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How Do I Know Whether to Have Acceptance and Be Patient or Make an Adjustment in Order to See Change?


Question: How do I know whether to have acceptance and be patient or make an adjustment in order to see change?

Answer: When we choose to realize ourselves spiritually, we find ourselves functioning according to the laws of Spirit — acceptance, cooperation, understanding, enthusiasm and empathy. There is an aligning of how we are intending ourselves as souls. A key is to appreciate with gratitude whatever you find. Everything has value. Nothing needs to be different from what it is, and yet in this world change is constant. While that state of living in the world may be challenging, you can learn to align with and practice how to apply the laws of Spirit.

Begin the day by getting yourself in a consciousness of gratitude. There is a reason God is bringing a challenge to you. You can ask, “Help me to understand, Lord. How can I use this situation to lift? What is it I am to learn?” Some days you just have to do the best you can. So say, “Thank you, Lord,” and choose to handle the situation as best you can with what you know and the conditions present.

In You Are the Blessings I wrote, “Our response to the conditions of life may be very dysfunctional, yet the Soul is always thriving, using everything for its learning, growth and upliftment. The Soul thrives on life. Every condition, every occurrence, every part serves to nurture and expand the radiation of the Soul. That is the power of the Soul. It takes every bit of negativity and converts it into God’s love. That love is a constant blessing” (p. 227).

There is a purpose in the way the world has been created that is serving your Soul. There is a purpose in the way you have been created exactly. There are no mistakes. All the conditions in your life are on purpose.

“When we experience appreciation and gratitude for things as they are, without expectation or demand for change, and when we accept things the way they are, we are on to the blessings that are present. . .Regardless of what is confronting you or the difficulty you face in any moment, you always have the opportunity to change and direct your choices into greater blessings. Your choice for greater blessings always begins with you.

Dare to change for the better. Find the courage, find your freedom, find your willingness, and keep your focus on the blessings, which is the greater good available to choose now”(p. 233-234).

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