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A Candlelight Walk Exploring the Sacred Mysteries of the Labyrinth

Last Tuesday, March 7, Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens (PAL&G) saw its first evening devoted to how the sacred geometry of the labyrinth can help us awaken more fully to our spiritual nature. We explored the significance of the design of our Chartres-style labyrinth, experimented with chanting the sacred names of God, and looked deep inside our consciousness to discover the most impactful intentions each of us had that we could bring to the labyrinth.

With that, we began to realize we were prepared for our own sacred candlelight walk that evening. Thirty-nine folks from all walks of life became a precious community as we silently walked together, each one holding our own Holy Light, being aware of the others in our own sweet way, yet focused on our very personal inner experience.

The evening was presented by Charles Bernstein — award winning architect, MSIA minister, and student/author of sacred geometry — and me as Director of PAL&G Programs. Charles took us through the power of Chartres Cathedral and its labyrinth. Together, with Spirit’s guidance, we created an evening of soft, warm togetherness that, once we had walked the labyrinth, created a space for everyone to share their experience of the evening.

There were profound realizations, funny thoughts and comments, expressions of a kind of love that permeated the group, and much gratitude. The evening was a Divine expression of Spirit as we each availed ourselves of yet another tool to help us live more from our loving hearts — the labyrinth here at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens, right in the heart of the West Adams Historic District of Los Angeles.


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