The Love of a Master

By: Jesus Garcia

October 2nd, 2017

The Love of a Master


These are excerpts from The Love of a Master, a new book by Jesus Garcia which is a memoir about his spiritual master, teacher, and friend, John-Roger, DSS—the founder of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.  The book recently held the number one spot in Hot New Releases in New Age/Mysticism on Amazon.  Jsu created also created “The Love of a Master”, a companion app for the book available for Apple or Android.

Driving John-Roger

Besides teaching me with the TV, J-R worked with me a lot through driving. For example, I might be lost in my thoughts and miss my exit off the freeway. Then I’d start wondering what I was thinking about that could make me lose my focus. J-R really did not like that. He actually would move his consciousness and be inside my head so he knew where my attention really was while I was driving past my exit. Then he’d ask, “What have you been doing?” I knew I was busted, and had to own up that I had been wandering around in my mind. I couldn’t lie or make up excuses or hide my thoughts because he was in there and he knew what I had been thinking.

At first, I didn’t understand it, but it was hard for me to lie to J-R because I didn’t have many barriers. He could really see through me. To him, I was pretty much an open book. So I would tell him anything and everything about what I was doing or thinking. There was nothing that J-R didn’t know about me.

So when he would catch me woolgathering while I was driving, the conversation would go something like this:

J-R: What are you thinking about?
Zeus: That girl back there at the movie.
J-R: What about her?
Zeus: I thought she was fine.
J-R: She was, wasn’t she?
(At this point J-R is getting me to talk more)
Zeus: Oh yeah…
J-R: You want her?
Zeus: No! No I was just looking.
J-R: I can help you get her. Easy.
Zeus: I know you can. No, I’m fine, I just want to serve and be here, but sometimes I get hooked.
J-R: Be careful what you create. I can help clear some of it but if you over-fantasize and over-create in your mind, you’ll have to fulfill it and then I cannot help you.

By that point I would be begging J-R to clear it as I’ve seen him help people get what they want. I did not want that. I wanted to be with J-R, working.

So I had to learn to be careful where I put my mind because the heart will follow it and the physicality will follow that. I guess that’s one of the reasons it’s so important to be in the present moment.

J-R would show me how to range ahead and send the Light ahead to prepare a safe arrival. Also, purple dots and flashes would start appearing. On long driving trips—like on superhighways in Utah or Nevada—especially if we were driving a new car, J-R would say to go ahead and open this up which meant for me to step on it and see how fast the car could go. The white pinpoints or flashes were good; this meant that J-R was inside looking out through my eyes and checking my consciousness. The purple flashes were often warnings. From my experiences, I learned that these lights were indicators that J-R was looking in. They could relate to almost anything, but they always meant “pay attention.”

I observed that his consciousness was everywhere but he would never inflict. You have to allow him in. It’s not a possession or entity or anything like that: it was consciousness.

When J-R would show up in my awareness, I did not experience being “taken over” like some trance medium. On the contrary, J-R really wanted me to be conscious when I was driving and not space out, so these were reminders of that; they were warnings to be aware.

Being aware is always a good idea, but there was one time, in particular, I got a big payoff for doing that. I was driving J-R to a doctor’s appointment in Beverly Hills sometime in the 1990s. I was super-aware that day and I noticed four people walking very slowly along the sidewalk. It really caught my attention and as I looked closer I realized it was former President Ronald Reagan and three Secret Service Agents around him. By that time Reagan’s illness had debilitated him and he was pretty hunched over.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a connection with Reagan; when I was 16 years old, I dreamt he would be shot. Three days later, that’s exactly what happened. So I told J-R I wanted to say hi to him and to send the Light. J-R said it was okay, so I pulled over very abruptly and got out of the car. I walked towards President Reagan and, of course, the agents warned me to get back in my car. Then the president saw me and recognized I was not about to cause any trouble. We locked eyes and he smiled. I waved and his slow hands motioned to me as to acknowledge us for stopping by.

The agents kept telling me to get in my car and I said to them to relax, that he’s not in office, we’re just saying hello. Then the Light moved between all of us and J-R was there energetically, connecting us all. It was a magical experience to see their tension drain. I got back in the car with J-R and we kept talking about the former president and praying for him. It was really one of those special moments, and it happened because I was paying attention. (Well, that, and I had the nerve to stop and not be intimidated by three Secret Servicemen.)

A lot of times J-R and I would just talk while I was driving him. We were just two guys discussing our lives. One time when we were driving from the Living in Grace retreat in Asilomar down the coast road in Northern California, I mentioned an experience I had had some years earlier driving through Big Sur. I told him about how when I started driving through a particular area, I got this really creepy feeling. It wouldn’t leave and, in fact, it started to intensify. Before long, I found myself scared to death. I told him it was like when I had been young living in New Jersey with the feeling that there were witches nearby. As I was driving through Big Sur, I told him, I sensed something huge and powerful; the energy was thick and I could feel it above my car.

I described how it had been starting to get dark and most of the places I passed were closed. I came to a town, but I had no money to spend the night in a motel, so I sped through while it got darker and darker as redwood trees formed a canopy over the car.

J-R just listened to my story, then he “went somewhere” in his consciousness as he often did when he checked things out. He looked at me and said that I had been on the pathway meridian of the dragon that lives there.
Dragon?! Actually, I believed it because I felt it. Only a dragon could describe the enormity of this experience that was so real for me.

A little later J-R mentioned the Aloha Airlines Flight 243 in 1988 that had sustained extensive damage after an inexplicable explosive decompression occurred in flight. He said he had tracked inwardly that the plane had run into meridian pathways or ley lines that ethereal dragons used for traveling. That blew my mind because it actually made sense after my Big Sur experience.

The mind is limited to what it knows, and what J-R would talk to me about was beyond the mind and into the “known unknowable” if you have the eyes to see and if you have the ears to hear.

Driving with J-R was very awakening and these are unforgettable stories. I relate them to you, not to convince you of them, but to remind me of them.

“Accept what is going on in the physical without judgment and you will be able to handle things much more successfully than ever before. Similarly, in Spirit, accept what occurs and what doesn’t, with no judgment, and that acceptance will contribute to your spiritual progress.” – John-Roger, D.S.S. (From his book, Passage Into Spirit)

J-R’s Invisible Work

From what I observed, J-R’s ministry was whatever he put his energy on.

It’s not about the places where J-R went, whether he’d go to a casino in Las Vegas or walk through a red light district in Amsterdam. The Spirit was the minister. The ministerial directive of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is to minister to all regardless of race, creed, color, situation, circumstance or environment. J-R demonstrated that in spades. He would go anywhere he needed to go to “save a soul.” That’s what I saw J–R do. That’s what we’re told Jesus Christ did. And I didn’t think there was any difference.

When the Twin Towers in New York fell on September 11, 2001, it really shook up a lot of people. America essentially stood still. J-R, and all of us working closely with J-R felt like we were walking around in a fog. You could see that J-R was very involved doing the inner work. Later, he would confirm that the people in the towers had agreed spiritually to sacrifice their lives for the greater good. It was something on the order of Spirit allowing the Twin Towers to fall as a lesser event so that something like a dirty nuclear explosion would not happen. It was some kind of karmic clearing.

J-R went to New York twice after the World Trade Center fell and we would do his version of a vigil: sending Light and anchoring it into the area. Sometimes the souls of people who die in sudden, unexpected, or calamitous events don’t realize their body has died and they hang around the earth plane sort of baffled. J-R was really good at releasing souls that got stuck like that, so they could move on in their progression.

When we were in New York after the 9/11 event, the energy was really palpable, very strong, very thick. A friend of J-R’s was able to get us really close to the site, and the energy there was pretty brutal. But J-R always went where he was directed and did what he was guided to do, no matter how challenging it was.

Not only did J-R’s work involve traveling physically, he also did a lot of his work traveling out of his body on other realms. Sometimes, J-R would be gone for weeks. He wasn’t physically away because his body would be lying in the bed. He’d get up, eat, use the bathroom, and then lay back down. That could happen anytime, and would happen frequently when we were in Hawaii. A lot seemed to be going on spiritually in that area of the Pacific.

He would take off and go to meeting places, especially in Hawaii and Bora Bora. There were meetings of different spiritual boards, spiritual lords, and different gods and spirits of different realms. This could also happen in geographically high places, like in the Swiss Alps.

On occasion, J-R would take short-term trips on other levels, where he would need someone from the other side to take care of his body while he was gone. Apparently being fully in the body would hold him here so he needed someone to run the body while the soul traveled beyond and out there, to work in different areas. He actually had to detach from the physical body so he could go to some of these places spiritually.

There were several high spiritual beings who would take on the task of maintaining J-R’s body while he was traveling very far away. They agreed to switch with J-R while he was off doing stuff so that they could experience “now” on earth. When that was happening, somebody needed to feed and move J-R; that was staff’s job. I know this may sound crazy to you, so imagine my reaction the first time I saw it happen.

It was in Nof Ginosar in Israel. I was just getting used to being on staff and working with J-R. We had been hanging out quite a bit and just having a lot of fun together. One day I was in the kosher cafeteria and noticed the other staff guys had walked in surrounding J-R. He seemed to be moving very slowly as they made their way toward the cafeteria line.

As they passed my table, I saw that J-R did not appear to recognize me so I reached out in a playful way to grab J-R’s hand. One of the guys immediately blocked my hand and told me to not touch J-R, especially when he was out of his body. Then J-R looked at me and, in a sort of strange voice and with an unfamiliar cadence, asked who I was. What? I’m the guy you’ve been hanging out with for the last few weeks.

Seeing my confusion, the guys explained that J-R was away and this was a being they called The Ancient Man or the Old Man from the Bible. Apparently he was not terribly familiar with this level of existence, though he had some interesting abilities. For example, he was able to see through me and see through things, microscopically.

I learned that when he glanced at a glass of water I had on my tray. It looked perfectly fine to me, but he said, in a sort of biblical way of speaking, that the water was terribly dirty. I looked again and it just looked like clean, crystal-clear water. But when I got to my table, I held up the glass to the sunlight and saw what looked like particles floating around in the glass. There was no way he could have seen that from where we had been standing.

When I moved into the Mandeville house and began working with John-Roger, over the years, I saw this Ancient Man from time to time. Everything was new for him in the 21st-century, so he was always curious, as many of the seekers were. He is a friend, just a funny old guy. He’s almost like a baby and he doesn’t know these levels. But he’s really fun to be with, and he can read you like a deck of cards. I never had anything to hide from him, so it was a blessing to get to know him. God bless him, wherever he is.

I have also experienced J-R’s caretaker as a Native American; Nat and I talked to this caretaker, and he spoke like an American Indian. I thought we were with Sitting Bull.

When J-R would wake up out of a long meditation, we would sometimes ask who was there. And if the visitor was willing to tell us, we would know whether it was the Biblical character, a Native American, or even a Japanese emperor. The emperor only came once, and when I later asked J-R if he was a traveler, J-R said he was.

In addition to these beings who maintained J-R’s body when he was out traveling, there were other spiritual beings that worked with J-R. One was a being J-R named Jodi. Jodi was a truth seeker and Master. He was also very intimidating, at least to me.
I was tested many times by these spiritual guys, and frequently I failed those tests. However, J-R did tell me that despite how I had done, Jodi liked me. The first time he said that I asked him who in the world Jodi was. J-R explained he was a guide, a very high spirit that protected him.

I was really happy that Jodi liked me because Jodi was able to filter the people around J-R that were full of BS. I believe that I was always clear and honest with J-R, and loved to talk with him. I always wanted his guides and spiritual friends to like me. I could feel the spirit especially strongly with J-R when Jodi was around.

Sometimes when J-R’s consciousness wasn’t present, his basic self would be in charge of the body. J-R’s basic self was named Daniel and he had the aspects of the guy in the Bible who had been tossed into the lion’s den. It wasn’t that it was literally that person, it was the energy that he represented. Daniel was not always happy with me because he knew I was going to get in the way of some of the things (like pralines and cream) that he wanted. He was very precise and pretty strict. He was a pretty tough guy. I had a lot of run-ins with Daniel, especially when he wanted his goodies, which were always at the top of his “I want” list.

Daniel also very much wanted to be told what was going on and wanted things to be explained. I was forced to be totally honest and true with Daniel, and I’d definitely be taken to the mat with Daniel if I kind of pushed too much on J-R. When Daniel was the one primarily running the body, it would be pretty tough for me to goof off. No screwing around when Daniel was in the building.

There were times when J-R talked about the Light, that it came so powerful with him that sentient beings just wanted to hang out and learn with J-R. There was nothing really negative because he used to say anything that was negative would eventually burn up.

Some beings would end up going to J-R and attacking him because it was like a moth to a flame. They wanted to go home so they’d enter J-R like he was a doorway to another dimension. So it was not necessarily a negative thing if they attacked him. He was a vehicle through which they saw a way out. If those beings that were trapped and bound to the earth could see somebody like J-R who was multidimensional and able to access all realms, they would go to him and he could get them home. I saw that happen from time to time.

Not everything J-R did on the non-physical realms had to do with his spiritual work. On one occasion I heard J-R running around in the back of the house and it sounded like he was chasing someone. I made my way back to where he was and I saw J-R chasing air and moving around as if he was playing with an invisible person. J-R was laughing and just carrying on. Later, when I asked J-R what he was doing, he said he was playing with a child. About 6 months after that, J-R told me that he was playing with Zane, John Morton and Laura Donnelley’s adopted son, before he was born. These were the kinds of amazing things I witnessed.

I know I’ve described things in this chapter that not many people have seen. You can believe them or not, though I can tell you, It’s beyond the thinking and feeling, it’s experienced from a place of “Knowing.”

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Thank you so much ! I just ordered my book <3 love you

Thank you, Jesus, I enjoyed reading of your experiences-( With a few chuckles!)– I have had a few, myself( a little differently, but in Spirit)–I ,personally feel you are doing quite a Service sharing these , our consciousness expanse continually when given these understandings of the “vastness” of how Spirit really is–( if we allow our human mind to open up & comprehend it all– & accept! I do!! ). Bless you. L&L., Peggy Budge

Thank you Jsu! Theresa Hocking