Loving John-Roger Onward and Upward

By: John Morton DSS

November 19th, 2014

As you know by now, John-Roger passed into Spirit on October 22, 2014 at 2:49 a.m. at St. Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, California. It was a very beautiful, easy peaceful transition as we would all, if we had our wish, want our passing into Spirit to be. I think in some way J-R at last got his wish.

After the Israel trip this past September, pneumonia was basically the issue that picked up considerably for J-R. At some point, J-R needed to be in the hospital. And then at some point it became rather obvious that his passing was likely. So we did our own version of a Circle of Light, which included the MSIA Presidency — Vincent DuPont, Paul Kaye and Mark Lurie – along with myself, Jsu Garcia, Nathaniel Sharratt and Nurse Nancy all holding for John-Roger. We had magnificent support from the hospital, including the physicians and nurses. And we were able to keep J-R as comfortable as possible throughout his transition.

Those moments that we were there, doing the Circle of Light, were really powerful. One thing I can tell you firsthand, John-Roger physically was demonstrating a lion’s heart, a powerful heart. His heart was really the thing that was keeping things going, if you will, and that’s no surprise.

The six of us being with him and holding that energy field was a great responsibility. I want you to consider that we were holding in our Circle of Light for everyone in MSIA, everyone who is an initiate. I know that some of you had a sense like, “I should be there” or “Let us be there.” But if you can imagine the logistics of anything like that, then you can understand that it just became clear in my view to do it the way we did.

John-Roger’s last breath wasa big one. It was just a letting go. I’m telling you this because I want you to be comforted by his passing. J-R was not in any sort of struggle. He was not in any kind of pain. There was as much comfort as could be allowed in the circumstances of what was going on with the body finishing a very long marathon, which was an amazing marathon. As I witnessed and experienced his passing, I was reminded of the account of Jesus on the cross. The picture I have of that in my mind and heart is the way I experienced J-R’s last breath.

I want us to consider the obvious — J-R has given us a great treasure, and that he’s gone into a consciousness which was already prepared and spoken to us long ago. Consider the fifty-plus years he was holding the keys to the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. Consider all that he spoke to us and, more importantly, showed us and demonstrated for us.

This church is following in John-Roger’s teachings. And I do consider that this day was obviously prophesized. We’re looking closely at some of what J-R said about this time, things that he said would take place after he moved into Spirit. So, in a sense, we’re checking up on ourselves and looking at what we’re following through upon.

My view is that everything that needed to be done has been done to prepare for this time. We’re picking up on what Jesus established. We’re processing in this place we call soul. That work is as active as ever. So any concern, whatever level you might have about that, just consider that the work is within as it’s always been.

The harvesting of the blessings is within, in that place we call the Kingdom, that place we call Spirit. That’s our heritage. J-R prepared a place in the soul and into the heart of God while he was here physically, and so that work continues.

From John-Roger about His Passing

John-Roger shared with us in his book, Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, about what was to happen when he died physically. From page 257, John-Roger shared:

The teachings are inside. And as people work them and own them and validate them for themselves, they don’t give a darn if I’m here physically or not because they know what works. That’s why these teachings have been written down in the Soul Awareness Discourses and recorded on tapes, so that when I go physically, the community will hold the teachings intact, and they’ll be a tremendous light to the world.

There always has to be a Traveler here physically, so there will be at Traveler here after I leave the physical body. He may be in Europe or South America or someplace else, but you’ll still be in contact with him. And I will still work spiritually with those I’ve initiated even after I leave the physical body. That can’t stop. The next Traveler will take over the initiates that I have under my energy field, and they will be in contact with me spiritually through him. And if he is not available physically, my initiates and I will still be in contact spiritually, the same way it is now.

From page 234, John-Roger also shared:

No matter what goes on in the physical world, the Traveler’s work still goes on. Spiritually. I work through the next Traveler (John Morton) with the people that I initiate. The ones that Jesus initiated have to be worked with through me, although they do not have to come into my physical presence. When I die, then Jesus and I will both work through the next Traveler because all Travelers have to have a representative on all levels.

Why does it work that way? Because there is a hierarchy in spirit. And nobody is abandoned.

The work is going on inside. It’s going on spiritually more powerfully than ever. Nothing really shifted up spiritually other than it keeps growing. It keeps moving. We’re in a movement, so John-Roger is growing. Could he get any mightier or bigger spiritually? Yes. And thank God because we’re in the draft. Where he’s going is preparing a place for us. And he identified it as the heart of God. Can it get any better than that? I don’t know of any better, but I’m open to it. I just look at it that we’re going to fulfillment and completion.

About Initiations

Since 1988, I hold the keys to the Mystical Traveler Consciousness with that authority to do astral, causal, mental, etheric, and soul initiations. John-Roger passed those keys to me in 1988, and I think J-R made that very clear through the years. So I do have those keys and they’re still here with me. So that’s going to continue. People can still get their first initiations (on the Astral level) when they hear J-R’s name. They can also receive their first initiations when they hear my name. As you move into soul initiation, as many of you have, the opportunity to work with John-Roger continues. That was already spoken by him. Until Spirit shifts it, and I don’t know if or when that would be, J-R is still doing that.

In a soul initiation pamphlet, John-Roger shared that it is not so important that you know a soul initiation here because an initiation takes place on the realms above the soul. So is it possible you have initiations above the soul and you don’t know it and you don’t realize it? Yes. If an initiation takes place on a realm above soul, even if you don’t know it consciously or J-R didn’t verify it for you physically, nothing is stopping those initiations above soul.

The initiations above the soul realm pertain to and are activated in those realms. A person needs to be there to know it, and they do know it there in the initiations above the soul. It’s being done spiritually. That’s clear. Just to make that even more clear, we don’t do anything physically when you receive initiations above soul. That’s not necessary.

Although John-Roger verified initiations above soul, I’m not going to be in the verification business of above soul initiations, at least until further notice. I won’t be confirming or anything like that when it comes to initiations above soul. Does that mean initiations above soul stop? No. Just ask inside. If anything, J-R is in a better position to manage initiations above soul in the consciousness of what he has spoken and of what we heard. So even though something’s shifting up about initiations above the soul, here’s some information for you for now.

Once you’re a soul initiate, there’s another part that has to do with working with John-Roger above the soul. That’s something he decided. I’m not going to be deciding that for John-Roger. If you want to ask about your initiations above soul, then I suggest you claim it. Talk to John-Roger inside of yourself, in the Spirit. If you feel like you don’t know how to do that, then I suggest you learn.
You can talk to John-Roger in a very direct, personal way by calling upon him within. Is that prayer? Yes. Is it strange to pray to Jesus? I don’t think so. Would it be strange to pray to John-Roger by asking, “J-R, would you work with me in the levels above soul?” I don’t think so.

If you already have that agreement, and you’re wondering if you should ask again, ask inside. “J-R, I just want you to know, even though you already communicated the agreement with me to work with me above the soul for initiation, I’m confirming that. I fully want that, and I want whatever I can do to release anything that is no longer necessary.”

Above the soul, there is no negativity. It’s not there. So, then does initiations above soul have anything to do with releasing negativity. I don’t think so. Then what does it have to do with? The Traveler’s grace and mercy upon you. The Traveler has the authority and the ability to do it, and it shows you a way. So choose to continue to work with J-R as the Traveler by asking within.

If you’re wondering about your record at the MSIA office about your initiations above soul, it is in your record in spirit. So don’t make it a concern that they have it in your record at the MSIA office. It really makes no difference. There’s not a contest. There’s not a ribbon. There’s not an award stand for how many initiations you have above the soul. If anything, my view is to more or less be a humble servant. This is what we’ve been taught by John-Roger. It is not our business to compare with one another.

John-Roger shared more about initiations above soul:

Initiations above soul take place even if a person is not aware of them and there is no a push to get them. No urgency in spirit. They continue after a person leaves the body physically and getting them during the physical lifetime is not more important than getting them after the physical lifetime.

So if you’re going to leave the body, initiations above soul continue. So what’s the worry? You have your Traveler. I don’t have a measure on a greater Traveler. In the spirit, I just see it merge. I see it become incomprehensible from this place. It doesn’t have any kind of polarity. It’s all unified.

Should you continue going higher? Of course! Please, please continue going higher. While you’re in the body? Yes. What does that mean?
Do your spiritual exercises. Feed the spirit. Do it in living love. That’s the consciousness that sets up the connection so it’s all in one stream, and it’s all vibrating the holiness of what it is.

That’s why there’s such forgiveness. Because whatever is the blasphemy, whatever we’ve done to go against one another or go against God’s creation in any form, there is God’s mercy and forgiveness.

So even if you think there was something unforgiveable, just ask for an exception. God didn’t make anything out of alignment with itself. At some level, God loves all of its creation. So ask that level of creation to love, forgive, and have mercy on whatever it is.

Loving John-Roger Here and Now

I look at John-Roger spiritually, and I invite you to have the look, to see the radiant form, however you are aware of that. And to understand that it is in a more majestic, more powerful presence for all of us. I consider that John-Roger did pick up directly on what Jesus established and his invitation to come to the place that’s prepared. And to that, we can go. That’s what this invitation has been in his life and all that J-R has been doing.

My experience in the last few days before J-R’s passing was that he had been doing whatever was necessary to complete what he came here to do, and to expand it and to expand it beyond anything that we consciously know. There is something for each one of us to discover — the gift of John-Roger’s life that’s being given now, that’s being presented to each one of us. It’s at hand. It’s in reach. It’s inside. It’s in the way we love one another. That’s my intention — to make this church a beautiful demonstration of the majesty, the beauty, the grace, and the love of John-Roger’s life.

None of us are losing J-R spiritually. He was here with us physically, and I’ll just claim that all of us miss that. Shall we have a contest to see who misses J-R the most? No. That would be focusing on what’s missing. That’s empty. So what do we have? We have a call to follow J-R where he’s gone. And not just J-R. All souls.

Focus on where you gain with J-R. If you ever had the chance to be with John-Roger physically and you remember those special moments, be glad you had any opportunity to be with him. Find your gratitude. If you had any experiences with John-Roger since he passed, where did you go to meet up with him? Let’s consider you met up with him inside. That’s how this works.

Don’t look for J-R where he’s missing. Look for him where he is, in the form of what he is. It’s called the Traveler Consciousness, and that work is still going on.

John-Roger taught us that service is the highest consciousness manifesting in this world. So as we wake up to who we are, we are called into service. And we answer that call. So look around. The opportunity to serve is here and now.

How could you be of real service here and now? You might choose to sit wherever you are and take care of yourself, take in the energy of the Traveler Consciousness and allow yourself to be transported into the Spirit. Often the first work in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is what we call spiritual exercise. I also look at it as the worship of God, the love of God which is a commandment.

When you come forth in the maturity of your being, you’ll love God. Practically, you love it all. So then where do you start? Wherever you are.

Do your part. That’s spiritual exercise. That’s harvesting the fields — the fields of your karma – so that you’re in liberation while you’re still in the body. That’s called Soul Transcendence. That’s what’s opened up for us all, and those keys are offered unto you as a kingdom that’s at hand. That means you can reach out to it and get a hold of it, and the reference is inside.

John-Roger is within us spiritually. So see the face. Hear the words. Feel the embrace. All of that is being shared with us.
Choose to love one another, and choose to love it all. And I hear these words from J-R, “Do this in remembrance of me.”

A Note of Gratitude

Since J-R’s passing many of you have kindly been checking in with me about how I am doing. We are family, both spiritually and as the beloved of J-R. We are immersed in the blessings of loving, caring and sharing and especially touching to one another. Please do reach out, touch, tell your stories and especially spend time in the inner communion with the Traveler. Repeat as necessary and to comfort one another.

I have been way behind with my usual routine of getting things done so I could minister to myself and others and just be in fellowship. Still the work of MSIA and PTS continues beautifully with our many offerings.

We are in great preparation for J-R’s celebration on November 29, 2014 in Los Angeles. Come let us adore him. Let us celebrate our beloved friend.

My love for all of us is in huge expanse.

Thank you. God bless you all.

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Dearest dearest John. My friend and my minister. Thank you for these words. They fill me with gratitude.

We will be conducting Insight 2 in Brisbane on 29 November and we offer our thanks for JR’s teachings and blessings and especially the Insight program and will be with you all in spirit during JR’s celebrations. Marie Grant

So beautifully said,John. Thank you for all that you do.So grateful your here with us . your friend, I love Hu, kristal sunn

Beautifully expressed beloved John. The strength and loving wisdom of your words permeate my heart in strengthening my resolution to becoming living love. Love, Light, and Laughter. Marcos