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Q&A with John-Roger

Q&A with John-Roger | This Q&A is compiled from two NDH Q&A articles from the 1990’s.

Q: What is the difference between stubbornness and will?

J-R: Stubbornness is an automatic reaction. Will is a choice. However, stubbornness usually follows through with the choice as an automatic reaction. Long after you’ve stopped choosing, it may still carry on with the choice, because it hasn’t received a new direction from you. Stubbornness used the right way becomes determination. Instead of holding back, it then reaches out and pulls. Determination is one of hope, of youth, of life, of vitality. Knowing those and putting them in your attitude starts to change the flow of energy.

Q: I’ve had experiences that I would call the convergence of Spirit. How do I bring more than a fleeting memory to this level?

J-R: Practice. Practice the things that converge the Spirit. It can be while you’re doing spiritual exercises, it can be doing a simple activity of life, or it could be stepping off a curb. Some of those could be considered negative convergences, but they can shake you up, shake things loose and bring a new awareness to you.

Bring your spirit in convergence consciously with the Spirit at the same time. Bringing back the Spirit with you from the higher country is the fulfillment of it. Practice. I don’t know any other way than practice.

Keeping a journal is a very effective tool for bridging the inner experiences of Spirit back through memory into this level. Keep a journal by your bed and jot your dreams down in the morning; keep a journal or pad of paper with you during the day to jot down awarenesses. As you do this, your consciousness gets the message that you are interested in remembering, and starts to bring more and more information to you. Practice can bring you the experience you seek.

Q: I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve. I want to wake up and find out that what I visualized has all happened, its all done. Instead what I have is impatience.

J-R: You see it, you want it, and you haven’t taken the time to bring it into a form where you can have it. That results in impatience, an attitude of, “I want it right now”, because you see it and feel it. It doesn’t work that way on this level. If you want it on this level, you must also do the work required to bring it into form. Inventing the light bulb was one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Ask your self the question, “Is this worth it to me to manifest it on this level?” If it is, do whatever is necessary to get it from the Spirit to the physical level. If it’s not worth it, let it go.

Q: Sometimes when I’m in the middle of a painful situation, I have the feeling that this is a good lesson for me that I will need in the future. How can I benefit from an experience when I’m feeling so badly?

J-R: The key here is to acknowledge that there is a valuable lesson when you’re feeling badly, because then you can redirect the energy. Acknowledge what is happening. If you have a headache, acknowledge that to the people around you. Say that you’re not going to be good company for awhile, that you’re working to get out of pain, and in a few seconds the headache may go and you’ll start to laugh and have fun. Accept the things that are taking place, because they’re really perfect.

Q: I’ve heard you talk about God meditating us. Can you give me an example?

J-R: It’s like your Soul had you and was leading you where it wanted you to go. Maybe it moves you down the right street, and to the right corner and to the right door and to the right person for the right thing to occur. Another way to say it might be, love took you where it wanted to go, and then you followed it. On the way to God all the garbage is just fertilizer for your use as the potential for growing.

But when you’re not on the way to God, then the garbage is stinking and dirty. When you realize this is just another step to go, then you look to see what you can plan along the way. But you never stop. You sacrifice all, not by cutting it off, but by re-looking ahead to the next thing.

Q: How do I open my spiritual eyes?

J-R: There’s not an explanation of how; it’s a matter of just doing it. If I tell you to breathe, you don’t say you don’t know how, you just do it. Opening your spiritual eyes is like that, it’s that level of experience. You do it by doing it. Sometimes you’ll doubt what you see, and then think it’s just your imagination. But the question is, why did you make that up rather than something else? It doesn’t matter. Keep going.

Q: Could you talk a little about how we are all one? And creating with God as our partner?

J-R: We all have the same blood, the same lifeline spiritually. You have kept yours in one form, and I have kept mine in another form. But we’ve all been breathing the same air. Spiritually the same flow of energy that is going through you is going through me and through others, and we’re all on this same lifeline. That’s really one of the reasons why Jesus said, “When you’ve done it to one of these, you’ve done it to me.” So don’t hurt anyone, because you’re going to hurt yourself. If you’re going to hurt another, you’ve got to go into hurt in order to do it.

Q: I love creating with God as my partner, and sense a shift I could make in this area. Is there anything you can say about this?

J-R: When you’re dealing with God, all things are possible—total possibility. When you’re dealing with the negative power, you are dealing with probabilities. If you go to strict possibilities, you’re in the frame of reference that all things are you. Therefore, you have to go nowhere and you just produce the effect, which is all God is doing with us. We’re just the effect of God.


Q: How do you know if you’re paying off karma, or if you’re in a karmic situation?

J-R: The intention behind the action is extremely important and that’s going to be the deciding factor karmically. Remember that karma is another way of saying, past actions. So balancing karma means balancing past actions. It may seem like things are happening to you, but in the bigger picture, they are actions which originated with you, coming back home to you for completion.

Karma is very fickle. It is hard to say how it will be paid, but it will be paid off to your greatest advantage. Whatever would be the greatest awakening and learning for you is the way it will be paid.

There’s a saying, “Ignorance is bliss.” You don’t know and you go through it. We go through most things not knowing what the karma is or why it is. We just know it is, because we can’t get out of it. You will know that you are done with it when it is gone.

Q: I’ve heard you talk about “spiritual crimes,” and I think I’ve been doing that through denial. How do I get past it?

J-R: It’s a forgiveness process. Do you think the God we know is not big enough to handle your spiritual crime?

Q: Well, no, I mean—He’s big.

J-R: That’s right. He’s big. All you have to do is say, “God, I forgive myself for having denied You.”

And He goes, “Fine. I forgave you all along anyway. I didn’t take your judgment seriously. You forgive yourself for taking it seriously. Let’s have a laugh!”

There “really” isn’t any such thing as a spiritual crime, spiritually. Not really—just metaphorically. What you do with it out of your imagination and ego is what you have to deal with. Your imagination is restricted by what it can produce. Your ego is restricted by what it can do. So you forgive yourself for your limitations. And laugh, have a good time, and keep moving ahead with your life.

Q: Often when I forgive myself, I don’t feel like it really worked. Am I doing something wrong?

J-R: You appeal to the forgiveness, and you say, “God forgive me.” When you say, “But I didn’t feel anything,” you are missing where the forgiveness takes place. It does not take place in your emotions or in your mind. You are forgiven in your Spirit, where you carry the judgments. If you are in touch with your Spirit, you’ll feel it quickly, and you’ll know that the forgiveness took place.

Q: I have been trying to get my intention in life clear, and I just can’t seem to do it. Can you explain what intention is and what I need to do to get mine clear?

J-R: You can’t get your intention clear because God IS intention and He’s already clear; that’s already God’s. But you can get yourself clear regarding God. I’ll tell you what that is: God loves all of Its creation. Out of God comes all things. Not one Soul will be lost. Wow!

Q: You give us so much information, so many keys, and I’m beginning to realize that no one is going to do things for me, that I need to do them for myself. Yet I need help sometimes. How do I ask for help, and allow help, yet do things myself?

J-R: You are the keeper of your own keys, and that is very important to know. The Traveler points things out to you that are to be handled, and then it is your choice to do them or not. If you don’t do what’s yours, then the Traveler says, “Put away your keys, they are no good to you. Give them to somebody else and don’t be so burdened with them.” Some of these keys are very big and very important, and if you don’t use them, they can weigh you down inside.

One of these keys is to love yourself. Loving yourself is not a feeling. It’s a commitment to do the things that are right and necessary for you, regardless of anyone else’s opinion. In the last analysis, other than God, you are the one who knows whats best for you.

When you feel as though you can’t handle something on your own, ask for help. No one said that you have to do everything by yourself; we are moving into a time when teamwork is becoming more and more important. You take care of yourself so you can help take care of others, so you can participate in your life with those around you.

Remember that God is your partner. All you have to do is ask, and then be willing to listen and cooperate with the answers, which may come to you in many ways. The man who stops to help you fix your flat tire is the answer to your prayer for help. The check in the mail from a forgotten debt, or the offer of a special project with good pay, is the answer to your prayer for more money. God dwells in each of us, and works through us all when we are willing.

When you stay present, in the moment, taking care of what comes your way to the best of your ability, keeping your heart open, and asking for God’s assistance and blessing in all you do or say, then you are in good territory.


Q: Could you talk a little about how to find God?

J-R: Find the essence of God in you. Travel the essence of God in you. Travel the essence back to the form that you can relate to, and say, “That is the Divine Being.” And see yourself as God. Realize that you were always God here at the same time. That’s the joke!

This whole Divine comedy is that this is just God talking to God. We talk to each other as if we don’t know something, or as if one knows more than the other. God knows the same thing in all of us; He just may not be expressing it in the same way. And that’s OK, because it would get incredibly boring here otherwise.

If you find yourself lucky enough to experience the presence of the Divine, you are, indeed, very, very lucky. There are billions of people who do not experience it while they are living here on this earth. And this is where the key of it is— this is the springboard. That’s why souls want to incarnate here, in a body—to have the fullness of the experience of the Divine. Yet when you get here, it’s so easy to get hooked on the sensation of the flesh. If you do, you just keep incarnating back.

The fleshly sensations do not exist in the Spirit world; there is a different sensation there. And it gets boring there, until you get high enough. Then the flesh stops pulling on you, and you no longer know there is an earth. You’ve already traversed the lower levels of existence so you just go back to the Soul realm and reside in the beingness of Spirit.

I make it sound easier than it is. It’s really simple, but not necessarily easy. It’s a process of doing. When you’re tired, you don’t get to stop, you just keep doing. I use the phrase, etcetera. You just keep going. You win when you endure to the end.

Q: I just had to put my two dogs to sleep recently, as they were both old and very ill, and it brought up some questions about the right thing to do. Does putting an animal to sleep to keep them from suffering interfere with their spiritual path? I sent my dogs the Light often, kept them on the prayer list, loved them and touched them a lot while they were ill, held them on the way to the vet, and chanted the HU for my second dog, who passed over three weeks after her companion. For the future, is there anything else to do to help a pet with their transition?

J-R: Animals are on a different type of progression than people. When they leave this level, FOR THE MOST PART, they return to what I call a “group soul.” They take with them a type of learning, and they do lift and progress in their vibration. One of the experiences that lifts them a great deal is the experience of being loved, and of being around a Light person or family. Animals sometimes come in specifically to be around this energy. Suffering is not something an animal necessarily needs, as GENERALLY, they do not have the type of consciousness to work with it and learn from it. You may notice that when an animal is ready to pass over, it will go somewhere by itself and lay down, stop eating and drinking, and seem to be waiting to die. They do have an intelligence and know when it’s their time to go. It’s very challenging to decide yourself that a life has come to an end, and to assist that. The best you can do is pray, ask the Lord for guidance and assistance, and then start leaning in a direction and see if everything lines up with it. Whatever you decide to do, be gentle with yourself, and be loving with your pet. That loving is a very great gift to give them as they make their transition. All the things you mentioned above can help them. If you do something they don’t want done, they will let you know.

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