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John Morton shares the blessings at the BlessingsFest at the Conference of the Power of Living Love, June 2023

BlessingsFest in the Infinite Field of Loving Grace

Capping off our absolutely beyond Divinely Magnificent 2023 The Power of Living Love Conference, my experience of this year’s Magnificent BlessingsFest in person is beyond words – in the Holy, sacred and divine! Thank HUUUU Beloveds John, Leigh, the Presidency and all who made all this possible!

Accompanied by magnificent food, exquisite surroundings and decor and amazing company, our Beloved Traveler John Morton shared freely of the cornucopia of Living Love Blessings for well over six hours! The energies in the room and from online were/are off-the-charts. Here are just some of the nuggets of divine gold that Beloved John brought forth – truly beyond Wow!

So many Blessings of the ongoing anointing thru the Holy Spirit/Jesus/God that Beloved John frequently referenced. We are all so Blessed!

God’s Will Is Done.
Be the harvest.
Say Yes to life/God all along the way!
Let go + relax!
Blessing of Ministry and service – the way is prepared.
Wherever we go, love is already present, and loving stays where you’ve been.
Basic self serving the Holy Spirit.
Getting attuned to God’s Will gives you all the willpower you need.
Manifesting Loving as God’s consciousness here on earth – unconditional love.
GRATITUDE! A life of Grace – Blessings!
More Fun!
Being in Harmony with God’s universe.
Restoration + liberation.
We are a fountain of Blessings on the planet right now.
The Blessing of God’s Perfect Presence.

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