Together with John Morton and Beloved Friends on Easter Eve

By: Terilee Wunderman, photos by David Sand

April 21st, 2017

Together with John Morton and Beloved Friends on Easter Eve

Throughout the world, we gathered together on Easter Eve to share in the loving and laughter with John Morton, Spiritual Director of MSIA. Angel Harper, long-time MSIA Staff member and devoted Minister welcomed us all with her joy and sweetness. Angel called us forward into the Light of God, and we chanted Ani Hu in beautiful harmony and oneness. Nicole Bush filled us all with the exquisite sounds of Amazing Grace through her ethereal and resonate violin. What a tender and truly divine way to share in the awakening and renewal that signifies the sacred Easter holiday!

I appreciated John Morton’s gentle humor as he shared poignant stories from his many years serving John-Roger, Founder of MSIA. The video clips of John-Roger’s seminars and travels around the world warmed my heart and reminded me of how the Traveler’s loving guidance is always present here and now. All we need to do is choose into the loving and peace within, and we can re-awaken to the blessings that already are as well as the greater blessings coming forward.

John shared about the value of spiritual exercises and taking the time to tune into the Lord within. He reminded us of the choice we all have in every moment to experience our “Portable Paradise,” that place inside that knows we are one with God always in all ways. I love how John shared that we can choose in any moment whether to experience a challenge as a “crucifixion” or a “resurrection.” When we choose to use everything for our upliftment, learning and growth, then we allow ourselves to re-awaken to the truth of our being as God’s beloveds. We can then be “resurrected” in each moment through our awareness of divinity. We can love it all as God loves it all.

John reminded us of the teachings of Jesus the Christ about how our faith is what truly heals us. I was touched by John’s heartfelt sharing about God having a purpose for every soul in this world. It is in our hearts that the Lord resides. So through our loving, we bring forward our soul’s purpose. To me, that means we reach out to one another as beloved friends regardless of where we are, what we think, or how we look. We can always love one another because we are all beloved friends in the eyes, ears, and heart of the Lord.

At the completion of John’s seminar we were blessed by the exquisite singing of Makeda Bullock Floyd. Absolutely stunning.


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