Soul Awareness Seminars with a Focus on Peace

By: Debbie Roth, Soul Awareness Seminars Coordinator

April 12th, 2017

Soul Awareness Seminars with a Focus on Peace

Last month, John Morton extended an invitation for MSIA Seminar Leaders worldwide to choose the theme of Peace for their Soul Awareness Seminars.

The response has been wonderful!  Seminar Leaders offered peace seminars in areas such as Africa, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, the U.S., and more. Obinna Otutubuike from Abia State, Nigeria, offered the very first seminar in his community on the theme of peace.  Hristina Kirimidchieva, a Seminar Leader in Bulgaria, hosted seminars on both gratitude and peace in recent months.  And Marina Bustamente has already done two peace seminars in her home in Madrid, Spain.

At Windermere, we did a lovely Peace Day on Saturday, March 25th.  It included a Peace Walk on the land, followed by lunch and a peace seminar at the Garden House.  Click here for a full report.

Here are testimonials from Seminar Leaders on what they did for their gatherings, plus photos.  It’s very powerful to be aligned with this purpose that is being present with the peace within. Enjoy!

Note: John Morton’s next invitation is to choose the theme of Blessings for upcoming MSIA seminars.  Please contact our Seminars team at if you decide to offer a blessings seminar, or would like to learn more about becoming a Seminar Leader.  


From Stella Reinis, Miami Fla.:

It was a beautiful seminar. I worked with Luis Mario Agudelo who helped me with sound. I used my iPhone connected to a Bose sound system to play a video and meditation from the MSIA website, and Luis Mario played the rest in another sound system.

We did a great combination, started with Our Song of Love in Spanish, we chanted Ani-HU for around 15 minutes. I played a Moment of Peace, Breathing and Relaxation, followed by Practicing the Divine Presence by John-Roger – both in Spanish. We then listened to The Blessing of Peace from John Morton’s “You are the Blessings” CD in Spanish too. We played the John Morton blessing that you sent in the Seminar Leader email in English to close the meditation part.

It was awesome to go back and forth with both languages. My intention is also for the ministers that are learning English to support them in their learning, to get more comfortable with the language. Believe or not I learned a lot of English vocabulary reading John-Roger’s book, translating them in Colombia to my friends and listening to SAT CDs or watching J-R videos when I was learning the language.

I visited the MSIA website to get some Peace quotes in Spanish and English, a page of quotes in English and another one in Spanish – including the IIWP links to invite them to participate in the Worldwide Peace Prayer. I read out loud the quotes. I printed some copies for the participants.

I truly believe that in the Spirit we all speak the same language and we all get the essence regardless of the words. Our seminar attendees shared how much they liked the meditation and shared profound and majestic experiences. It is an honor to be in their presence and have the opportunity to serve them!

We closed the meeting placing a column of Light and sending the Light to all, to the entire planet focused on Peace

From Marina Bustamente, Madrid Spain:

We were myself, May and Any Karoly, who is very enthusiastic about MSIA seminars and might very soon start her Discourses study – in the light of the Christ and for the highest good. At the beginning I explained the purpose of the evening as to align with Peace, which resides inside of each person, in that precious place where there is a divine spark, the I Am that we have inside. Then we asked for the Light for the highest good. Then we put our intentions for peace and people and expressed our gratitude for the Blessings.

We listened to a Blessing of Peace from the CD “You Are the Blessings” by John Morton, the Ani-Hu chant, we did silent se’s and then listened to The Christ Meditation by J-R. We later had sharing of the heart, which was filled with joy and much loving. We could tell we were in Peace, joyful, our basic selves wanted to smile and laugh and we were enjoying our unity and gathering.

We called in the Light again to close the seminar and as we were saying bye until the next week, I realized that my home was filled with Light, love and gratitude to the Father, for this service and doing my ministry.

From Hristina Kirimidchieva, Sofia Bulgaria:

Last month I did my first Seminar with the Theme Gratitude. It was just amazing.

This month I did a seminar with a peace theme.  It was such an extraordinary quiet, calm and peaceful experience. I had the feeling that we were all in some kind of a meditative state all the time. Having the J-R presence while practicing the Divine essence was absolutely profound, and the feeling of blissfulness that came with the John Morton’s blessing was beyond any words.

I remember that after the end of the seminar I was sitting at home by myself and I was feeling such a peace and stillness inside, that I didn’t even want to move, I was feeling so complete and centered like never before.

From Obinna Otutubuike, Abia State, Nigeria:

I want to inform you that a seminar was held on Peace in Umuahia, Abia State yesterday, and it was beautiful.

I called ourselves forward into the Light as we began the seminar by 9am last Sunday morning. We chanted Ani-Hu after which we played a tape titled What Is Your Heart’s Desire. We also chanted the word PEACE after which again, I shared all the quotes from our beloved Travelers from the resource materials that was sent to me for the Peace Seminar. We closed the Seminar by sharing, chanting H-U and also reminded ourselves to always focus on Peace despite the situation. It was indeed beautiful to have participated in that seminar as it is.

From Prince Iwuoha,  Cross River State, Nigeria:

[Prince Iwuoha also held the PTS class, “Peace is Present”, a few weeks later!]


The Peacemakers meeting held at Unical Hotel in Cross River State Nigeria on Saturday 11th March 2017 was another plus, credited to IIWP Family.

The attendees were very excited and as a mark of honor, asked me to convey their heartfelt greetings to the Traveler for the approval of IIWP class in their domain. Therefore, giving them the opportunity to be part of this era of peace.

However, I wish to bring this epistle into a closure by issuing forth the nine magic words of IIWP, “I Love You, God Bless You, Peace, Be Still”.


From Grace Allison Blair, Lubbock Texas:

Our March 2017 MSIA seminar meetup in Lubbock, Texas began with three in attendance: myself, Grace Allison Blair, my husband John and our sister-in-law Karyl who was visiting from Payson, Arizona.

We began the evening with Calling in the Light, followed by a peace meditation and contributions. We remembered the passing of our beloved Ed Blair, John’s brother and Karyl’s husband. Ed’s presence seemed to me to be with us this night. Ed was a much loved Lutheran Minister for more than thirty years who built two Lutheran churches during his ministry. His joy and love of God are still being experienced with everyone he touched.

Then we watched a DVD J-R seminar, “Wisdom of Spirit”.

I asked Karyl if she would share what she experienced during the Seminar.

Karyl Blair, Wife of a retired Lutheran Minister Ed Blair:
“Since I am new to the language of MSIA, I pondered for a long time about the Mystical Traveler who is often mentioned.  It is a name or term that was unfamiliar to me.  For my whole life, I have felt the presence of God leading me and loving me, sometimes more directly than other times.  After trying to understand the Mystical Traveler, I understood it as the Holy Spirit guiding me to where I am needed and using various ways to remind me when I am not listening.  For me, God’s incredible love continues to be so amazing. There is great joy in sharing that with others along my path.  For me, that love is reassuring and gave me strength when my husband died after a brief illness.  Somehow I could sense that both of us would be loved, each in our own worlds.  The gift of God’s unconditional love gives me peace.”

The Traveler’s blessing through The Meetup Meditation and MSIA Seminar group in Lubbock continues bringing people from all over to experience the loving.


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