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25 Years of MSIA’s Easter Sunday at the Beach

What a glorious Easter celebration! The sun was shining (but not too hot!) and there were warm, joyful welcoming smiles as more and more of us came together.

Our wonderful MC, Nick Segal, kicked it off with calling in the Light and we were off and flying with the entertainment. As the incredible volunteer, Jennifer Cayer, put it: “the angels were singing.” We heard songs from Clara Beatriz Jaramillo Jansky, followed by Makeda Bullock Floyd and later in the program Mozart Dee closed it out with an adaptation of “Hallelujah.”

After a few baseball references, Nick wasted no time and invited “the big man on campus,” our precious Traveler, John Morton, to come share with us. John came running up and before long we were laughing. Spirit came pouring in as we started out with a beautiful baby blessing, translated into Portuguese.

From then on, John delivered on Nick’s request for the “high heat.” We learned that when John was born in Las Vegas, it was his mother’s favorite story to tell of how the hospital rumbled with John’s arrival. Which later turned out to be an atomic bomb being tested in the desert.

There was a theme of different languages that came forward as John ran through numerous ways of saying “thank you.” John spoke of trips and experiences in Jerusalem and what is considered to be the tomb of where Jesus’ body was laid. He later brought forward when John-Roger asked “Who’s going to be the next Christ?” and that we will be known as disciples by how we love one another. In closing he spoke of the blessings of the Christ being present, the Lord has risen, and that there was an opportunity to enjoy the children among us.

And with that the Easter Bunny arrived! The children gathered around as the Easter Bunny led us through the Hokie Pokie and a hunt for Easter toys in the sand. As the afternoon proceeded there was warmth, kinship and loving as more and more people were adorned with flowers from the Flower Station. I enjoyed the hugs, the delicious coffee and food from Urth Café and the fluidity of multiple languages within our own community.

It was a wonderful 25 year anniversary of Easter at the Beach and I look forward to many years to come.


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