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Founders in England Day 7

Once upon a time there was a wizard who lived in a big castle. A group of his friends decided to gather there to celebrate his birthday, and for three days they consulted with the wizard and ate and asked questions and meditated from morning ‘till night. They learned many things and freed up many areas of their consciousness so that they could more easily assimilate what the wizard had to teach them. Even though they met together in one big room in the castle, they went on many inner adventures and felt like they had been on a long journey.

After the three days they had a free day where they walked out into the sunlit green fields surrounding the castle. They were a bit dazed and disoriented from the long inner journey they had taken with the wizard, and infused with a kind of relaxed and carefree sweetness, and it took them quite a while to organize themselves for their walk. People arrived and disappeared at the castle’s exit, they got confused about directions and where they were going, but eventually they began.

They passed preparations for a wedding that was taking place at the castle which included a big pig being roasted on a spit. They got distracted by delicious blackberries that grew along the road, and stopped for long periods eating them. They walked through churchyards and farms, and reached a picturesque village called Moreton Hampstead. There they met many other friends from their celebration at the castle, who had also wandered into the village, who were equally disoriented, giggly and sweet, and they all ate sandwiches and ice cream and many other wonderful things.

They happened upon an old church, built in the 1400’s, with a graveyard and beautiful stonework and stained glass. They walked back through a forest with a meandering river, fields of white, pink, and light purple flowers, and green meadows where cows grazed. They came out of the forest and recognized the golf course that surrounded the castle, and knew they were back home. And they lived happily ever after. The End.

6 thoughts on “Founders in England Day 7”

  1. OMG David you are one of the Wizards for sure Thanks I am in so much gratitude for being able to follow along loving you and blessing all Hula gal

  2. David, I find this so beautifully inspired, with the poetry of your words matching the beauty of your photos – and lightness, brightness and sweetness pervading all! Thanks, Love, Light, joy to all!

  3. Once upon a time there was a magical way to experience a sunny English day even from across an ocean. This magic made it possible to walk on an English path, taste blackberries, have an adventure (and even see a gravestone with the name Dodd, of one of my ancestors on it). This is a happily ever now. Thank you David.

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