Keeping Your Eye on the Lord

By: John Morton DSS

August 4th, 2017

Keeping Your Eye on the Lord


This article was originally published in the New Day Herald in 2001. Following the article is a blessing by John – “Blessing of Gathering with the Lord.”

Keeping your eye on the Lord is fairly practical and simple. In order to keep your eye on the Lord, you have got to see the Lord. If you are not seeing the Lord, it is no wonder that you are not keeping your eye on the Lord. What then does it mean to see the Lord? Is that an embodiment, a personage, a presence?

The real questions might be, “How do you see the Lord?” and “Does everybody see the Lord in the same way?” That has not been my experience. Are there different versions of the Lord? My experience is that it gets down to very individual aspects of how the Lord is manifesting and revealing itself to each person. If you describe your experience with the Lord in a particular way, I may not recognize or understand it other than to perhaps realize that is another way of seeing the Lord.

When we see the Lord, it is certainly not important to know what clothing is being worn; it is pretty useless to get into an argument over whether the Lord is wearing red or purple. I do not think that we are going to be too concerned as to what the Lord is wearing or who designed the clothes.

I know the Lord is the Light. I know the Lord is the Love. I know the Lord is the Way. That is how I know the Lord. That is how I see the Lord. That is how I keep my eye on the Lord. I keep my eye on the loving. I keep my eye on the truth. I also keep my eye on what might be in my way of seeing the Lord in a situation. I will ask of the Lord, “What am I to do here amongst all the choices that are available?” I will also ask, “What is the Lord doing here?”

If we are not seeing the Lord manifesting in a form that is real and direct, then how do we see it? There are signs about how the Lord functions. We can keep our eye on the Lord in the presence of loving and in the presence of a living, dynamic, compassionate truth, as well as a forgiving consciousness. These are things that allow us to keep our eye on the Lord, because we know this is the Lord’s way.

In the Bible, it says, “When you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father” (John 14:9). That means that the Lord God that is in the Spirit expresses into the world in something that can be seen physically. There are times in the world when we see things and see God. We know, “God was doing that.” We are aware of Spirit manifesting physically. Some people get that experience by contemplating an object. That is a form of meditating in which you can just look and look at an object, and something starts coming out of that object. You may be allowed to go into the object and find a divinity there that translates between you as the beholder and what is being beheld.

We also know the Lord as a guiding consciousness and force. It sets a mark for us so that we understand that we are not yet done or complete. Often, the Lord is the one saying, “It is here now. It is this way.” The Lord has a consciousness that calls us forward saying, “Come forth and follow me.” The Lord’s consciousness knows where to go, and that includes you and me, so it gets very personal. The Lord’s way becomes your way. What the Lord is doing is what you are doing or, at least, you are involved in it.

Sometimes you just get to be a witness to things. You might think, “I do not know how to do that,” or “I do not know what that was.” There is great value in those situations in being present for what the Lord is doing, and you experience a calling to come to the place of the Lord.

It would be really wise for each one of us to make ourselves available to what the Lord is doing. Where might you or I meet up with the Lord today? The most obvious answer is always: inside of ourselves. There is an indwelling Lord that is the Lord of Lords. “Greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world” (John 4:4). To me, that is one of the great truths of walking with the Spirit into this world. When we come here and take on the flesh, we tend to forget who we are as the veil drops. Later, as we start becoming more aware, we realize that what we are exploring and awakening inside ourselves is more important than whatever we might find in the world.

It can also be really great in the world. You may meet up with the Lord in the flesh and realize, “I just saw God. I just heard God speak!” Do you know the story in the Bible about Balaam and the jackass? (Numbers 22:21-30) Can you just imagine an experience where the Lord was present and speaking, incarnate, in the jackass? Imagine telling that to your neighbors. You are running home and saying, “Hey, I just heard the Lord in the jackass today!” They would probably look at you and wonder what kind of nut you are. They might think that you must need some help or, at the very least, have a high fever.

It is the truth that the Lord will reveal itself in mysterious ways. Another great truth is that we must watch out that we do not go down false paths led by our beliefs of what we think is the truth or what we think the Lord may be doing. Keep yourself open. Be open in any moment to something alive and dynamic that can take on many different manifestations. It has that kind of power to reveal itself in many forms, and it is not locked into somebody who walked on the planet two thousand years ago. Even that great person was saying, “It’s somewhere else. I am just revealing something that is from the Spirit. We worship in the Spirit.”

If we are going to keep our eyes on the Lord, we have got to keep our eyes on, or in, the Spirit. The way I look at that is, when we really open our eyes—our spiritual eye is single—it is like having two visions, one in the whole of the Spirit, and one into the world. That is as simple as I can express it. There is a vision “out,” but there is also a vision “in” at the same time. We can see into the Spirit within as we also look out into the world. That is not easy to do because the power of what we see in the world tends to grab ahold of us and dominate what we see.

The practical aspect of keeping our eye on the Lord is to shut down looking at the world. We can quiet ourselves and close our physical eyes as a way of minimizing what we see in the world. We take our vision off the things of the world. If they appear, we do not put our energy with them, even though we can obviously still think about things in the world. That is not the point of seeing spiritually. Seeing spiritually is to take our vision and place it into the Spirit to see what the Spirit will reveal to us.

Keeping your eye on the Lord is to find the Lord in the Spirit, to see what is referred to as the radiant form. There is a greater form of the Lord in the Spirit that we can and will see. It is our destiny on a spiritual path to meet with the radiant form of the Lord. When we do that, there is a transference that takes place. If we see the radiant form of Spirit, it tells us that we have evolved ourselves to see. It is a very great moment to have that experience. We also take on the transmission of that presence of the Lord. We know that as it goes up in Spirit, it takes on greater and different forms in all the levels (physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric, soul, etc.). A good way to look at it would be to know that in every level, there are worlds without end.

There is also a very practical aspect to all of this. As we are working the level we are on, the Lord reveals itself in a particular way so we have recognition and familiarity. There are signs of who and what the Lord is in every level. There is also an understanding to keep going. As long as we are in the body, whatever we see outwardly or psychically is not “it.” What we see is just what is appearing now as we can behold it. As we learn to become what that is, to take on what the Lord has for us and reveals to us, it leads to a greater presence of the Lord. That is initiation. We are initiated into another level of who the Lord is.

There is also an aspect of the Lord that is silent and invisible. To look past whatever form you see and stay open to see new revelation is the greater aspect of following the Lord and keeping your eye on the Lord. Much of what we are doing is not done in this world; it happens in Spirit. The way to become aware of that is to take your consciousness and simplify it by letting go and minimizing your relationship to what is in the world so that you are entirely free in relation to the things of this world. That is going to allow you to go into the Spirit and see the Lord and follow what the Lord is doing in the higher levels of Spirit.

If you are seeing the Lord, keeping your eyes on the Lord, it will take you from this world into the Spirit. We might not see you doing much here. Whatever you did here would be nothing compared to what is being done in the Spirit. When miracles occur here—and they do, because the Lord has the power and authority to do miraculous things in the flesh and into the world—you see that this is not what it is really about. It is not a show or a proof that has to occur here. People who insist on that are playing a fool’s game. That is more like magic or a sideshow. It may be great and wonderful, but it is not what it is really about. If somebody is emphasizing what is in the world, as though that is what it is about, they are just leading you astray.

Keeping your eye on the Lord is loving to live here and living to love now.

Baruch Bashan.


Blessing of Gathering with the Lord

Dear Lord, for those of us who are willing, we find ourselves gathered with You again in that place in the Spirit where all souls gather, and that’s of all Your creation. It all comes into the Soul until we find the great Light. We feel, sense and consciously realize the great love, the great truth.

We take a moment in this place where we are in this world, in our body, to let go and do this eternal exercise where we let go and give it up and surrender to You. You are the one we can trust completely, and yet You don’t demand it. You give us the choice.

So when we’re ready, we let go and move forward in our trust with whatever faith is necessary, and we realize it was in our own darkness when we turned away.

We ask through the Traveler and the Christ and all the gifts in Spirit, that You reach into our consciousness loosening what is attached, bringing the Light into what has been the dark, where we have turned away in shame or fear. We take this moment again to extend throughout our existence that we are those who are walking in-step with the Traveler, claiming our liberation. We know we have been brought to this world for that purpose.

We give thanks that we have chosen back, and in Your presence we are reminded it is done. We rejoice that we are in this place where we must do each and every choice that remains. We ask for Your assistance to hold. We give thanks that we are shown the way again and again. You teach us it does not matter what has happened.

We let go, release, and trust. We embrace this new freedom. You remind us that the little things that are our concerns are indeed little because in the Spirit they have no real
consequence. They are simply circumstantial, and we are to love each and every circumstance.

With our whole being, we receive Your strength, Your wisdom, and all the gifts that You bring to us. We rejoice again in the simplicity of our child-like nature, a pure nature that You brought us into this world to become. We forgive ourself for what we have forgotten, and we accept Your forgiveness all along the way that continually restores us and embraces us so we are healed.

We are realigned. We are renewed. We thank the Traveler, in particular our friend, John-Roger, and our friend, Jesus, and all those in this line who prepared the way and are still holding it open forever waiting so whenever we come, we are welcome.

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