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Traveler John Morton at the Celebrating Who We Are workshop at the Conference of Celebration, 2024

Meeting Up and Celebrating in Spirit

Loving moves through peace and joy and doing something to help. Sometimes that is really what’s up.  Show up and help move things forward into loving. – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing session John had at the “Celebrating Who We Are” workshop held at the Conference of Celebration in June 2024.

One opportunity you are having, among many others, is to realize who you are that is emerging on the planet.  Are you ready for that?  If you answer “Yes,” then this is where you reside and where you are.  There is more, much more.  It is in the willingness to own, “Yes, I live here.  I choose to come here.”

That we chose to be here is not always easy to understand.  Are you okay with that?  There are others having similar experiences about being on the planet.  We could come together on-line or through whatever medium allows us to be together wherever we are, and then do something like dancing.  People might say, “You’re crazy!  Why are you dancing? There are terrible things going on!”

There are.  There are unnecessary things that hurt, disrupt, and conflict.  There is a lot of that. We understand that is essentially unnecessary when we realize we could choose the loving.  Loving moves through peace and joy and doing something to help. Sometimes that is really what’s up.  Show up and help move things forward into loving.

Coming into a body gets very particular and specific.  You are in your body and I’m in this one.  There is a reason you and I have a body.  There is limitation there, but it’s in our favor to be in a limited perspective.  Having a body is limited in its nature, but not in againstness.  It is learning how to cooperate with limitation.

Spirit’s natural state is expansiveness.  That is what is called for.  We can have awareness of the limitations, but we go on being free.  That’s one of the qualities of Spirit.  It is always in a state of freedom and liberation, not confined by limitations.

The spirit has the willingness to take the lowest position.  That may seem strange.  If you are in the highest, most spiritual consciousness, why would you take the most limited position?  Because that is where the greatest good can be done.  That’s smart, because you have the power to do the most good.  Going to the lowest position is one of the ways to know the presence of your spirit in its full expansiveness.  That full power is always with you.  It goes where you go.

One of the ways I experience the Traveler is as a turning point.  There is a packet, Turning Points to Personal Liberation available at  It is from a workshop on how we come into liberation from a personal perspective.  In the personal perspective, we realize there are all kinds of limitations – like gravity – that change our consciousness.

Falling down can be an adjustment, and it can literally be a sign that you are dropping the body.  You may say, “Spirit, that’s a pretty direct message.  I’m dropping the body!”  Some people get shaken or panicked about that. “What do you mean?  I’m not dropping the body!” Well, you are falling down or something like that.  It can also be that we are making mistakes, experiencing things like, “What was I thinking? How could I do that?  I was so unconscious!”

What I see in that is the opportunity to trust that you can handle it.  You can handle any circumstance or situation.  Find that consciousness that demonstrates, “I’ve got this.”  We heard John-Roger say, “Spirit’s got this.”  It’s a way of saying we’ve all got that.  One spirit, pouring through us as a presence.  I relate to it as a pure presence.

Sometimes it’s awesome, like when the music stops and we “freeze”.  That is a beautiful experience.  It can be like being slain in the Spirit.  We can’t move.  When I was first working with John-Roger, he once said to me in a matter-of-fact way, “I’m going to take you out of your body, and what I need from you is to do your best not to react to it. Whatever you experience is something you can handle.”

The experience was something where I could have been afraid, going towards terrified, if I wanted to.  Extreme fear was available.  I was aware I couldn’t move.  I was in the body and then I was in other dimensions I don’t know how to describe.  The natural inclination, for me, was to go back into the body.  When I’d had this experience previously, I would just go back into the body because I was uncomfortable being “out of control” from a physical-mental perspective.

A convergence is happening when people aren’t caught up in what is going on the world.  Sometimes it’s strange, odd, particularly negative ways that make it more difficult.  It can become a collective, like a war or a disease.  Then it’s like, “This didn’t have to be.  Why is this necessary?”  I often experience it as a slight shift of station.

We can shift into what is going on spiritually that is coming into manifestation.  That is one of the values in seeking the Traveler consciousness and understanding it works through anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Physically, that is the Christ.  It is anointing of Spirit.  We would be infused in the awareness beyond what we can comprehend.  Spirit can easily do that.

Of course, our mind can be blown because it doesn’t know how to comprehend this.  It is not designed to contain the Spirit.  Spirit is always pouring forth beyond any containment or condition.  Spirit will work through containment, like it would work through the flesh.  Then, our willingness can be just to do something like relax and be open to how the Spirit would conduct us.

At times people say, “You do channeling” or something like that in an accusatory way.  Sometimes I don’t respond, letting them have their accusations.  I’m not here to defend or correct what people think.  But sometimes I do respond, just by allowing myself to have more of the experience of what it is.  I become one with it, so I know what it is in such a way that I am what that is.  I don’t look at it saying, “No, I’m not,” because it’s often very new.  It surpasses understanding.  In my experience, I am way beyond understanding.

I am not here to try to explain it to you.  In a way, it would disrupt the experience.  I would have to come down into the land of explanation to try to explain it to you.  I would rather be soaring with Spirit. It may look like I’m not doing much.  Often, I’m just allowing myself the experience to go in.  I don’t have much to say outwardly.

But it is nice to meet you.

God bless you.

Baruch Bashan

John shared this blessing at PRANA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration
at the Conference of Celebration in June 2024.

Blessing of Celebration
By John Morton

Thank You, Lord, for immediately right now
in how You have prepared the way
always inviting us into celebration
if we’re willing to look into the highest consciousness
of who we are and that’s within.

It’s in the Beloved who is the anointed one.
It’s in the Beloved who knows the way,
who is the way and shows the way.

So we look high into the highest in this moment.
And we find we are welcomed, we are embraced,
we are invited to take hold of what it is.
So we know consciously and directly
this blessing of the breath, the holy breath,
is always with us.

The consciousness of the Traveler is here
through the purple ray of this new age that we call the golden age
with the Christ in all of what it is in manifesting for us.
It shows what it is to be Beloved of God,
that it is precious.
It is full of wisdom.
It is full of strength.
It’s full of the all the qualities that are loving, caring, and sharing.

We ask whatever can be the blessing
so we are sustained, we are inspired.

We take hold of what this is as a rod of power
and an instrument of grace.
That we demonstrate we are the beloved.

It’s a joy to be with you.

That’s it for tonight.

Baruch Bashan

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