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I Come in Peace


Choosing the attitude of, “I come in peace,” can be a great test in the face of whatever else is also present that would antagonize or put static in the channel of peace.
– John Morton, DSS

This article was originally published in the New Day Herald in October of 2014.

When you look at peace for yourself, remember the words, “Peace is present.” Say those words to yourself.  When you do, you invite your consciousness to find what that is for yourself.  You allow yourself to become aware of the peace that is always present within you.

Finding your peace is like looking for your keys. If you say to yourself, “I know they’re here somewhere,” you’re inviting yourself to find them.  However, sometimes we can be in the consciousness of, “I know they’re not here, because I think they’re lost.”  Often you find them later. Then you may wonder what leprechaun or gnome took them away and then put them back, because you’re certain that they weren’t there the first time you looked. Yet there’s something in you that knows, “Yes, they were there. I just was not allowing myself to see them.”

Peace is very much like that experience of finding what was never lost. It’s present regardless of conditions or circumstances. When you find peace within yourself, then that’s what you bring forward.  You bring forward the message, “I come in peace.”

Choosing the attitude of, “I come in peace,” can be a great test in the face of whatever else is also present that would antagonize or put static in the channel of peace.  It may be difficult at times to be aware of the peace. With a dedication to peace, you can realize, “I have a commitment to coming in peace. I don’t act in aggression or violence.” That’s a commitment that can be something that’s difficult to do when you’re around energy or consciousness that’s not acting in the way of peace.  Choosing peace is choosing another kind of energy from what’s around you.  That’s where you get to find out what kind of strength and commitment you have toward peace.

When it comes to finding your fulfillment and the things that will serve you, the consciousness of peace is an excellent way to view things. It will often assist you with other things that are important to you such as your health, finding ways to be of service and contribute to the greater good, and being able to see what’s best in a situation. Often when we’re disturbed and upset, that’s not a very good time for our consciousness to make decisions for taking action. Those are times when it’s best to take a pause for peace. So remember to take a moment of peace whenever you can and especially before making important decisions.

Even if somebody’s demanding you to do something right away, you can say, “I’m having a moment of peace right now.”  They may ask, “Why didn’t you answer me? Why didn’t you do what I said?” You can still say, “I’m having a moment of peace.” Maybe you can invite them to join you to share in the peace that’s present.

Now that we have Moments of Peace videos on YouTube, you can say, “Why don’t we go watch some Moments of Peace together? Maybe after a few of those, we’ll consider if we still want to talk about whatever it is we were talking about.” You might find out what was once a demand is not very interesting or demanding anymore.

Trusting God Within

Consider this: When you were born – when you incarnated – you came with God’s trust within you. When you tune into that trust, then you’re also trustworthy, and you do things that are worthy of the trust. So you don’t go against yourself, because that’s not where the trust is. The trust is in taking care of yourself, honoring yourself, and being true to yourself. There’s no againstness in that. It’s very important to find the trust in God that’s within you.

Being distrustful of God within is not how you choose peace.  Sometimes it takes great patience to hold until you find that trust and what is trustworthy in you. That trustworthiness is going to be in areas that are full of honor and in holding for what is honorable and for the highest good.

The definition of peace that John-Roger brought forward is, “The cessation of againstness.” That means the againstness stops. So if you’re dealing in againstness at all, even with yourself, that’s not where your trust is.  Cease the againstness with yourself. Trust in God that the peace is present within. That’s a key to coming in peace.

Contributing to the Greater Good

There’s a reason why you’re here in this world and not some other world. So work the level you’re on in this world at this time. If you want greater abundance here, then do things that increase what makes your life better. Then find how you can contribute to others and to the greater wellness or wealth that is around you. You can begin wherever you are.

There are things that we tend to overlook in terms of our wealth and well-being. Your next breath is not something you can assume is granted to you.  One day, it’s won’t be. For some people, today is the day their breath stops. Sometimes the way that occurs is suddenly, and that’s it, even if someone didn’t finish their sentence or whatever they were doing at that moment.

So when you take in another breath, there’s an opportunity right there to say, “Thank you, God, for what you’re giving to me.”  Giving thanks does contribute to you. You are becoming wealthy in consciousness, just by surviving another moment.

There are things that are going on always that involve our learning and growing. As you become more adept at being aware of what’s contributing to you now, it tends to lead you to other things that contribute. If you’re finding fault with your situation, which tends to be like, “I don’t like this.  This isn’t good enough,” that sets in motion a constricting or restricting consciousness, sometimes referred to as a consciousness of lack. When you sense that about yourself, change your direction. Internally, it’s about changing your attitude.

Find your gratitude, and honor what is being done for you now. Perhaps you’re in safe shelter at this moment.  Many people on the planet are working on getting shelter right now. Some people are working on getting their next breath. So look at your life and realize, “I’m in a better way than many others.”  That statement is not a value judgment. It’s not that you’re saying, “I’m better, and God approves of me but doesn’t approve of them.”  It’s about choosing gratitude, which sets up your consciousness to appreciate what you already have.

Let’s consider that there’s a consciousness of wealth, like a God of wealth or a saint of wealth, that manages your wealth with you. If you’re not handling the wealth you’ve already been given, a good manager’s going to put on hold providing you with increased wealth because you’re not properly managing the wealth that’s already with you.  If you’re complaining and coming from a sense of lack, remember you have enough for your next breath. Then start looking and asking yourself, “Are my clothes okay?  Is my shelter okay?”  Consider how many people on the planet can actually respond “Yes” to those questions.

If you can answer “Yes,” that’s a sign your life is abundant and being on purpose. The more you can make your actions line up in that way, where you choose where you are so you lay claim to it, you bless it with your energy. The negative approach often sounds like, “I don’t like this, and I don’t like you.”  That attitude starts sucking energy. That tends to be a place we don’t want to be. The cure is often, “How about you change your attitude?”

There may be a lot of things about our life circumstances that don’t meet our understanding right now. That’s our homework. So if you signed on for the class of peace and you want to pass, then you learn to come to peace with your circumstances. That includes how much money you have and what you own – which is kind of a folly because we really don’t own anything in this world. It’s a process of our caretaking what we are given. So be a good caretaker. Manage and appreciate well what you already have and who you already are as God’s beloved.

To whom much is given, much is expected. That means the responsibility comes with what you have, whatever that is. So do your best to complete what you started. And if something does come back around for whatever reason, come to peace with it.  Bless it.

When the Spirit comes into the flesh, it’s not put here for a fight. It’s not put here to violate the law of the level. The Spirit comes into the flesh to work things out, so that we’re at peace with all things. That’s what the Christ-night is about — when the Spirit of the Christ touches into the earth. Peace toward all, and to all a good night.

Baruch Bashan

I Come in Peace — A Guided Meditation with John Morton

Right where you are, give yourself permission for a greater attunement to the peace that’s present in you. Ask your consciousness how you would be more aware of this peace.

Through grace we ask for a greater demonstration. Find it as an energy, maybe in some kind of sensation. Let’s find it in the breath, that there is a radiation of Light. And as you allow yourself more permission, this Light comes into your body.

Let’s consider your body as a temple of peace, so all who come into your presence experience the radiation of peace. You can experience this as receptivity as you breathe in, and you give your peace as you breathe out. If you find there are sensations in the body — whatever they are, it could be a twitch, an itch, it could be something that is in some way bothering you, a pain, a pressure — you are the consciousness that brings peace.

Whatever is that sensation for you, this radiation of peace embraces it like you would embrace your beloved. You hold with patience that continues no matter what. You receive peace completely. So whatever this is that would be a disturbance, pain, or any form of irritation, dissolves in your embrace of the peace that is present with you.

This peace makes no demands. It comes in harmony and finds serenity. It stands as a quiet presence and listens. Fill yourself up with listening.

If you find yourself distracted, embrace the distraction. Comfort the distraction. Give it a place of rest with you. Whatever energy you find in yourself or around yourself, you give freedom.  You allow.  You let whatever form comes into your presence be what it is.

Now in your vision you can see light — -light that is brightening. Light that is flowing and expanding. Light that is penetrating and soothing. Light that is dissolving whatever needs to be let go.

In this light there is a presence — a presence that is peaceful and can even come in a personal way. You may feel this as a touch, like hands or an energy upon your head. You find a sense of protection. So whatever has been your concern, your worry, your fear, is embraced by this presence of peace.

In the places where you’ve held on, attached, contracted, or shut off so there is darkness, this light comes at your invitation. So invite, permit, and allow the healing. Some of you can experience this right into the cell level — that your brain is being massaged by this light.  Tissues are being illuminated by this light.

Now there’s another quality of peace that lifts and is lifting. Let’s take this light into what you’re involved in in the world — where you work, where you live, what you do, and happens to you that’s in your environment. Start noticing that everything is being lifted. You can even see it as something that’s levitating and moving up and up and away. Nothing is being taken from you. Nothing is lost. There’s no reason to hold on, no reason to protest, fear or even question. You know everything is going to a better place.

Experience yourself being lifted. There is a very buoyant, free quality like somehow you are light enough to go with the wind. It’s exhilarating to know you can be as light as the air and there’s nothing to fear.

You experience this light streaming, with more and more light. What is in the light has gathered, and the rate of the light has increased.  The substance of the light has increased so there is greater strength.

If you would attempt to resist or not allow, there’s something in you that knows you must let go. You trust in this light.

You find yourself floating and experience yourself fully expanded and free of any pressure. If you place your awareness with any part of you — the body, the mind, anything — you find the light. The body is light. The mind is light. The feelings are light.  Everything that comes to your consciousness is of the light.

Now very gently you experience yourself floating down, easily and gradually coming into your body. Whatever are your sensations, the light is still with you. As you experience yourself from head to toe through the body, out through the arms and into the hands and fingers, there’s a beautiful sensation of this radiant energy of the light.

Your awareness is full in the presence of peace. Take a moment inside of yourself to give thanks, to notice how this peace is present for all. In this moment, in this awareness, you know peace on earth. And you choose to come in peace.

Baruch Bashan


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