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John-Roger Q&A on the Christ

How can I experience the Christ in my everyday life? The answer is very simple: serve, serve, serve. I should say, serving, serving, serving. To serve means getting up and going and doing what’s in front of you to do. – John-Roger

These questions and answers with John-Roger were first published in the Movement Newspaper, and in the New Day Herald May of 2015.

Q:  I was not raised believing in Jesus the Christ, and I would like to know what is so special about him?

J-R:  Whether or not you believe in Jesus the Christ does not alter who he was and what he did. Jesus demonstrated his awareness of the Christ Consciousness more fully than anyone ever had up to that time. He manifested his connection to Spirit and God in ways that were more complete than other people did then or do now. His awareness of being the Son of God, his knowledge of his Father’s work, the purity with which he lived and his integrity and ability to demonstrate pure, unconditioned loving under any and all circumstances makes him—to say the least—quite special.

Q:  What is the relationship of Jesus the Christ who lived two thousand years ago to the Christ Consciousness that is here today?

J-R:  We all have access to the Christ Consciousness today because the Christ said this was possible. And as soon as you say, “I believe,” you’re halfway there. The other half is to demonstrate it. Prior to the time that Jesus entered into the sacrifice, the negative powers confined man to the lower realms of Light. Man was confined into the physical, causal, astral, mental, and etheric realms; he could not get back into the Soul Realm, back to God. The cosmic Mirror, which divides the etheric and Soul realms, always reflected man back into the lower reams so that he kept reincarnating back. Jesus came through from pure Spirit and bridged from the positive into negative. In this bridging, he came down into the negative realms and told the negative forces that any human consciousness on any of these lower levels who turns towards God and Light and Purity cannot be denied that turn and that movement. The Bible says it in different words; it says that Jesus unshackled, that he started the resurrection — not just of the physical, but of the whole, total process. This is why he is like one of the great hinges on the door of this dispensation into which  we are moving. Buddha was also a hinge on the door, as was Moses and Abraham and many others. But I look at Jesus as being the top hinge. However, without all the other hinges on the door, Jesus’ work would have been fruitless. We are also hinges on the door; we’re also the door and the bridge on the other side of the door and we get to walk across the bridge. That’s our job in this time. We chose it, everyone of us. The key is to do it.


Q:  Is the Christ Consciousness the same as the Traveler Consciousness? If not, can you explain the difference?

J-R:  The Christ Consciousness is not the same as the Traveler or Preceptor Consciousness. The Christ Consciousness is a specific line of energy … the Traveler is more universal, encompassing a greater field. The Preceptor Consciousness is an energy of the highest source that is only present on the planet, in any type of physical embodiment, every 25,000 years.

Q:  What is the difference between “Christ Consciousness” and “Cosmic Consciousness ?”

J-R:  “Christ Consciousness” is a Christian way of saying “Cosmic Consciousness.” To say, “Christ Consciousness’ does not include the Buddhists. Muslims, etc. “Cosmic Consciousness” includes all people. But the two terms are so close in the level of consciousness they identify that there is almost no difference.

Q:  What’s the specific difference between the salvation of the Christ and Soul Transcendence as taught by the Traveler?

J-R:  Jesus, through his death and resurrection, changed the karma of the planet. Before Jesus’ time, the law of the planet was “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” also known as the law of Moses. Through the Christ action, human beings came under grace, and salvation was won for all of us at that time. Through grace, our individual karma can be instantaneously dissolved; then we are no longer bound by the law of cause and effect in that area, providing we stay in the grace and do not recreate the karma. We open to grace by connecting to the Christ Consciousness within, thus becoming, in a sense, our own salvation.

Transcendence, as taught by the Travelers (and Jesus was also a Traveler), is a process of balancing past actions on each of the levels (physical, astral, causal, mental, and etheric) and moving in consciousness into the Soul. Another way of saying it is that a person becomes aware of his or her Soul and, more than that, of being a Soul. As you can see, salvation through the Christ and Soul Transcendence are closely interwoven, although they are viewed as separate actions.

Q:  Do you believe in Christ?

J-R:  The teachings of the Christ are our teachings. The teachings of the Christ are the teachings of Spirit. We seek to live in the ways demonstrated by the Christ, to be honest and loving in every way.

Q:  I am Jewish and I am comfortable in believing that Jesus, like all of us, is the son of God. I believe he, like Moses, played an important role in human growth towards the awareness of God. Jesus is God because we are all God and he is no more God than I am. Does this conflict with the views MSIA teaches and will my belief be a possible block in my path toward God or Soul awareness?

J-R:  Your beliefs will not block your path to God and there is no conflict with what MSIA teaches and your perceptions. Your present perceptions can be amplified and expanded by saying we all have within us the potential to actualize our God or Christ self. Jesus reached his potential and manifested the Christ more fully than anyone had done at that time. He became the example many of us chose to follow because he represented the God-Man.

Q:  Is Jesus and His teachings part of your work?

J-R:  Christ stands at the head of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and supplies the energy. Nothing in MSIA is separate from the Christ action and in fact the teachings are taught by Christ.

Q:  Some groups claim that the Christ has presently returned to the Earth. Is this true?

J-R:  The Christ is a holy office. As such, the energy of forgiveness and transcendence has never left the Earth. It is the inhabitants of the Earth that have forgotten, ignored, or turned away from this blessing. It is possible that individual human beings are re-awakening to this divine presence.

Q:  How can Jesus be both the only son of God and also our elder brother?

J-R:  The Christ could certainly be seen as the Son of God, the only son of God. As a man, Jesus exemplified the consciousness of the Christ more fully than anyone before him. Jesus is our example of a man fulfilling the Christ action, and we may look to his example as our goal. We use his example as a beacon for our own development. In that spiritual action, we are all the sons of God. It’s just that Jesus manifested it more fully, and thus we call him our elder brother as we realize in ourselves those qualities of divinity, beauty, and the perfection of our spiritual natures.

Q:  What is meant by the phrase “Jesus died for our sins?” What actually happened on the cross?

J-R:  Jesus was so willing to cooperate with Spirit or the God force within him, that he actually “took” all of the negativity of the world with him to the cross. Another way of saying this is that he loved so much he was willing to stand forward and sacrifice himself for all of us. Up to this point in history, we as humans were really stuck in the negativity of the planet, but when Jesus died on the cross he provided an example for all of us to follow and therefore a way for all of us to become free. In that way, he was a wayshower and teacher to all of us.

Q:  Is Jesus able to help people back to the Soul Realm?

J-R:  Jesus is able to lead people back into the Soul Realm by working through the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. In order to lead people into the Soul Realm a spiritual teacher must be living so that he is presently sharing and experiencing all levels of consciousness. And thus Jesus works through the one who carries the keys of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness on this physical earth, just as he did when he was here physically.

John-Roger Q&A on the Christ

Q:  Is calling on the Lord Jesus Christ the same as calling for the Traveler?

J-R:  No. When you call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are calling on the energy line that was brought forward some 2000 years ago. It was brought forward during that dispensation because of certain needs of mankind at that time and it continues to exist today. The Traveler energy, even though it is always here, is periodically brought to the forefront of the planet to accelerate the opening of people’s consciousness. The Christ energy and Traveler energy are compatible and work side by side (intertwined)—and they are available for different reasons.

Q:  Was Jesus a “silent one” when he physically walked on the planet 2000 years ago?

J-R:  Jesus was not a “silent one” — he was and is the Christ.

Q:  How can I experience the Christ in my everyday life?

J-R:  The answer is very simple: serve, serve, serve. I should say, serving, serving, serving. To serve means getting up and going and doing what’s in front of you to do. I think we find the Christ more readily in that serving than we do in anything else. In the Bible, Christ says, “How do you know that ye are my disciples? That you do love one another.” How do we know that you do love one another? Because you help each other, you work with each other, and you support each other. And you just don’t judge each other.

Q:  Where is Jesus the master now located (aside from in the hearts of his devotees)?

J-R:  In your next breath and the heart of God.

Q:  I seem to have a lot of blocks in the areas of connecting with the Christ. I get confused sometimes about who to connect with, the Traveler, the Christ, God, the Holy Spirit… Can you say anything about this?

J-R:  If you have connected with the Traveler, you have connected with the Christ, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

I would just look at it all as air. On one side of the room you have roses, on the other side, lilies, on another, pine tree scent. It doesn’t matter which place you prefer to smell, it’s all air anyway. That takes it out of the whole concept of separation. There just is only air. Have all the air you want, and I take the same freedom to myself.

Baruch Bashan.

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