A Beautiful Easter Eve Seminar with John Morton

By: Penelope Bright, photos by Kelly Sheehan

April 8th, 2016

A Beautiful Easter Eve Seminar with John Morton

MSIA’s Easter Eve Seminar with John Morton was held on Saturday, March 27 this year. And, a beautiful seminar it was!

Leigh Taylor-Young, MSIA’s own Ambassador, was our master of ceremonies for the afternoon, and after she welcomed everyone, she called each of us forward into God’s Light with a lot of grace and beauty.

Leigh then introduced Liz Bagish, who sang an original song and accompanied herself on the cello. The crowd’s response was indicative of the delight with Liz’s song and presentation.

We were graced with a couple of John-Roger videos with the theme of Easter and the Christ. It’s always uplifting to hear and see videos of our Beloved J-R, founder of MSIA.

Next, Denise Lumiere and Leanna Sharp sang in beautiful harmony an original song, “Where Love Is Deep,” accompanied by Leanna on piano. Another gorgeous musical sharing.

Leigh then introduced John Morton, MSIA’s spiritual director, who began his talk by charging us all to rise up and celebrate. He spoke about the recent troubles in Brussels, and we sent Light for greater peace. John reaffirmed that God loves us always, in all ways, and noted that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice was actually a blessing for us all. The Christ energy is always with us. He also spoke a bit about the story of Job in the Old Testament, observing that although he was tested and tempted, Job was an example of enduring to the end.

John reflected on John-Roger and his passing. He commented that there are always opportunities to rise up and do great things and better things, sharing that God trusted us enough to place us in manifestation .

To end the event, Matthew VanFossan sang an orginal song that he wrote in a magical acapella rendition that further opened all of our hearts!

The Easter Eve Seminar was a perfect preparation for Easter Sunday.

God bless us all.



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