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“God is My Partner” — Living the Spiritual Principles of Abundance & Prosperity Webcast Class — Session Two

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Greetings!!! We are once again LIVE from the Brentwood Ballroom at 2101 Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica, CA, as we gather together for the second class on learning how to live the spiritual principles of abundance and prosperity with Dr. Paul Kaye and Leigh Briggin, CPA.

The webcast has just started. Paul Kaye welcomes everyone in the ballroom and on the Internet. We start the evening by calling forward the Light of Spirit that brings us into a oneness. As the peace is settling in the room, Paul introduces the theme for the evening. Tonight we will hear about the history, the principles and the practice of seeding.

First Paul and Leigh give us an account (no pun intended) of last week’s response to the webcast. The emails poured in with many questions, comments, and compliments. People really liked learning that God is their partner. Paul and Leigh read a few of the emails they received, including some frequently asked questions. Paul tells us that even the most resistant folks ended up purchasing the Quicken program and have already begun tracking their finances. One of the class participants was very excited after trying the Quicken program and noticed that their eyes had opened to a whole new way of looking at their money.

Paul then moves into the topic of Seeding. He breaks down the process and steps for seeding by using the example of growing tomatoes. It is clear, concise, joyful, and easy to follow. From planting the seed to reaping the harvest. After which we choose a partner to work with for a one-to-one exercise.

When the exercise is complete, we move into the second half of the evening hearing from Leigh Briggin about budgeting. Leigh goes into great detail with great enthusiasm and excitement about creating, planning and drafting our budgets. I don’t think I’ve ever heard, nor have I ever seen, a CPA so excited about this topic. It’s worth being in the class just to watch Leigh. I’m sure the Internet participants are getting the energy as well. Leigh is a very clear and fun speaker and we all enjoy what he brings to this class. He and Paul make a great team.

After we hear about budgets, which is an exciting adventure we will all get to experiment with in our homework, we go to the Q & A portion of the evening. We have lots of people on the Internet with some very good questions, and folks in the ballroom have some fun and exciting testimonies.

At the conclusion of the evening, I get the sense that we all will benefit from being in this class, and it just takes someone being willing to deliver the information to us so that we can be better co-creators with God. I know I will be making a lot of room for the blessings in the coming months. It’s already started.

Join us next week for the third class in this series at 6:30 p.m. pacific time on Wednesday, February 16th. John Morton will join us during the Q & A starting at 7:30 p.m. pacific time. You can participate online at We highly recommend that you watch and/or listen to the the archives of class sessions 1 & 2 online at in preparation for the third session of the class on February 16th. The handout and homework from class sessions 1 & 2 are online at

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