Bringing Light to the Capitol

By: MSIA Staff

May 7th, 2012

We enjoyed a wonderful visit today with Dr. Alan Kieran, the chaplain who was available when Senate Chaplain Black was not available for our group.  He ministered to about 30 of us, almost all of us MSIA ministers.  We shared his experience of listening to God, including the spiritual gifts of healing and sharing the messages that come from Spirit.  He shared several examples from intense situations as a chaplain in Iraq and his personal ministry with very poor people including lepers in India.  Dr. Kieran invited us to realize the power of the Lord Christ Jesus in our ministry, especially in these times when the negative power is “sifting” those who are serving spiritually.  He prayed over one of the ministers in our group as a demonstration of how to pray for the sick.

Angel Harper, MSIA Travel Coordinator, noted, “I loved the joy and enthusiasm that Dr. Kieran communicated and expressed as he shared with us!  He was very gracious too.”

Afterwards, some of us went into the Senate chamber, which was not in session, and placed the Light.

Baruch Bashan
John Morton

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