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Loving and Blessing Our Karma

Karma is an action that is called for.  Our opportunity is to be in harmony and synchronicity with the karmic action that serves, works, and blesses all.  Let’s call that, “The highest good of all concerned.” – John Morton

This article is taken from a seminar John Morton conducted in October 2022 for MSIA students who subscribe to Discourses.

One way of handling karma is to relax.  Be at ease.  Being receptive is a way of knowing how you are handling karma.

Karma is an action that is called for.  Our opportunity is to be in harmony and synchronicity with the karmic action that serves, works, and blesses all.  Let’s call that, “The highest good of all concerned.”  Those may be familiar words.  They are keys that work, so call them out with that intention.

The highest good intention is a blessing that however we are handling karma, there is always receptivity.  That’s where the acceptance is that is spiritual.  It’s always in receptivity.  By that I mean an openness.  It’s not necessarily in something you would call agreement, understanding or “This is what I’m doing or not doing.”  It allows for those positions in consciousness.  Those positions can be varying degrees of how we think and feel, or the images we hold or resist.  Then we come into the physical actions we take.  These are called our choices.

If we are resisting, energies are being contained in unnecessary forms that cause friction, disruption, disturbance, and disease.  We then don’t feel well or do well.  We are in dysfunctionality or something like chaos.  It doesn’t work.

The signs of not working are fairly obvious.  Things don’t go as we would like.  That is one way that it’s obvious.  They go the way we don’t like.  It’s either side of that coin.  “I don’t like it,” or “It’s not what I wanted or expected,” are signs.  How you respond to that is also a sign.

If you can, come into receptivity and an openness to observe and consider if it’s not working, causing disturbance, disruption or not functioning well.  It is not getting the results you are seeking, expecting, or wanted.  That can be checked by what you are doing.  Another way to say that is have the wit to let it go.  Stop doing it.

What if you are crossing the street and cars are honking at you and people are pulling down their windows to yell and scream at you in insulting ways?  Maybe you are crossing against traffic while there is a crosswalk.  Perhaps there is a crosswalk, but there is also a light that’s green for the traffic.  It’s the cars’ time to go.  It can be like this, very obvious and simple in what we are doing and then in how we respond to it.

Let’s make it practical and particular with what is going on personally in your life.  That could be financially, in your relationships or in what you do to make your living.  Are you self-employed or working for someone?  Do they like the way you do your job or work?  How would you know that?

There is something in the results that would show a job well done.  I’m going to call it satisfaction or the action that satisfies, as in, “I’m satisfied. It’s good enough for me.”  What if the boss is saying, “It’s not good enough for me and you need to do what needs to be done or else?”

If you are interested, find out what “done” or “or else” is.  That can be another sign of how you are handling the karma or creating some new karma.  Maybe that is called, “You’re fired” or “I’m leaving you” or “You are under arrest” or “Here’s your eviction notice.”  There are lots of ways it comes forward.

This doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem in Spirit.  There is an aspect of what I am describing in how things work in the world and in the Spirit that doesn’t really matter.  It doesn’t go that high.  By the time it’s in Spirit, it’s in something like a state of bliss, meaning it doesn’t shift to what it is in the world.  What may shift is your relationship to being in Spirit.

How you are in your humanity and the physical world may reveal that you are not having much experience of bliss.  Having awareness of what you are experiencing can help you.  Just being aware.  Are you experiencing something like dread?  Is it something like, “I hate this.  I’m confused and tired.  I don’t want to do this anymore.  I’m discouraged, disenchanted, and disillusioned?”

If it is in the field of desolation, “I have no motivation or interest to even try to make it better,” then that is something to look at for the judgement you have placed.  Part of that is to determine through your awareness, contemplation, openness to learn and look, asking, “Well, how did I create this desolation?”  Did I put myself in a position of wanting, expecting, wishful thinking or desire? It can go to varying degrees of extremity.

It can also get so there is tension in the body, a sense of inflexibility, which can then also get into things like the joints.  That can get into the PH, so you become over-acidic, contributing to oxidation, which tends to dissolve what is in some material form, putting it into an altered state.  If you have a sense of being over-reactive, irritable, worried, or fearful, these kinds of things are indicators that you are not in harmony with how your life is designed to work.

Give yourself an opportunity to do better.  Take time to consider,

“Is this working?”   Maybe give your mind a chance to release, so you get out before you argue with whatever your mind is saying.  Perhaps you still have some self-talk that then becomes an argument with yourself.  It’s like there is more than one player in your mind and they argue rather than agree.

That can be the kind of self-talk that labels you with unflattering names or terms.  That is going into a state that is disturbed at every level, except with the Spirit.  That’s another way of saying it’s not ever bothering your soul.  What is it bothering?  It is bothering the places you are residing where you bring your conscious level.  That can be habitual so that you start harboring thoughts that are not agreeable or admirable.  They are often critical, like, “I hate this and I hate myself.  But I hate them more because they make it so bad and awful in what we are doing together.  It’s their fault.”

Often before we even get to something like articulating how bad it can be, there is something like yelling, screaming, crying, and sobbing.  Maybe there are things that could be called self-destructive behaviors that demonstrate we aren’t loving and caring.  We are not doing things that are uplifting, nurturing, healing, and bringing in vitality, happiness, peace, joy as well as good relationships with people and things.

Meanwhile, we haven’t even talked in particular about planetary karma.  Things like pandemics, wars, and famines.  “My stock went up or down tenfold. The dog next door is barking, and nobody seems to want to shut it up.”

Those are just ways of saying we are not here to control this world.  But we can influence it.  We can influence in such a way that how we are participating is something beautiful.  It is something pleasant inside.  We can run the level of our attitude and how we respond.  A smile can still come on our face regardless of external conditions.  That would be a way of relating to what is present when our inner focus is beautiful.  Perhaps it is something that becomes an opportunity to extend to others.

Your willingness to be in touch with the divine nature is helpful.  It is certainly helpful for you.  It is not selfish in any way that is like withholding.  Don’t keep your gifts hidden or your goodness withheld.  I know it can be hard if you “wear your heart on your sleeve.”  People might slam it.  If you’ve had the experience where you are open to others with kindness, wanting to help and the responses are anything but kind, appreciative or understanding, that could hurt.

Part of this is to test us where we worship.  What level are we worshiping?  If we are placing our worship in this world, it’s “Good luck!”  The world plays in the extremes.  It can be extremely high, such as awareness of direct connection as we go into Spirit.  We can be in awareness of the divine.  While our feet are on the ground, our consciousness is in Spirit.  That is a presence inside.  We can also have our eyes and ears open.

We relate through the senses into the world and through the consciousness that we call the mind, the personality.  We can relate into the world and still be in attunement with the divine nature while we are doing it.  That is somewhat of a balancing act along the lines of, “How are you walking across a tightrope while there’s an earthquake and they are throwing things at you?”  You can still be in balance on the tightrope, even if the elasticity of the tightrope is going up and down.  There is a way.

Connect with the perfect master.  Is that one the same as the inner master?  In this case, it is.  Who would that be?  I say it is God consciousness as it knows you in your breath and inner nature.  As we open inwardly, it is something like a martial art.  We learn how to take the attack and the energy that comes at us.  We can learn to handle whatever it is because we keep our openness as an eye on the Lord.

We have that awareness of the presence of the Lord, this inner connection with one who is always with us in the very best way. No matter what happens to us, there is still a divine relationship with the perfect master.  God is extending to us inside.

Can you see a face on that?  You could.  Can you know it by touch or voice?  Yes.  You can open up the other inner senses.  There is a scent and a taste.  Because it comes in the highest nature, it registers on a scale that is magnificent.  It’s beyond words or any way of expressing other than something like ecstasy and bliss.  Then there is the laughter of going where the joy would take you.

We also learn how to do extrapolation, extending what we know conceptually into imaging.  What something is in higher nature and consciousness, we extend into the lower nature.  There is connection.  With connection comes integration.  One in the same.  The lower is this, the higher is this – and it is still connected.

That awareness and intention to reach, extend, be open is also to check and test what the Spirit is so you are taking hold of the highest consciousness that is available to you.  You can handle it.  It does not inflict.  It would be choosing to be open to the inner master as the perfect master.  Is that the Traveler?  You decide.

There is a movement as this works, so you become what it is.  There is one movement where you reach to what it is.  You witness what it is, and you are aware of it.  It is awakening you.  There is still observation.  You are looking and listening to what it is. At some point, you allow and become what it is.  It will be the perfect master being in mastery as you.

The Traveler or the Christ works with your karma by taking it on as if its nature is also with the karma.  Why would it do that if it is not required?  If the inner master does not have karma, why would it take it on?  Because it can release it.  If it’s released in the inner master, the one that is with that presence, it is released in you.

What does the karma become here in the human form?  It’s personal and it is individualized as you with your name, personality, and lifetime.  The inner master is doing your life as you.  There is no conflict there.

How does it do that?  Very well.  It can still look like you or look like them.  It could be doing both at once.  It has that ability.  You would recognize it as you move into the higher consciousness while releasing the lower nature.  You don’t look like what you do in the lower nature.  You don’t look like yourself in the world because you are releasing that form.  It has been under a karmic influence.  That has specifics.  It’s something like DNA that is unique to you.  It is going through the world as a perfect master.  That is how it works.  That consciousness is with you in synchronicity.

How would you handle something like gas prices going up, inflation, pollution, etc.?  All kinds of things.  More noise.  There are more complications just getting something done with the harmony of what that is.  That’s not really an issue in Spirit.  Do the best you can with what it is, what you are working with and what you know.  Love no matter what it is.  How would love express itself in this situation, with these people and all the circumstances involved?  That is worth considering.

What is the divine nature?  The God consciousness as it relates through each person becomes something quite beautiful.  It is very practical, bringing greater blessings to the world in all ways.  Spirit has to do that.  If we tried to measure those ways as a quantity or how much can be done in an hour, there is no limitation other that what we put there.  Let go of the limitations.  Whatever comes forward is being done in this consciousness that is the highest good of all concerned.  This consciousness knows all, loves all, and has the intelligence and power to do it in perfect ways and perfect timing.

Right now, the karma is doing as much as is allowed in each one of us and all of us together.  So, it is each one of us.  It is not necessarily placing limitation on what you can do because of what someone else is doing or not doing.  Do yours.  Do it so it rings and sings a vibration that is holy, beautiful, and blessed.

One of the ways working our karma becomes practical is that we call it forward every day.  Regardless of what it is this day and how you respond to it, one of the miracles is there is going to be another day.  There is going to be another round.  Regardless of how bad it seems, consider there is another round and then a next round.  Whatever that is and whenever that is coming, all is workable to the positive.  If it was up to you, what would it be?  You can call that out inside of yourself that God would hear it, know that you are voting, you are registered and that your intention is placed in God’s intention.

That becomes very individualized in the moment.  There may be a pause there.  Ask for patience.  What you are praying for and seeking comes with the light of day.   You bless this day; you love this day with peace is your way of relating to this day.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Thank you for showing up in your way and doing things like being a good sport and having a smile rather than criticism.  Let us all be that, so we are known that we do love one another.  We don’t have to explain it.  We just love.

God bless you all.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Allowing God’s Light

Father, Mother, God,
we ask for Your light to be extended
and that You renew us and bring forward new life.
In this moment we consciously, willingly remove any restrictions.
We give You permission to come into our life. You breathe us that we can more fully do Your will.

We ask that You visit the little things, the things that hang us up,
that we forget about, and with whatever is still unconscious.
In Your grace,
we ask if You can remove those restrictions and attachments and lift the karma.
We ask this through the Christ,
the One who holds the heart of compassion.

We set in motion from Your blessing, that we call forward now,
alignment with what is true.

Baruch Bashan

Note: The above blessing comes from John’s book Blessings Here and Now, available at

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