Loving Through the Eyes of the Christ

By: John Morton, DSS

January 20th, 2016


All of us are working with what I call “compromised circumstances.” It’s our version of the world. It’s about how each of us perceives things. As soon as you look out through your eyes, you are in distortion. As soon as you speak, you speak distortion. When you listen, you hear distortion. What are you supposed to do with that? You may not know. You may just be off. But the God in you is One who is not distorted.

To surrender to that divine will, that clear loving intention, to put aside your own version of it, that calls for your trust and faith. That calls for your acceptance. It’s like high-wire walking without a net. Although you may not realize it, you’re choosing to cooperate and trust in that One who is the God in you.

You can make the loving choice because your heart knows what that is. It knows what it feels like. So when you don’t do it, you’ll get an immediate experience that says, “That’s not loving.” It hurts. It bothers. It shuts down. It moves into separation. It moves into some kind of a darkness. You may lose track of the loving. If you do, it doesn’t matter because the loving is still present now. You can choose the loving in each moment. So choose the loving that appears to you right here and now.

Remember that love goes through you. So if you want to love, there’s no way to do that without going through you to source it from within. To get the loving from you to someone or someplace else, you have to love yourself first. Otherwise, you are in conditioned love which has something like a price in it. It isn’t free and clear loving. Conditioned loved, in a sense, is not true loving.

When you love through the Christ, you have compassion towards yourself. You can move into a place of acceptance and understanding about your experience and reaction to it. You can say to yourself, “I’m doing the best I can.” That applies to right here and now. So let go and forget about whatever just happened that may be troubling you. Redirect yourself into what’s happening here and now. Apply your loving to whatever is in need of loving or even as a way of joining in the loving which is present. The loving of the Christ is always present and available to you and whoever chooses to be loving.

If you find you get over your head so you’re out of balance and you know it, then consider stopping and holding. If you’re way off track from your loving, it’s amazing that if you take a pause, you’ll find there’s still a loving flow. It’s a flow you can’t stop. You can’t hold it back. So remember to breathe and tune in to the divine loving source within which is always alive and moving towards greater loving.

When you stop or pause your individual personal process, you may also choose to let go and surrender to the divine will and become part of that inner movement. It’s amazing how it knows exactly what to do for you, with you and through you. You may notice that suddenly things are working out and you’re not really doing anything. You just let go. You stop trying to do what you thought you should do. You stop trying to determine what should be happening. You let go of your agenda. You give up. You surrender to the greater loving.

You may be amazed with how things start happening that actually work and serve. It is a sense of, “I’m not really doing anything. It’s doing it. I’m just letting it do it through me even to the point that it speaks through me. It’s in my hands. It’s in my ears. It’s listening for me. I’m just cooperating at a highest state or as clear a way as I can.”

That’s kind of a coup — a spiritual coup, if you will. It does a take-over. You do surrender, but it’s not here to imprison you or spite you. It’s here to lift you up.


Tests and Patience

Regardless of however the world is to you, it can test you. It’s like with the biblical story of Job in which the negative power comes to the Lord God and says, “I want to test your servant, this guy Job.” The world could test Job. The world is entitled to do that. But the world couldn’t force Job in his relationship to the Lord God. And you can’t force yourself either. The relationship is what it is.

The negative power can tempt you, just at it tempted Job. The negativity can bring things to you that are of the world. What happens in the world as negativity can be brought to you. But you can’t be forced by the negativity to abandon or become separate from God. You always have choice in your response to the negativity.

We might call that having the patience of Job. It’s understanding the world does what it does. It may even take your body because it’s entitled to, because of the karma, the flow or whatever it is. It may be there’s a window, and it’s time to close the window. So you’re done with this lifetime in whatever form that takes.

Remember that when you’re in your body it’s temporary. It’s like you have temporary occupancy. One day comes a notice, “Get out.” You may say, “But you don’t understand, I had all these great plans. I’ve got all these involvements. I’m not done.” It won’t matter if it’s the time for you to get out. Then you’ll get above it and realize, “I didn’t understand what the opportunity was beyond the body. I was caught up and stuck in speaking from the body.”

You may return to this world because you exercised your choices. You related and identified with the body circumstances. You forgot yourself spiritually. So you’re coming back. It’s not punishment. It’s just a simple circumstance of your learning and growth as a Soul. You need to realize you’re more than your body.

You’re more than this physical world. You need to become aware of that truth. Eventually the realization happens. It will happen because you will have the life experience to lighten and brighten your view so you realize this world is not your home. You’ll know, “I don’t belong here. I’m just visiting, and I have a job to do while I’m here that is to clear myself, release myself, complete myself so I am done with this place. If I’ve done that and I’m still here, then I’m being used as a servant of God like Job.”

Job had the understanding that he was more than his body, and he was still here. Job was used as an example and to teach. In fact, Job’s story is still teaching us thousands of years later.

Your choices are very important. They will demonstrate your commitment, your dedication, and your follow-through as one who loves regardless. You may say, “I don’t have that kind of patience — the patience of Job.” Your Soul has the patience of Job. So why not you let your Soul take charge of your involvement with the world?

When you choose the patience that serves God, there’s a quality of peace and integrity that integrates your beingness so there’s no real conflict between who you are spiritually and who you are physically. They line up. That’s you. And that takes great spiritual dedication.

You might want to do something to make sure that you relate to your life as, “I choose this. I am choosing this.” Then you can see your progression. You see that it’s not one choice. It’s choosing. You can track your movement because your choices demonstrate your commitment and your intention.

I know we all want some rest. So you may ask, “Can I choose to rest?” It’s like an experience when you leave the body and there’s a kind of a clap, like applause. Understand it’s more of a chorus or a celebration. It’s applause for a job well done. So choose to rest by tuning into the silence within. Resource yourself in the ever-loving Christ that applauds your devotion to your soul.

When the Lord is well-pleased, the Lord who’s God and the Father and Mother of all the heavens rises up. Do you understand how majestic that is? See if you can get a glimpse of it, some sense of it inside of yourself. When you get that glimpse, start understanding that the glory of God is present now. It’s actually happening right here in this moment. Then what’s going on? You’re catching the Spirit of God. You’re bringing your body more present in the Spirit. And at one point, the physical awareness drops off because it’s designed to do that. There’s other psychic encasements that drop off because they’re designed to do that. But who I am, who you are, is in one accord with the glory of the Lord always.


Doubt and Truth

A characteristic of the mind is to see a duplicity. The mind can take the source and split the imaging so then the experience is that there’s separation — a sense of an “I” and “thou.” The reality of the truth is we’re all one. So it’s more like a variation on the oneness, while the perfection and the integration is entirely present always.

When the Spirit casts a pearl before you and you cast doubt all over it, it can become a shadow. Why is it a shadow? Because you’ve allowed the darkening. The mind is permitted to darken it. It’s in your favor when the pearl shows up for to choose to claim it, and claim it with all you got.

If you’re off, then claim the conviction like, “I’m being convicted in the truth. I’m being convicted in my illusions so it showed me where I falsify. I proclaimed something that is not so and now I’m becoming more aware of what is so.” That’s in your favor too. It brings on the affirmation so you solidify your consciousness in, “I am the pearl. I am thou. The Father and I are one. When you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the father.”

You may ask, “How could I proclaim such a thing? I’m a mere mortal like everyone else.” The One who is speaking is not a mere mortal. Why would that be allowed? Why would God in the highest choose to speak through you?

These are issues of the lower nature, and they’re not really issues at all. They’re falderal. They’re fools folly that will come to an end when we choose to stop it. But part of it is to ask, “What do I proclaim? What do I profess?”

If you say, “I don’t know. I don’t have an opinion. Come back tomorrow,” what are you really saying? You don’t stand for anything? You don’t have any substance? You don’t have a backbone? Yes, you do. You have a backbone. So what do you stand for?

If you’re afraid to stand up for your Spirit because you feel it’s not a popular response, then where are you storing your treasures? Are you storing them with your true friends? Will they take care of you? Or are you storing your treasures with God so if you lose your life in this world in God’s name, then you can join with God who always claims you.

The Lord knows you. The Lord is with you. No one can take that from you. This world can take your body. They can take the things that are not of you. Eventually, it’s going to be taken anyway. But the Lord has something in mind for you while you are in this world. God has a plan. You have something to fulfill, to live out, so the Lord can then use you as a demonstration and a testament while you are here. You can understand that your life has God purpose. It may not appear so in the world, but you know that purpose is working through your Soul consciousness.

The boldness of the Spirit is “all in.” It may seem like your body is on the line. Like, “All bets are up. This hand that has been dealt is called in. So either I win or I lose.” Some people don’t want to play at that level. But I call it, “We play for keeps.” It’s not like we’re just playing for fun and all the chips are returned. We’re playing for keeps. And it’s in your favor to find out how you’re playing in this world affects your life when you leave this world.

This is when you would ask for the gift of discernment. This is a spiritual gift like, “Lord help me understand. Help me see Your way. Your Will not mine is my prayer.”

You may have an idea that you’ll get so high you won’t be tested anymore. You may think you’ll always know what the Lord’s will is. I don’t know about that. I just know you’ve got to keep your wits about you. You’ve got to be vigilant in your choosing to see through the eyes of the Christ.

You may say, “I don’t have eyes in the back of my head.” Remember, the Lord’s got your back. God is watching out for you. So don’t worry about it. Stay with what’s yours and breathe. It may not seem to be that simple, but remember the Christ’s burdens are “light and easy.”

John-Roger reminded us that the Christ is in all of us as it was in Jesus. The Christ within you is the way to see loving through the eyes of the Christ.

Baruch Bashan

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