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Satsang – A Communion of Souls

Sometimes, reading a discourse or being at satsang with others on a spiritual path is relatively easy because there is a specific activity that helps to focus you on the Spirit. When you do spiritual exercises, there is nothing “out there” to hold your focus. You go inside of yourself, to your own inner consciousness, and you have to deal with all the distractions and judgments and opinions that you have inside yourself. It can be difficult.

John-Roger, D.S.S

Even though the inspiration was with me to write an article about Satsang, I later struggled to write down anything, and the thought of Satsang was constantly in my awareness, because I really wanted to know what the experience is consciously for me and in a personal way I can share.

At first the experience was subtle and fleeting. Finding words was like grabbing at dew drops and trying to nail them down. No luck there.

I could feel the small drops moist on my hands, but naming the true essence of the event eluded me.

For weeks, each time I’d go to write there was nothing to say. There was Silence and a vague recollection too distant to capture. I felt myself getting impatient and pushing at my creativity; squeezing every cell to find inspiration to write something – to meet my deadline, to be closer to what it means to be in truth, in satsang – in commune with my source.

The interesting thing I discovered was it was about the journey not the destination. Satsang had not moved,  I had. I was in it when I said “I’ll do it” and then I went into do, do, do, try, try, do and then do, do and do. I made little time to just “be”, which is where the truth is – where Satsang resides in me.

Then I sat down with God and had some really rich conversations through SE’s and by simply being still. It’s been a while since I’ve been so connected and richly aware of God as my source – the me is in everyone.

The planet earth is so enticing because there is this illusion that life exists out there, but you are all in here, and in reality there is no out there. I saw the illusion in myself when I blew past moments to get somewhere else fast; when I didn’t make time to take care of myself because I was too busy; when I thought the timeline was more important than what was present; when I put my tasks in front of the people I love; when I thought somehow I was not worthy or enough to connect to the God directly.

So my due date for this article passed and I could not for the life of me write more than a few words until today. I had let it go and decided I’d just write the article at a different time.  Obviously, the connection with  Satsang needed my full attention, needed me to slow down, breathe and spend some quiet time inside.

I woke up this morning in God’s Presence again.  I love how spontaneous God is. It’s such a pleasure to live in God’s company.  Since I had God’s ear I decided to take a notepad to the carwash with me this morning and write down what was present.  There Satsang appeared.

As I paused from writing, I saw this beautiful watercolor painting of an African or Tibetan bald man walking with a walking stick in his hand, and colors of blue, oranges and reds splashed about, hanging on the wall. I thought of my Dad and how we’ve had this Satsang relationship throughout my lifetime.

He’s often been invisible in my life and yet held such a profound loving presence as a Divine authority of a sort.  He is kind, generous, thoughtful and incredibly loving. I know wherever I go I have a home to come back to, because my Dad is there. I noticed God’s like that too. When I’ve wondered away, he’s always there when I come back home again. When I wake up he’s there in my breath if I notice or not.

I decided to buy the painting for my Dad and proceeded to pay for it.  The artist’s brother Thomas was there, so he began asking me questions about where I was from, and what I did for work, and we got into this lovely conversation about the Spirit. He began telling me about his life and what is in his heart. I noticed the Light in his eyes and as I listened to him with all of my presence and again found myself in Satsang.

There is this beautiful quote from John-Roger where he talks about the Satsang experience:

When we lecture in terms of this, which is satsang, and satsang is a very special occasion, in that occasion, the very essence of communication is divine. There is nothing that will be communicated here that will not be that of conducting the divine energy and placing the action here. 

John-Roger, D.S.S

He goes on to talk about the meeting of Souls in divine communion and the experience that comes forward when two or more are gathered in God’s name. I am finding this truth everywhere as I spend time inside with God, he shows up in everybody.

As the Conference of the Divine Presence approaches I am grateful to spend more time inside communing with all the Souls that are already present on one level or another… preparing for this great feast.

I find that this special occasion is a great blessing where awarenesses, possibilities and the divine design manifest in great abundance.

You are one of the Light Bearers making the Traveler’s teachings available to all those looking for them. How may you participate?

Glad you asked:

  • Send the Light ahead to the Conference of the Divine Presence
  • Plant a Light Columns of Love, Light and Sound everywhere
  • Share with your community about Conference
  • Seed
  • Pray
  • Do your SE’s
  • Laugh as much as possible
  • Take time to take care of yourself so you take care of others
  • Register – bring yourself to Conference this year
  • Participate online
  • Create a gathering for Conference events in your home
  • Be aware of the Divine Presence and how it expresses as you
  • Be aware of Satsang as an opportunity to commune

In my chat with Thomas at the carwash (the artist’s brother), he talked to me about moving from Louisiana to California and how he’s been a doorway for his family to come here and have many other opportunities to live life more fully. I thought to myself that is what we are doing in MSIA/PTS. We are the Light Bearers – Travelers in training, holding the door open for those that are here and those that are coming.

You, your friends and family are invited this year to the Conference of the Divine Presence on June 28 – July 3, 2017.  We are designing it to be a very rich, nurturing and inner experience.  There are ample opportunities to experience the Divine Presence, Satsang and fellowship with those of us walking with the Lord.

I am looking forward to seeing you there.  If you have any questions, suggestions or anything else, please feel free to reach out.

Sherie Wylie, Academic Dean


Be as flexible as the wind and as steady as the North star. John-Roger

Click Here to Learn more about Conference of the Divine Presence

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