moments and joy. They are definitely both “in the zone” in this workshop! Right out of the gate, it starts with humor, joy and fun! J-R and John play so well together and with us. I love when John asked J-R if he wanted background music to what he was reading and J-R suggested, “Home on the Range,” “Don’t Fence Me In,” and “Stranger on the Shore.” How appropriate!!! Even J-R’s kidding is revealing! And I loved John’s response. “We won’t have music.” 😁💖🤗

J-R reads The Spiritual Promise without background music. It was great to hear the familiar meditation read anew by J-R.

The most wonderful reminders are given through the information presented in this workshop, like, “The Traveler is spiritually exercising us even when we don’t know how to do it for ourselves.” There are also helpful hints for dealing with the dream state. In fact, so much helpful information and so many beautiful reminders are given in this workshop!

It’s worth the price of the workshop for the “Ra Tone” exercise and explanation itself. Hysterical as well as informative! (Introducing the Ra Tone With Two Funny Travelers.)  And John’s demonstration of why it could have been called “The El Splatto Conference” is priceless!!

When John leads us in the Breathing Meditation, John’s voice and the energy coming through John’s voice is transportive. The words are as well, and even moreso, his voice! The workshop would be worth it just for that.

And then, there are the rest of the meditations, each as golden as the one before it. I could rave on and on about each meditation as I did for the ones above. The energy with this class is so palpable and transportive, and I mean that literally-energetically!

I may do this workshop again in the future, if it’s still for sale next year.  Is there a chance that this recording of this workshop could be made available for sale so that we could have access to this for years? [Editor:  we’re not set up for that at the moment because the class includes access to the Traveler Sharings. That could change in the future. It could be in the future].

Just tonight, I once again did The Golden Temple and Cathedral of the Soul meditations, both read by John-Roger. All I can say is, wow!!!  John-Roger’s voice and energy are (no surprise) off the charts! Hogwarts has nothing on PTS!!!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for this beautiful workshop! It’s worth its weight in gold!

Loving, Light and blessings,  💖🌟💞

Linda Mogitz

Inner Worlds of Meditation is a self-paced class facilitated by John-Roger and John Morton that includes 12 hours of video content. Enrollment in the course lasts for 6 months and includes invitations to monthly Traveler Sharings with John Morton for the PTS Undergraduate Program. Tuition is $200.

The Inner Worlds of Meditation materials are available on That Which Is and the MSIA Store.

There’s also an Inner Worlds of Meditation Book.

Give yourself the gift of the self-paced Inner Worlds of Meditation Workshop with John-Roger and John Morton.  

You can sign up and participate at

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