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The Two Basic Principles of Relationships

We are all one. When you cannot accept and love

one person, you create separation towards everyone.

You create a separation between you and

your God, between you and the God in everyone.”

1. All relationships are within you.

It may look as if a relationship is you with another person or with other people, but it is always you within you, and relationships are one of the greatest mirrors you can have for yourself–your patterns, your beliefs, your conditioned responses.

Ultimately, each relationship you have with another person reflects your relationship with yourself. So check out your motivations. Why are you doing what you are doing? Are there any underlying reasons for your actions, thoughts, and feelings? This kind of self-examination can reveal much to you about yourself, especially if you see every relationship as telling you how you are with yourself.

2. There is never a good enough reason to take away your loving.

We can think we are perfectly justified in stopping our loving for a variety of reasons–boredom, irritation, anger, hurt, etc.–but loving is always the baseline of life, the thing that is more important than anything else. This does not mean you need to be a doormat or take ill-treatment in any form, and sometimes the most loving thing is to tell another person that what they are doing is not something you will participate in. Another approach is to participate in it and still be loving.

When you experience God, you experience love, the love that transcends all the physical limitations and touches into your deepest, most sacred place, and you know you are in the presence of your divinity.

Let that be your measuring rod for all existence. If something falls short of that loving, move back to the loving, for it is of greatest value to you.

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