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The Inner Net


Question: How can I remember that I am Divine?

Answer: Do you know about the Net? Not the internet, but the Inner Net? The Inner Net is an aspect of who we are in the Spirit that catches all things. So when we slip, falter, forget, miss, or start going toward ruin or disaster, we’ve lost track that there really is no such thing as ruin in the Spirit. It’s more about something of this world, and we’re judging what’s going on.

It’s not to say that there are not lots of aspects about what’s going on in this world that are difficult, painful, disturbing or upsetting. However, what I find in the Inner Net is a new opportunity is created for us each and every time. There’s a new opportunity always present to learn and to grow.

It may not seem so. It may seem as though the end is near or it’s already the end, it’s too late, or it won’t work. It may seem like there will be no opportunity ever again.

The reality in terms of what we’re looking for, truly looking for, is that there is a new opportunity always. What I find is that this Inner Net allows us to realize the perfection in every circumstance. So whatever’s happened, it’s still part of the perfection.

At times, it’s difficult for my mind to get around that thought. I often have a perception that something isn’t perfect. I sometimes think there’s no way a loving God or a good God or a God “on the job” would do something I see occurring in the world. Yet, there’s another perception I also have that something else is going on.

When we start considering that who we are is not our body, what if we’re not our perceptions either? We’re not our personalities. We’re not our histories. Well, then what are we? We’re something much larger than that.

What MSIA teaches is a way of transcending what goes on in the world. That calls us at times to let go. Let’s say that we experience the fall. Maybe it’s the classic fall from a high place or otherwise, but nevertheless we’re falling. Rather than contract, scream and bemoan what’s happened, we have a realization that the Net is going to catch us.

I’ve had dreams where I’m falling. What would happen for years when I would have a falling dream is I wouldn’t get to the bottom. Although I had been feeling like I was falling, specifically to my death, I would wake up, often feeling startled. Then one time I reached the bottom. What I found out in the dream is I didn’t hit. I had landed, and I was stunned. I had landed intact with not even a bruise. In fact, I remember thinking, “It’s really beautiful here. It’s great here!”

Something about that dream for me was more than a dream. It was an experience about the sense of falling that isn’t really about falling. You can say, “Well, what about your body? Bodies don’t often survive such a fall.”

Well, you’re not your body. Did that ever occur to you? And if you’re not your body, then what are you?

A large part of what we focus on in our spiritual practice is to find out our consciousness which is to be aware beyond the body. We look to be aware of who we are as a soul that’s in a body but is not of the body. That soul consciousness also goes beyond our personality.

As we become more and more aware of our soul, we discover that there is no threat. There’s nothing to fear. But until you have that experience, that it’s your experience and not somebody telling you, “Oh, have no fear,” it may not work. But having that experience does work.

The Inner Net refers to that aspect of our divinity which catches everything and leaves us intact so there’s no real threat. As you learn from your experience of your divinity, you can realize to relax. There’s no threat. You can be at ease. The protection of God has you. God is with you and knows all the circumstances. God knows what’s transpiring before it happens. So then what are we doing?

Finding out more and more that there’s less and less for us to do until one day there’s nothing to do. So as long as we’re up and awake, why not do some good? It’s just that simple.

So have a good day or good time. Enjoy yourself. Appreciate what’s around you. Find the value in what’s around you. That to me is the reality.

Disturbance is in the form of an illusion. When your body, mind or emotions are experiencing a disturbance, it may be difficult to remember that we’re bigger than the disturbance. It may be difficult at those times to remember we are divine. However, once we experience that ability, the awareness that we are divine, then we’re more able to handle the disturbance in a way that’s uplifting. That’s really what we’re teaching in MSIA.

It’s not that somehow the negativity and disturbance of the world is going to vanish. It’s not. We are going to vanish one day. In other words we’re not destined to stay here. Maybe that doesn’t make a lot of sense at the moment. So I encourage you to check it out.

There are ways that we teach to move into these experiences of the Inner Net so they become yours. They’re not what we tell you. They’re simply experiences that you have for yourself. Then you are your own authority for what you know. It doesn’t require adopting some belief system or something like that.

One of the ways we look at the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is ancient truths — truths that have been on the planet all along and are alive now. It’s a living scripture that is in the heart of each one of us. What’s outside in the world is something to use as a tool or a reflection for our learning, growth and upliftment.

We all need to find out what’s true inside of ourself and to have a practice or a worship that allows us to meet up with the Spirit, the Inner Net, what we know as our divine source. So spend more time in that divine presence. Find quiet times where you allow yourself to be open and listening, watching, praying, however you do that, so that you have that experience with the Spirit, your Inner Net, that loving presence that is your divinity.

Baruch Bashan

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