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John-Roger, at center, on PAT IV in 1986

The Joy and Abundance of Spirit

“As children of God, part of our heritage is the right to create joy and abundance in our lives. ”
– John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was previously published in Rod and Staff, Spring 1986, Vol IV.

As children of God, part of our heritage is the right to create joy and abundance in our lives. At times, we may be beguiled by the illusions of the body, mind, and emotions. Even so, the spiritual promise, given to us through the grace of Jesus Christ, is that we can lift through the obstacles and tests of this world and realize that we are divine.

Your job as an heir to the kingdom of heaven is to move your consciousness to the Soul so that you can perceive your life directly. It is redundant to say you are free in your Soul because the Soul, by its very nature, is free. But to be aware of the Soul and that divine freedom may not always be easy. The mind (God bless it) is an eternal obstacle that can stand between us and Soul consciousness. As part of universal mind, it is part of the world of illusion and the negative realms.

For example, you may vacillate on a particular issue and end up in a state of indecision. One part of you may be saying, “I want to do this,” while another part is saying, “Do that.” That indecision may keep you from doing anything, which can be the negative path.

In order to get on with your life, you need to arrive at a decision. Instead of tying yourself in knots, looking for the “right” decision, realize that you can use EVERY decision for your advancement. You can learn and lift from whatever decision you make and whatever action you take. That attitude is the positive path.

At each moment, you are making the best decisions you can, based on what you know. If you look back and see that you could have made a decision that brought more joy, don’t judge yourself. Instead, remember that you did the best you could at the time, and apply your hindsight to future decisions.

God will not give you anything you can’t handle. Also be aware that you are a powerful creator and that you have the ability to create things that may be more difficult to handle than you had anticipated. So, be wise in your choices, and do the things–especially spiritual exercises–that bring loving to your decisions.

Each one of us wants to move back into that loving oneness, that wholeness we sometimes refer to as holiness. We become holy and sacred when all levels of our beingness are working in cooperation with one another: the parts of our consciousness that function in this world, and the Soul, the essence of who we really are.

We have always been that wholeness, but the mind and emotions sometimes confuse us and tell us differently. It’s important to remember that something you may think of as evil or feel is negative can be used for your refinement; what your mind or emotions tell you is wrong may be an attitude or illusion of your own making.

Look for the truth where you find it, and when you find it, use it–no matter who says it or where it’s found. In a way, live by your wits. If the truth walks down the street, follow it. If the truth sits on a mountaintop, climb the mountain. And, if you really care to find the truth, look inside yourself. Go back to your own Soul, the everlasting truth, the “I am that I am,” the alpha and omega. It’s always there, waiting for you to recognize it and be it.

As you meet obstacles, you often pray, “Lord, give me the strength.” You will come to realize that, before you even ask, the strength is already there. When you look back on the difficulties you’ve had in life, remember the days you thought you couldn’t make it or felt you couldn’t get through it all–yet you did. These are examples of the illusions you can create when you are living through your mind and emotions. Rather than give credence to the information from those levels, listen to your truth, your Soul.

Be yourself, know yourself, and lift other people. It’s your heritage to do that anyway, so why not do it now? Move beyond the illusions into your inner knowing, and live with caring and loving.

Baruch Bashan

5 thoughts on “The Joy and Abundance of Spirit”

  1. I’m in the midst of having to make a large life-change decision for my father. This is right on for what I’m experiencing right now. For me, it’s, “Follow the loving!”

  2. Maria Elena Kittelson

    I find it a reminder to listen to yourself, go inside,observe,and really let go and let God. Wonderful JR. Just keep doing.

  3. I am going through a difficult medical diagnose and thank you for this insight as my emotions and mind have been taking a toll on me and I realize now I am in control and my Soul

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