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By: John-Roger DSS

November 19th, 2014

Published in the March/April 1993 New Day Herald.

What might assist is that when people ask for the Traveler’s help, they ask for the Spirit part of the Traveler to help and they focus on that. Too many people focus on the physical part of the Traveler, and then it tends to interrupt the flow of energy to my body. This is how I end up “eating” most of what I “eat” for others. So, it would help a lot to focus on the Spirit part, not the physical part, and then I can do it from the Spirit, not the physical.

Q: Many times when I think of you, I will send you the Light or say, “God bless you” to myself. Does this help you in any way?

A: Yes, it sure does. Thoughts are transmitted over long distances, and we are affected on many different levels by them. Sending the thought “I love you” or “God bless you” can work wonders, and I appreciate it when you send those words to me.

Q: What is the difference between judging someone and telling them that they are stepping on my toes?

A: The difference is not in what you do, but in your attitude as you do it. It is possible for you to give someone the information that what they are doing is not working for you with an attitude of openness and neutrality. What happens too often is that we do not speak up right away, and the energy of feeling imposed upon builds up until by the time you get around to saying something, it comes out like an explosion. You have probably created anger, resentment and judgment around the situation by then, which comes across in your communication. Then you may feel guilty, thinking that it was what you said that was the problem when it was the build-up of emotional energy that most likely caused a reaction in the other person. As you learn to speak up in the moment something is going on, you may find that it becomes more and more easy to take care of yourself without moving into judgment of others or of situations. Watch your attitude; that is the key. For more information, you may want to listen to the seminar, Letting the Energy Flow, or How Can Negative Patterns Be Changed?

Q: I have heard that when you toss and turn all night, that it may be that my Soul went out on the night travels before I got to sleep. Does that mean that my body can be up and walking around while my Soul is out traveling?

A: The Soul moves in and out of the consciousness many, many times during the day, and most people are not aware of it. Your basic self keeps the body functions going and your conscious self can make most of the choices and actions you need to take during the day regardless of whether or not your Soul is present. There are times when so much of your consciousness is pulled from the body to another level that you may feel extremely groggy and unable to focus on this physical level; that is a good time, if you can, to lay the body down and go with what is happening. Now, the strange thing about this is that it is true that you can find yourself feeling very awake and unable to sleep when the Soul has taken off for the night travels before you got your body and mind relaxed and asleep. Those are the nights when you feel as though you have tossed and turned all night and not gotten “a wink of sleep.” If you find yourself in this situation, you can get up and get a little exercise, maybe do a few sit-ups, and you can get yourself a glass of water or maybe make a warm cup of tea, something that will assist the body in relaxing so that your consciousness can slip away into the other levels. And sometimes you can just lay in bed and let the body be restful, even though you don’t feel like you are sleeping. If your schedule allows, you might just get up and get some work done, and then sleep again in the morning or later in the day when you are tired. There are so many ways to handle these things; find what works for you, which may also include getting to bed a little earlier so that you can be relaxed and go when your Soul departs for the night travels.

Q: I’ve heard you say, “Command your spiritual eyes to come open.” What do you mean by that? What does it look or feel like experientially?”

A: This is an inner process, and can only be experienced on the inner levels. When you are doing your spiritual exercises or a meditation, you might ask yourself, “Are my spiritual eyes open?” and tell yourself to open them. I cannot really describe to you what it is like when they are open. When you first start opening them, it may be a new experience, and it may take a while for you to begin recognizing what you are perceiving. That is one of the reasons that I recommend keeping a journal; you might track what you are perceiving, and begin to see some consistency and have some familiarity with what you bring back that will become a road map for you. Intention and awareness are keys in this. Go into your spiritual exercises with the intention of opening your spiritual eyes and bringing back conscious awareness of what you are perceiving, and then track your results. No one can do this for you or adequately tell you what it is like; you will have to do this for yourself. Just know that it can be done, and start.

Q: When I require assistance in sending the Light to a person, due to my lack of neutrality, is it advisable to write to you directly, or does it work just as effectively to go inside and ask?

A: When you are not neutral about a situation, your emotions can interfere with a clear action of the Light being sent for the highest good. Your emotions may be sent instead, which can become a controlling situation. If you know that you are not neutral about a situation, you might ask someone who is to send the Light. You might call MSIA ministers in your area, or ask others who are working with the Light. You don’t have to tell them the situation; just ask that they send the Light for the highest good so that that action can take place. Remember to ask them to send the Light to you, also.

The more you do your spiritual exercises with love and devotion, the greater you may find your ability to attune to the Light and bypass your own levels of upset. You may not feel the Light, but the Light does not necessarily work on the feeling level. Just know that when you ask, with the intention that it go for the highest good, then that is being done.

Q: I just finished the “Traveler through the Ages” class and have learned and grown so much from this experience. What I gained the most is an awareness of the historical significance of the contribution of the Travelers, a glimpse of the importance of the work to be done now, and how the inner and outer work of the initiates and ministers can help to further the Traveler’s purpose. I have gained both a greater resolve and strength to do my part. Moving into the beginning of a new millennium with things being shaken up the way that they are, it seems that we may have a particular opportunity and responsibility to further God’s work. Do you have any information to share regarding our part to be played in this specific period of time?

A: The answers are always the same, and are simple: take care of yourself so you can help take care of others; don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others; use everything for your advancement. What does this look like? Speak kind words. Think loving thoughts. Practice forgiveness. Complete the things you say you will do. If you are studying the Soul Awareness Discourses, you may find a lot of information that can assist you in creating and maintaining a positive focus. All these things begin with you, inside of you, and they are the things that can then make a difference in the world. Do your spiritual exercises with all the loving and devotion you can muster. The more you attune yourself to God’s love and Light, the more you can be a part of God’s work in this world.

Q: Do you have any tips for me for getting past my resistance to reading my discourse each month?

A: The answer really is simple: just do it. Feeling resistant to doing something is not necessarily a reason not to do it; you can recognize that you are feeling resistance, and still do what you have chosen to do. I know that’s not always easy, but that is what it takes.

Q: I’ve heard about something called “the night travel”, and also that the Traveler can clear karma through dreams so that I don’t have to go through certain experiences on the physical. What’s the difference between dreaming and night travel, and is it true that karma can be cleared through dreams?

A: Dreaming takes place within a person’s own levels of consciousness, the lower levels, the inner realms, the “worlds without end.” For the most part, the night travel takes place on the spiritual levels and is that part of sleep-state activity that can be used toward Soul transcendence. Put another way, dreams are what we want to learn to go through to get to the higher levels of spiritual awareness, and we don’t want to keep the focus on the dreaming itself.

Dreaming can also involve a lot of karma-clearing, and karma can be cleared without having to know consciously what was going on or what the karma was. Once the karma is cleared, there’s not a lot of use in looking at it. In fact, looking at and analyzing it can reactivate the karma that was cleared.

If you want this work to take place, you can ask for the Traveler to work with you in the dream state to help you release and clear karma for the highest good. A good time to do this is as you go to sleep. Asking and allowing this work to take place is important. The Traveler will never inflict on anyone, so in order for the Traveler to work with you, you must ask, or invite the Traveler in.

If you would like more information on dreams and how you can work with them, you might want to get the book, Dream Voyages, which is available through MSIA.

Q: When I read a discourse, it seems that what I read relates to the experiences in my life and helps me solve my problems. Can you explain this to me?

A: The way it has been set up in Spirit, the discourses provide both an inner and an outer course of study. The information in each discourse is the outer course, and the Traveler Consciousness working with the student on the inner levels of consciousness is the inner one. The two “courses” are set up in Spirit to coincide at a rather high rate.

Q: Could you explain to me how the Traveler works?

A: It’s important to remember that the Traveler is not something separate from you. It’s a consciousness that is within each person on all levels: the imagination, the mind, the emotions, the unconscious, the Soul, and the Spirit. Each person’s inner spiritual journey is an awakening to the Traveler on all the levels, up into the very heart of God. For more information about how this loving consciousness assists people, I highly recommend the seminar, When the Mystical Traveler Works with You.

Q: I’m a little confused about exactly what the Traveler does and how to relate to it. Can you help me to understand this?

A: To get an idea of how the Traveler works with people, you could think of climbing a mountain, say Mount Everest. If reaching the top of it were your goal, you might want to climb with the assistance, suggestions, encouragement, and guidance of someone who has already climbed it and knows the way. Similarly, the Traveler Consciousness is one who knows the way “up the mountain” to the Soul level and above and who can guide and assist you spiritually. Still, though, the climb is always yours. You are the one who does it.

For more information on how the Traveler works with people, you might listen to the seminar called The Divine Communion.

Q: Why is a Traveler needed? Isn’t Christ enough?

A: MSIA teaches of five lower realms of Light and numerous higher realms of Light. The lower realms are the physical, astral, causal, mental, and etheric. The higher realms are the Soul and God realms and others which have no names. In order to reach the higher realms, you must first learn to discern the illusions of the lower realms. The Traveler is a wayshower and can assist you in learning about the lower realms and can help you get free of those levels when you become entangled in the illusions there.

Jesus was a spiritual master, who held the consciousness of the Christ when he was living on the earth. He had the ability and the power to initiate his disciples through each of the lower realms and into the Soul realm. Since he is no longer on the planet physically, he cannot do that. It takes another one to be here and hold the power and ability to initiate people at this time. A person can study Christ’s teachings and find many beautiful keys and can lift into a great loving consciousness through awakening to Christ in their heart. That doesn’t take the place of being initiated and learning to transcend each of the lower realms of Light, however. It is through that process that a person can finally awaken to Soul consciousness as an experience, not as a philosophy, theology, or other abstract concept.

John-Roger and John Morton, through the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, have the ability and power to initiate students through the various levels. The Traveler’s teachings are in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ. In fact, they are the same. There is no conflict in following Christ in your heart and being a student of the Traveler in MSIA.

Jesus taught that the spiritual abilities he manifested were available to all men and women. J-R teaches the same thing. The abilities are available, and a person needs to awaken to the inner divinity before they can demonstrate the abilities. The more you awaken to your true reality, the more they become available to you.

Q: What is the relationship between you and John Morton in terms of holding the keys to the Traveler Consciousness? What is your function and what is John’s?

A: The energy of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness is always on this planet as a spiritual force for everyone to tap into and use for their Soul’s progression. At this time, John Morton anchors the consciousness of the Mystical Traveler on the planet. I hold the key in the Spirit worlds for Soul transcendence and am the Traveler for all those I have initiated.

Several basic things are more important than the details of all of this: The Traveler energy is always on the planet and available for Soul transcendence. The Traveler is found by going inside and connecting to that spiritual energy. I am working with those I have initiated and will continue to do so, even after they or I leave the physical body.

Q: Who is the Traveler now?

A: John Morton is anchoring the keys to the Traveler Consciousness on the planet. I am a Traveler in Spirit, as well as the Preceptor, and I am the Traveler for all the people I have initiated. When/if John gets his initiates, he will be their Traveler, and they will be his initiates.

Q: Does the Traveler work with people on the inner or the outer levels?

A: The Traveler Consciousness exists on every level of a person’s consciousness, so in that sense, the Traveler works with a person on the person’s inner levels. (This is what is meant by “the Traveler within.”) This work on the inner levels of the person is a minor part of the work. The major part of the work is outside of the person in the greater part of the spiritual worlds, including transcending all the lower levels and, also, the Soul realm and going directly into the heart of God.

Q: If you were just the Traveler and not the Preceptor, too, what difference would that make to me here?

A: None.

Q: Are we more blessed because of the fact that you are the Preceptor?

A: In terms of Spirit, sure. But in terms of the physical, no, because your relationship is with the Traveler. You don’t have a relationship with the Preceptor. It’s like being married to the woman next to you, but her parents are dead, so what’s your relationship to them? Nothing. It’s with her. But through her, she may tell you things about them. And you’d be blessed in knowing all of that and you’d say, “Oh, that helps me understand you more because of that.” But as far as a direct relationship goes, it wouldn’t work.

Q: What’s the specific difference between being an initiate of the Traveler and being an initiate of the Preceptor Consciousness?

A: Initiation is done through the Traveler, not through the Preceptor Consciousness. The same spiritual action takes place when someone is initiated by a Traveler who is also the Preceptor as when someone is initiated by a Traveler who does not hold the Preceptor Consciousness. The Preceptor as such does not have initiates.

Q: I am doing s.e.’s, but I am not experiencing anything. Am I doing something wrong?

A: Doing s.e.’s is like filling the gas tank of a car. At the gas station, you also check the oil, clean the windshield, put air in the tires, etc. Then you are set to travel. Often, the “travel” will take place during the night—and you may or may not be aware of this. But the important thing is to keep “filling the tank,” keep doing s.e.’s to bring in the spiritual energy—even if you don’t experience anything during your s.e. time itself. I’ve said many times, “The only wrong way to do s.e.’s is not to do them.”

Q: I’ve heard people describe the most beautiful experiences from their s.e.’s, and I just don’t seem to get anything. I feel like I must not be doing them right. Can you tell me anything that will help?

A: It is important not to compare your experiences in spiritual exercises with those of anyone else. Thinking that you should have a certain experience may block your awareness of Spirit, which always comes in its own way and in its own timing.

You might want to get a copy of Walking with the Lord. One key in there is, “very often, the value of doing spiritual exercises is not found at the time you are doing them. It works much like when you run for exercise: you get the benefits after the running is over. In the same way, sometimes you get the benefits of s.e.’s long after they are over.” You may want to read Walking with the Lord as a way of supporting yourself in your s.e.’s and your dedication to going “home.”

Q: Am I doing Soul Transcendence?

A: Soul transcendence is transcending even the Soul level. If you are working with the Traveler to clear karma on the lower levels in preparation for Soul initiation and then Soul transcendence, then you can consider yourself “on the way to Soul transcendence.”

Q: What benefits can I get from doing s.e.’s? Is the discipline of doing spiritual exercises regularly going to raise my level of consciousness and free me of karma?

A: A partial yes. The other part of it involves your attitude toward your spiritual exercises. If you do them as a form of punishment, as martyrdom or complaining, spiritual exercises may not do too much. But if you do them as a form of sacredness and holiness and use them as a spiritual time between you and God, the answer to your question is yes. Absolutely.

Q: If there was one thing that I could do here physically that would improve my ability to consciously know the reality of my existence on the higher spiritual levels, what would it be?

A: Spiritual exercises are designed exactly for that purpose.

Q: What helps to work off karma?

A: If a person does s.e.’s and is in contact with the Soul and transcendence, that works off karma.

Q: I am dealing with judgment a lot; it’s like a bad habit and I do it so much that it’s almost like breathing, I don’t even notice when I’m doing it and all of a sudden I feel separated and angry about things. Can you help me with this?

A: There is never any reason to judge any action, yours or someone else’s. We’re all doing the best we can. We really are, even though we may not think so. You can just go easy on yourself, and love yourself for having the courage and determination to embody on this planet in order to learn the lessons you need in order to go home to God. It can help to think of yourself as a learner, a student. Then whatever you do will be part of your learning, and there will be no need to judge.

Above all, keep coming back to the love and forgiveness. You can even forgive yourself for judging yourself for being judgmental. You can forgive yourself for forgetting to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is the key. It takes you to love, and love is of God.

Another thing that will help you is doing spiritual exercises. By opening up to Spirit in s.e.’s, you allow the healing of patterns such as judgmentalness. Consistently doing s.e.’s—with devotion to the love within you, the love that prompted you to write to me to begin with— will help you to move through these patterns into more loving and acceptance.

To help you understand more about how to switch from judgment to acceptance, I recommend these seminars: Letting the Energy Flow, The Discipline of Liberation and How Can Negative Patterns Be Changed? They contain very good information, as well as providing an opportunity to clear karma and to attune to the Traveler’s loving energy.

Q: I hear a lot of talk about karma, but I’m not sure I understand what karma is. Can you explain this to me?

A: Karma is really the law of cause and effect. It directs and, at times, dominates the course of our physical existence. It is neither negative nor positive, good nor bad. It is simply action, change, experience, and it is governed by a simple dynamic: As you sow, so shall you reap.

You are living the law that you have created and that you continue to create. It is important to recognize that you determine what you want to live within as law for yourself. Become aware of your actions and their repercussions, for they will determine your future boundaries, the future law by which you live and are brought the lessons of Spirit.

Q: If all things are happening according to the highest good and in perfect timing, why send the Light?

A: Because Spirit will not look at a plan to see if an alternate can be substituted unless requested from this level of Spirit. In the cosmic sense, all things are ultimately for the highest good because not one Soul will be lost. But very few of us function at that cosmic, ultimate level. On this level where most of us function, all things don’t necessarily happen for the highest good or in perfect timing. So it’s always appropriate to send the Light for the highest good (which is something God knows and we, on our personality levels, don’t always know). Sending the Light for the highest good increases the positive energy in a situation and increases the likelihood that the highest good possible will take place, as opposed to a not-so-high good.

Q: Would someone be destined to send the Light at a given time?

A: As ministers and initiates—Light bearers—we send Light for the highest good and then turn the situation over to God. Whether someone is “destined” to send the Light doesn’t matter; what matters is that Light bearers bear Light as best they can in each situation. And remember that, when we look back, we can always see where we could have done better, could have done more, could have held the Light better, etc. Let all of that go and come to the present and do the best you can now. And keep doing that in the next “now” that you live. And the next and the next… .

Baruch Bashan.

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