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“As for me and my House….”

World events over the last months have underscored for me the necessity to go inside to find peace so that I can be a “peacemaker”, so I can be one that like the eye of the storm is the calm, is the Christ’s “Peace, be still.” That peace is a quality that I associate with the Divine Presence that is at my core, my spiritual battery, and I keep finding that the most important thing I can do right now is to keep that spiritual battery charged. And yes, sometimes this is easier said than done.

The truth is that I find I am often called to be present with the Lord and I don’t always choose back. Yet how wonderful it is when I do choose back and put myself where I can be renewed, revitalized, where my spiritual reservoir is filled to overflowing.

How perfect is it that this year’s conference theme is the Divine Presence. If you are wanting support as you navigate those challenges that are being presented in your life, in your MSIA community and in your world of if you simply want to recharge your batteries and remember who you truly are, consider this your call to be with us, to participate, to be where two or more are gathered and expand in this Presence.

Whether you choose to participate online by yourself or get a group together to participate in your or someone’s home in the community, or attend in person or perhaps, as a community, you can pool resources to send one or more as your designated MSIA community representatives, there is a way for you and a way for each one in your MSIA community to be with us at Conference. It may take some nudging, loving, reminding, sharing, creativity, giving, and a willingness to receive and it is so worth it!

So the Call has been sent out by the Traveler, John Morton, to come and be with the Divine Presence. How will you, how will we answer this call?
As J-R so often replied: “As for me and my House, we choose the Lord.”

Hugs and Love,

Angel Harper

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