The Process of Serving

By: John-Roger, DSS

December 5th, 2019

The Process of Serving


Service is a process of cooperation to bring forward material results in the world that can be shared with all. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in Rod & Staff, Summer 1983.

Service is a process of outwardly expressing in a positive way. When you are being of service, you are moving in a state of harmonious balance to fulfill man’s law or spiritual law. If you fulfill man’s law, you may be after again for yourself. If you fulfill spiritual law, then the service is one of your Spirit to their Spirit.

The spiritual law reads like this: “I come to do Thy will O Lord. The law is written in my heart, not in my head.” Consequently, if you try to do a head number with the idea of being of service, it will fall and collapse on you because the negative part of perfection is imperfection and you’ll find all the things you’re attempting to serve aren’t worthy of you to serve.

Whenever you are dealing with the process of any word using “ing,” there is cooperation with yourself inwardly – i.e., living, loving, creating, doing – those have the qualities of moving yourself out into the world. It isn’t sitting down and thinking about what you’re going to do. It is an outward action.

The outward expression may be either negative or positive. If you’re in a state of cooperation and creativity, your expression will probably be positive. If you’re not cooperating, you will probably be depressed and destructive. The choice is always in the attitude.

Life is a simple process when you live in a state of cooperation. Cooperation can be enjoying or doing the very thing that’s in front of you – physically, mentally, emotionally, creatively or financially. When your life is built on this foundation, you can have freedom and perfect expression on all levels of awareness.

Service is a process of cooperation to bring forward material results in the world that can be shared with all. And when you enter into the process of the mastery of yourself inwardly and outwardly, the by-product is that you are in a state of cooperation. And in this state of cooperation, all things will be brought to you to enhance your service to yourself and others.

Baruch Bashan.


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