MSIA’s Easter Festivities (by E. Bunny!)

By: E. Bunny, photos by Kelly Sheehan

April 8th, 2016

MSIA’s Easter Festivities (by E. Bunny!)

Well I had the nicest time at that little MSIA Easter morning on the beach event! Thank you! Such nice people, and the kids, and the flowers, and the music–and all that water! I like the beach because it’s so close to the ocean.

As you can imagine I’m invited to tons of events, being the Easter Bunny, but I must say I found myself especially taken with this crowd (for one thing they do the Hokey-Pokey like nobody’s business!), and was just so hoppy to be there!

John Morton shared his heart with some timeless wisdoms (nice fella!), the entertainment was super, and the eats extraordinary (although from my point of view they could’ve benefitted from a few more carrot related items: carrot cake, carrot juice, carrot salad for instance)!

I loved the focus of the event on the risen Christ. I don’t know if you know but bunnies love that sort of thing–new life and such! I just love kids, and looking into those little kids eyes always lets me know there’s hope for another new year of loving and learning–together with our friends.

I want to say thanks to everyone who put on this event, and thanks for all the hugs.

I’ll be back kids  =:)



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