Lake Arrowhead PATs – Into the Oneness

By: David Sand

August 4th, 2017

Lake Arrowhead PATs – Into the Oneness


How do you describe the PAT trainings? It’s like doing spiritual exercises with your eyes open for seven days, or like looking at everything that’s not you and letting it go so what’s left is you—but as you’re letting it go you’re accepting and enjoying it. So it’s not just letting go; it’s more like eating. You’re enjoying it all, digesting it all. All your “stuff” that you thought was negative, and all that you thought was positive, is assimilated and eliminated, used and made part of you, and then let go of. What comes out of a PAT is a whole being, with the same absurdly flawed personality you came in with, but with a capacity to enjoy it all, to laugh at the things you thought were scary or beneath you or above you. The basic effect of the PAT trainings is to see everything as God, to give up the search and to give up everything that puts God “over there.” It’s radical non-dualism—extreme, uncompromising oneness.

How is this done, you ask. As J-R used to say, “very well.” The processes can’t be revealed, but they are exercises that have probably been around in mystery schools forever. The secret sauce is the Traveler energy which transmutes all the stuff that surfaces and protects the psychic centers as it all gets taken up. To continue the eating metaphor, it’s a digestive enzyme. Or maybe a big bib that covers the whole body, even going into past and future lifetimes. Or maybe a world-encompassing toilet. (Often, in my mind’s eye, I see the participants sitting not on chairs, but on individual toilets as they’re doing the processes. But that’s just me.)

The processes keep your consciousness in the present moment for a whole week (or 5 days, depending on which PAT it is), witnessed only by your awareness. The PAT Trainings work in a special way for me where I can completely leave this world for a while and never really return, although some aspect of me still plays the game here. To me the PAT’s are the core of the Traveler’s teachings because they are the most thoroughly non-dualistic. All you have is who you are in the present moment. You don’t have to remember anything or do anything or be anything. You just “be,” with no object, and then the real subject, the true self, takes care of everything, from the physical body functions to clearing the psychic levels to the higher spiritual experiences. If you’re aware right here, you’re already where God is, so there’s no place to go, and no place to fall from or into. There is no curriculum at the PATs except YOU, and there’s nothing to do with anything except laugh, until that becomes too tiring and maybe you have to go rest for a while.

Doing the PAT’s at Lake Arrowhead is another energetic treat. A fairyland of huge pines and cedars on a hillside a bit south of the lake, the property has been in the MSIA family since the 1970’s. J-R and John have been there a lot, and the place is drenched in Traveler energy. I’ve found that there are different flavors of MSIA energy in different decades as the Traveler confronted, overcame, and transformed the karma of various time periods and generations. An Arrowhead PAT has that devotional Christ energy from when J-R was really young, MSIA was small, and the vibe was intensely intimate, warm to the point of almost-hot, and the Light was golden and suffused through everything, without the precision and clarity that came in later years. It reminds me of the phrase “a renewed heaven, a renewed earth.” I’ve found that the PATs there have this same warmth that melts and heals, because in reality what went on there 40 years ago is still happening now—and when the PATs put you in the now, the fire of that period, which never went out, is warming things once again.

I recall J-R saying that he’s seen people come off that mountain with the “shekinah glory.” I don’t know what that is in my mind, but the un-knowing, intuitive part of me knows exactly what he was talking about. I’ve seen it in the participants, and experienced it in myself. It’s a glory or a glow-ray, a radiance.


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