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Light Columns

This article is an excerpt from John-Roger’s three volume compilation Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise.

We have a guideline in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, which is to always leave something better than you found it. One way I do this is to plant Light columns everywhere I go. For example, many years ago when I was in Mexico, I climbed to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun and placed a Light column there. I returned a few years later and could see the Light column from miles away. I could see it as a big, shimmering, white-purple haze in the air above the pyramid. It had held solidly, and that was so nice because a lot of people got into the spiritual Light frequency as they climbed to the top of the pyramid.

This is how you can place a Light column: for the highest good, envision or intend a funnel or pillar of Light from the highest place you can imagine going right through you and into the very core of the earth. That is all you need to do. The Light column you place may be effective for two days, thirty minutes, or fifteen years. Its duration does not matter, and you do not even need to concern yourself with that since Spirit is actually doing it. Perhaps a Light column will hold for two hours, which may be the exact amount of time it was needed in that area.

If you are in one area day after day, continue to place Light columns there. People who have used this technique in their homes and offices have noticed positive results. It is a beautiful and effective way to clean up your immediate environment. You can also do this throughout the city you live in. For example, it used to be that you could go up and down New York City and only see shadows, but now you can see a lot of Light there. I flew over New York City once and thought there was smog over the city, but when I looked again, I realized, “Good gravy! That whole city has a haze of white Light all over it.” I sat back in the seat, tears came to my eyes, and I thought, “Somebody in New York, at least one, knows how to do this.” I found out later that the MSIA ministers in New York had been all up and down Manhattan Island, in the subways and everywhere, placing columns of Light.

A lady from New York said to me, “Have you noticed in the last few years that New York’s vibration has lifted? It’s lighter, it’s nicer, it’s better.”

I definitely agreed and told her, “I don’t feel the negativity in my stomach and across my back. I’m looking forward more to coming here.” It is nicer to go to all the places I have traveled to before, not because they are familiar, although that helps, but because the places are lighter and more vibrant, and I do not have to work as hard to get the energy up and out.

Placing Light columns is a way to integrate into your daily life and routine a specific awareness of Spirit. When you do this, you are using your spiritual energy in positive action that can bring positive results to the physical level. It is wonderful when more and more people are willing to say, “I’m a Light bearer. I’ll bear Light wherever I go.” As a spiritual being, you have inside the ability to call forth and bring forth the Light of God into any environmental situation and to transmute the negativity into a positive gain. As just one example of this, to help stabilize the earth, you can ask that a column of Light be placed into the center of the earth and then radiate to the north and south poles. This can help areas that are prone to earthquakes.

Light columns can be as big as a drinking glass, as thin as a pencil, as large as a house, as huge as an entire city, or like the Washington Monument. Have you ever seen the sun shining through a window and seen dust particles floating in the air? A Light column will sometimes look very much like that. When you see that kind of Light energy or force, you may think your vision is a little disturbed, but it may be that you are tuning in to higher frequencies and seeing a little more than the physical realm. That is good news. Of course, you might not visually perceive the Light columns, and you certainly do not have to. Not seeing them does not lessen in any way your ability to create them. You will probably never know directly the benefit that such work has, the ways it touches to people, or the positive changes it brings about. It is a silent work, a silent ministry, and a powerful one.

Q: Would you share a little bit more about Light columns?

A: Let’s just say that we should all be Light columns first. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, we should be a Light column. Then, wherever we go, wherever we sit, wherever we talk, we should leave a column of our beingness of Light there. We should project it collectively into areas so that we’re riveting everything together like a cobweb of Light forms, energies that are intricately intertwined and as graceful as the most delicate lace. And even though they may sometimes look like a great whirlwind, sort of rough and crude, when you get into it, you find that it’s a filigree and that each little strand is very fine. But together, like strands of steel wound together into cable, they are very strong.

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