How Can I Overcome Nighttime Fears?

By: John Morton, DSS

August 27th, 2010

How Can I Overcome Nighttime Fears?

Question:  How Can I Overcome Nighttime Fears?
Answer:  Having fears come up at nighttime may reflect a sense of concern about the death experience in that you are leaving your body.  However, the difference at nighttime now is that you’re coming back into your body when you awaken.  What may be bothering you in terms of your fear is not consciously knowing where you are going.  
The part of you that knows what’s going on when you’re leaving the body which we call the sleep state, but which is actually a very active state on other levels, is more real than what we are experiencing here.  In the sleep state, we’re not in a place where negativity or terror reigns.  It’s a place where progression, learning and growing reigns.
What we have the ability to do is to project onto the sleep state experience.   We can take what we fantasize, creatively and negatively, and create a sense of terror and then project it into the unconscious.  As we go into the sleep state and are moving out of the body, those projections start coming forward to be worked out. So as you confront or meet up with a fear, you can realize it isn’t an actual source of fear. It’s just what you’ve associated with something that frightens you and it’s an opportunity for your learning and growth.
Where the fear comes from isn’t so much about death because consciously we don’t really know what death is.  The fear is more about, “I’m afraid I’m going be hurt,” or “I’m afraid I’m going to lose something that is really valuable to me, like my life.”  However, that’s a limited viewpoint because the life that your referring to is associated in this world.  
There is an unconscious state that doesn’t realize the life in the other world. If it did, there would be no fear about it.  There would actually be much more of an inspiration and enthusiasm towards that life.
When we get to know who we are in the Spirit, and in the Soul, it’s so much more beautiful and magnificent than what’s here.  As we know our life in the Spirit,  the opposite sense may start taking place where we  might wonder, “What am I doing here in this world when I can be there in Spirit?”  In asking that question, there’s a part of us that’s not realizing the value of experiencing what’s going on in this world. Every aspect of every experience is being utilized to expand and open into new awareness.  That’s how to approach each experience where there’s some fear associated.  

You’re the one in charge of your life, and your life is given to you so that you have choices here. If you don’t make those choices in relation to what’s presented to you, if you disregard what’s presented to you, then at some point you’re going to move into a default on what is available to you in your life experience.  There are things here that are of a lesser nature. And if you were not attempting to do your best with the experiences available, then you would be tending to move into a lesser experience.  So it’s important for you to keep yourself up and open to your life experience, even when it comes across in a way that appears as contracting, limiting, fearful or something painful.

Part of the game here is to get the most out of the life experience that you can. So that means to endure.  The more you endure, the more you experience the value of your life here.  Your life experience here is very valuable because it’s multi-dimensional.  It’s coming in from all these various levels at once into a convergence point.   It’s an exponential life experience and more than on virtually any other level.

By enduring here and maintaining yourself through whatever experience you’re in, the Soul is gaining tremendously, even in one breath.  Part of the challenge is often we don’t realize that.   What we teach in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is how to realize and become more aware of our soul in each moment.  When you do, you’re going to find yourself moving into a calm state.  And yet in that calm state, you’ll still be alert because as you relax and come into ease with what’s present in your life, you become more available to move and flow with whatever you’re doing so you can get the most out of it.

In MSIA, we teach Calling in the Light, being aware of our breath, and visualizing the energies of the higher nature in and around us. We visualize those energies coming forward and affecting and moving into things so that everything is being raised constantly to a higher state.  As you do that, then your life is going to become something that you’re more at ease with, no matter what’s going on.  So even if you’re faced with something you fear greatly, then you’ll have the awareness, “Well, whatever this excitement is that I’m experiencing, and part of me doesn’t understand or comprehend what’s going on, I’m not reduced to a state of fear or contraction.  That’s a limited state. I’m maintaining my expansiveness that’s larger than what’s happening to me physically or emotionally. I am bigger than that. I’m beyond that.”

When we’re maintaining our contact with the Spirit, we’re going to be beyond the conditioned states of the world.  The conditioned states are part of the psychic­-material world which is a learning ground for us.  So when you find yourself entering and reacting in negative states such as fear, have the awareness, “This is where I am to learn. This is my learning point.”

At nighttime when you are doing this transition of moving from this world into the other world, and also as you awaken and are entering, coming back and being aware that you’re back in the body, it can be disorienting and disturbing. Those are important times to bring forward the conscious awareness of the presence of the Light and the Spirit.
Remember you are a soul, protected and loved by God.  Just that thought has a reassuring quality to it.  But it’s not a thought. It’s much more.  It’s an awareness.   You can gain access to it through your thinking, your feelings, and the images that you hold.   Then the awareness of your soul becomes much more a second nature.  You feel it in your body. You feel it as a sense of ease and relaxation in the body. What happens is a joyful presence and radiation of joy that’s present with you.   You tend to smile and be at ease in the body and with all that is present.
It takes practice, so remember you have choices.  When you are faced with your fears, one of your choices is to panic, scream and yell, and ask God why.  Another choice is to enjoy the experience, do whatever you can do to handle the situation, and entrust the rest to God. 

Baruch Bashan (the blessings already are)

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Thanks a lot for share that information with us,
That makes me re-energize and move forward. And it´s clear for me that I need more practice and love to handle the situations which make me feel into the fear and panic.
I love you

Thank You John for sharing this with us….. LOVE, LOVE AND BLESSINGS FOR YOU….

Thanks so much John,their is power in your words.

Thank you John….I have had some deep sadness surfacing from a past situation that still has effects in the present, and your sharing is really comforting and steadying.

Thanks so much john for the uplifting sharing… the blessings already are, much love and God bless.