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(left to right) 2024 DSS graduates Terilee Wunderman, Carol Neil, Sue McHenry at the BlessingsFest, Conference of Celebration 2024

Celebrating the Blessings — Our 2024 Conference BlessingsFest

Our Blessingsfest this year was filled with gentle awakenings to the ever-greater goodness already present and coming forward more fully. John Morton shared throughout the day, addressing blessings requests from folks dining together at Prana along with beloveds joining us online. Generous donations supported the John-Roger Legacy Fund, devoted to making the teachings of the Traveler evermore available to those looking for them now and for years to come.

The incredible Prana chefs prepared several courses of magnificently delicious treats, from homemade waffles with all sorts of scrumptious toppings through savory main courses to heavenly deserts. Volunteers served us coffee drinks of our choice, indulging participants with tender loving care. The food, loving companionship, and overflowing of blessings made for a day of beauty, grace, and a powerfully sweet experience of what John-Roger called a Portable Paradise, a welcome taste of heaven on earth.

John addressed blessing requests for health and well-being, career and financial issues, relationship concerns, and spiritual learning, growth, and upliftment. Blessing requests came for Prana, the John-Roger and John Morton Libraries, the Traveler Through the Ages Italy trip in 2025, Windermere, PTS programs, Insight Seminars, and the MSIA Staff and Volunteers. As John addressed each blessing request, the blessings extended out to all as we reaped the goodness together in precious oneness.

John encouraged us to experience the blessings by looking for them and moving into our gratitude. I heard John remind us we are all born the Lord, to claim that truth, and allow ourselves to resonate in that blessing by choosing to be the blessings. I appreciate when John shared his discovering while signing his first book, The Blessings Already Are, how he felt moved to inscribe to each person, You Are the Blessings, which became the title for his second book.

As John closed our day of overflowing goodness, I heard him encourage us to be loving now and to choose discernment, which is a spiritual gift to see as the Lord sees. I am deeply grateful to have gotten to share in this day of abundant blessings and to be reminded once again we are all light as we are all Living in God’s Holy Thoughts.

Baruch Bashan,
Terilee Wunderman

And, from Dawn White:

Wow! Our 2024 Conference BlessingsFest was such a dynamically beautifully powerful way to celebrate our beautiful Prana’s 50th anniversary!

Held of course at our magnificent Prana, the theme that I experienced was/is ‘God’s Way of Being.’ I say was/is because I all ways experience the BlessingsFest as an ongoing gift in Spirit for All who would partake, often long after our physical ‘event’ has wrapped up!

The beauty of Prana adorned in a purple and gold theme with magnificent orchid table settings was only exceeded by all the spiritual beauty present in us all, along with of course an amazing and beautiful array of culinary delights!

Of course, Beloved Traveler John Morton is the greatest Blessing! There are truly no words for the magnificence… etc…

Here are some more of my notes from this truly beyond Magnificent BlessingsFest, still resounding in Spirit!! These key points are all reminders for me that we are all in God’s Way of Being.

Loving Is a Shortcut to God.

Peace on earth.

Loving kindness for all.

Grace is loving one another.

Shortcut to releasing karma is love.

God sees the loving in all.

All your relationships are One with God!

Where is your Pearl of Great Price?

Spiritual Exercises key: Just Do It!

What would God do as you? Here, right now.

Be in cooperation with The Blessings!

Step up! Are you present and accounted for?

Full awareness of the full presence of God.

Thank You Beloved Johnny, Leigh, the MSIA Presidency and succession, and all who make all this possible!! We are truly in Infinite Blessings!

Baruch Bashan
Dawn White

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