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Traveler John Morton takes the stage at the MSIA Ministers Meeting 2024, Conference of Celebration

Conference of Celebration Sunday Meetings: Ministers and Initiates Unite!

A “megachurch” has been defined by Hartford Institute for Religion Research (2006) and others as any Protestant Christian church which at least 2,000 attend in a weekend. Putting aside for a moment the evangelical connotations that “megachurch” carries, I find it remarkable and hilarious that the initiates and ministers meetings, when counting online and in-person attendance, both surpassed the 2,000 attendees mark for the first time — ever! MSIA, welcome to “megachurch” status.

Of course, our group has never been about the numbers. I believe John-Roger said he would do it for one person, one single initiate. And that has been the ethos until this day: what we do can’t be measured in numbers; what we do is largely not of this world.

The awesome power of Spirit pouring out on Sunday was a celebration of the highest order: that we can answer the call of our heart into a fellowship of loving, that we can stand up and be counted among those blessed with the light of the Melchizedek Priesthood, that we are choosing back into the Traveler’s spiritual promise of liberation from this world. Oh, and did I mention that the delicious free lunch at Prana included ice cream bars for dessert?

There were many reasons to celebrate. Four new ministers received their ordinations that morning in Prana’s large seminar room in a buzz of excitement, wonder, and joy. And, if you haven’t yet watched the ministers meeting to see two of our ministers honored with “Minister of the Year” and a whopping five ministers honored with “Volunteer of the Year”, what are you waiting for?

View the Photos from the Ministers Meeting, Conference of Celebration 2024

But perhaps the greatest highlight came as John Morton, our fellow beloved and holder of the keys to the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, led an initiates meeting like no other. Again, if you haven’t yet watched it, stop reading this now and go to and find the recording in the initiates section of the website.

What touched me most at this initiates meeting was reliving Johnny, young but not untested, receiving the keys to his travelership from his beloved John-Roger some thirty-six years ago. Johnny’s deference and love for his wayshower and friend radiated through each word as he promised to do his best to continue what J-R had started. He said he just wanted to make things better, an intention he has made good on for thirty-six years and counting.

The Traveler’s works have changed in form over the last few decades, but, for me, the essence remains the same. They continue to awaken me to the best part of myself, the blessings of my life, and to the upward journey into the realms of Spirit. And, as Johnny often likes to remind us, the best is yet to come!

View the Photos from the Initiates Meeting, Conference of Celebration 2024

Whether or not MSIA continues in its “megachurch” status, it has had a mega impact on my life. And Johnny, serving as our mega-Traveler, will always have a mega-place in my heart.

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  1. Valerie Peake

    Thanks so much for these lovely reports, Matt- we’re in the UK so watched the Ministers’ Meeting but the Initiates’ Meeting was on too late. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing the recording of it on the website or MSIA app at all- maybe someone knows if it’s going to be shared? I’d love to see it.

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