This, Too, and Even Greater in the Christ
[with Video]

By: John Morton DSS

December 12th, 2017

This, Too, and Even Greater in the Christ <br> [with Video]


This article was originally published in the New Day Herald in October 2015. Following the article is A Moment of Peace: Birthing the Christ Within from Christmas Eve 2013 and The Anointing of the Christ Blessing led by John at Asilomar Beach, CA on December 17, 2016, during the Passage into Spirit PAT 8 retreat.

“You too shall do this and even greater” [John 14:12].

That message from the Christ set up something such that whatever you’re witnessing that the Lord is doing, then your calling is to come into what that is and even greater. There’s a marker in that so we could realize, “Where I’m at, I need some guidance here. I need a reference point.”

As has been talked about long ago, the primary reference point is inside. So that’s the first place to realize, “Who and what is the Lord?” The Lord is inside. But there’s also the part that can be outside. It’s not limited so that it can never manifest into the world or into the flesh or into the reflection that’s there.

“Greater is he within you than he that is in the world” [1 John 4:4].

That’s another important reference point. Don’t get caught up such that your view is limited to the one in the world; for example, “What I’m seeing in the world is greater than what I see inwardly, and so I sacrifice or disconnect from the inner experience.” That would be kind of a cardinal misstep of sorts.

There’s a state in which you can know beyond your senses. So it’s something unheard. It’s unseen. It’s relatively speaking unknown, like, “I’m not conscious, but I still know it.” There’s a presence, even though the markings are invisible, inaudible, and unknowable to the perception. It’s still there. That’s part of the quality of what it is. It’s not dependent on our senses. It’s not really dependent on anything.

One of the things that’s important to do is suspend things like belief so that you’re not locking into what your mind or feelings would tell you. That’s something that could become a great limitation. You might be getting something that’s really interesting, fascinating, and amazing on those levels. Yet if you put an equal sign by it, as in a mathematical equation, you’d realize it’s still an illusion. You can be misled by what you think and feel. At the same time, it can seem to be quite amazing, like an amazing thought, like no thought you’ve ever had.

That’s where the negative power often works. It works in what would fascinate you, what would grab your attention away from what is positive. Like, “That’s really wonderful! That’s the most wonderful thing that could ever be!” How do you know? You haven’t seen anything yet, why are you declaring this as the most wonderful thing? You may be worshipping something here in the physical world instead of keeping yourself open to what is greater inside.

There are a lot of ways that the transmission of Spirit comes across, so we need to suspend whatever it is we’re experiencing. Yet it can be the Lord making itself known to you in a vision, what you hear or see, or through your other senses. The qualifications for what is of the Spirit are that it always works through truth, and it always works through love. So if you can put those two together and ask: Is it true? Is it love? and you get, “Yes,” I’d say you’re close. You’re close enough even if you consciously still don’t know for sure.

Could you fool yourself by saying it’s true when it’s not? And saying it’s love when it’s not? Sure. But you’re going to find out shortly. If you’re concluding something is true, something is love, and it’s not, then it’s going to come up short. You’re going to be disillusioned, but it’s in your favor to be disillusioned. So it’s worth going after. If it’s loving, but it makes no sense, then consider the substance of what is keeping you involved. Perhaps it is some kind of fantasy love or wishful thinking. Whatever is illusion is likely to disappear or be transcended by what is of a higher nature and true.

Whatever is spinning you emotionally is temporary, so it won’t last. So if it’s an emotional love, that’s short term. The mental love is also short term but may be longer. Then there’s the kind like unrequited love that often works through the unconscious. Like, “I know I’m looking for love, but I don’t know what it is. And I search for it, and I try to join up with it, and then it doesn’t really happen, so it’s not really it but I’ve got to keep going, because I’m not satisfied. I’m not complete until I find this love, this great love.” That could go on for a long time. Often people are in a search for the great love, not really knowing what that is.

God’s mystery is that the love is you. You’re going to find yourself. You’re going to find that God and you are one and the same. Even when it’s in the flesh, it’s still in some way there. It’s just not all there. So you need to transcend. You need to be open to what’s greater in you that is still being consciously discovered.

To Greater Loving

According to Scripture, Jesus said, “He that is greatest among you shall be your servant” [Matthew 23:11]. John-Roger referred to service as the highest consciousness on the planet. So if you look at those two – who’s the greatest servant and what is the highest consciousness of service – then you’re going towards how you could be more loving.

It’s important to understand that your first love is within yourself, which kind of sounds self-enamored or like we’re joining up with Narcissus. But it’s the great Self, the Self that’s in all people and all things, the great Self that’s God. The service to that One who is in all of the creation and is within you. So how do you serve all things? That would be another way of saying, “How do I love for the highest good of all concerned?” Often what shows up is to love whatever is in front of you. It may be as simple as, “I don’t like red pens. They’re too loud, and they try to dominate all the other colors, and they’re obnoxious, and I just don’t like red.” Yet that red pen is part of the creation.

Often what we’re seeking is already with us or next to us. So the place for the greater love is right here, right now in some way. One of the places to look is what or where you tend to try to ignore, avoid, deny, cancel, eliminate, or negate the love.

When you say, “That’s no good, that’s not lovable, that’s not worthy, that’s not worth my time,” often that’s an indication that you’re being led to love more in some way. One of the simplest ways is what I would call, “Setting it free.” That would translate so whatever it is, you have no demand upon it. You release any sense that it should be different from the way it is. Try that on for size for a day and see how far you get. Like, “Today I’m going to go out, and I will not view anything as not being exactly perfect as it is. I will view it all as exactly perfect as it is. And I will in no way struggle or resist anything today.” See how far you get.

The mind or the emotions by their nature, contract, reduce and conceptualize. They can’t help it. They’re not, in a way, designed to be unlimited or function in perfection. They’re designed to be limited, confined and to define things with a viewpoint that’s not the viewing point of all things. It takes great wisdom and great dedication to stay open such that you’re just looking neutrally. That would be a great key – to look at someone as they are regardless of what they are doing, even if they’re snarling at you so their fangs are showing, their claws are protruding, and they’re attempting to attack you. You can still look at them as a kind of phenomenon, a condition that’s being revealed to you. In the revealing, your choice can be to stay free from them.

When something’s coming at you that stimulates your fear, so you’re very aware of your fear, then that is likely to challenge your loving. It can be very challenging. So often what we’re brought to is what we fear and we become unconscious of the loving that is present. The purpose of every condition or circumstance includes being aware of the loving that is present regardless. Can you stay open to the loving? Can you stay neutral towards what is revealing your fear or negative reaction?

When someone calls you a name or in some way puts forth what you would consider a threat or something less than positive, can you stay open so that it’s not personal? Can you just see it as something working itself out in God’s creation? That often takes a strong willingness to pull that off, to really stay in your loving so that if something hits at you, you don’t hit back. Can you do that? Can you absorb the hit so it doesn’t return out into the world? That’s a high consciousness. That’s being of service.

You can just say, “Yes, I can.” You can claim this ability that comes directly from God into all of Its creation as unconditional loving. This is your divine nature. This is your true nature in your highest consciousness.

If the sins of your father and your mother come to you, even all of them – so every single one of them is put to you, even stays with you – can you bring your awareness to the love of God within you? You can clear the negativity through the pure, whole love of God for all of Its creation. Deep within you is only love in your oneness with God. “God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him” [1 John 4:16].

God’s love is very beautiful in terms of how it makes a contribution to you, to all others, and to the planet. It’s a silent ministry – whatever comes to you, you bring it to the love in you, and that’s it. Nothing else is necessary. You don’t have to understand it. There’s no need to find out, “Why did you say that to me or why did you do that?” You can choose the love of God for all of its creation.   Some people determine there has to be some sort of trial. And the trial is, “Is this worthy of my love? Or is it worthy of my fight or my condemnation?” I don’t find much value in that practice. There’s a far superior practice of choosing to love regardless of what “it is.” It’s really very simple although not necessarily easy.

For example, we could look at a rug and find something about how we each look upon it that is different. We don’t agree about the rug. We each express a different point-of-view. It’s a perspective with variation. Our differences are not a reason to stop loving one another. There may be a lot of variation in how we see things. We each can love anyway and even love our different views. There’s a lot of freedom in that approach. That’s the consciousness of the Soul. It’s one of the ways you know soul — everything is in freedom. There’s nothing that’s captive to anything else. God’s not in the business of trapping us and making us captives.

God’s in the business of expansion and liberating. So if you get in that business yourself, so you essentially set everyone and everything free, then you have no holds or demands on anyone or anything. That’s a very uplifting consciousness. That’s a consciousness of forgiving and loving service to all. And it’s the greatest challenge I have experienced in this world.

Loving It All Including You

In the level of the Soul and the Spirit, there’s no hierarchy of value that one polarity is of higher or superior value to the other polarity. As we go into Spirit, it comes into an equality. So polarity has no separation in the Spirit. It’s all one. It’s all integrated. This is good to know as a reference point because then as we look into the mechanistic, dualistic world, we eventually realize there’s kind of an altercation that happens, a positioning that’s not real. However, thank God, it’s temporary.

A real good reference point about that is, “I’m going to return to the integrity of who I am spiritually. But temporarily I will be in this polarized position, this manifest position of how my life circumstances articulate and specify. I’m working through all of my experiences for what’s up in my learning, growing and whatever are for my gains and upliftment.”

Now if we take the value and the wisdom of what’s here for us, we can all realize we’ll just love who we are and whom we are with. It doesn’t matter the conditionality of any of it. So whatever we could consider about the characteristics of a man or a woman or any form of relationship, there is an arbitrariness about each and every condition. Like whatever came out of the deck of cards that was dealt to us, it’s always just circumstantial. And every condition in this world other than change is temporary.

When we get the view from the Spirit, we see, “Love it all.” That would be a way to solve any circumstance. The practicality of that means as you love it all, you’re included. If you’re loving another, it’s because you’re loving yourself first, not as a stopping point, but as from where this love sources and begins to come forth. It begins in the depth of being that is who we are before we realize it as a thought or feeling.

If we don’t know loving within, then how can we be loving with somebody else? So we need to come into the loving within in order to experience loving with someone else. In order to experience the love of another, I need to be in the love of who I am to know that love. The love of who I am recognizes the love of who you are coming to the love of who I am. And it keeps bridging across.

If you’re looking at how much you haven’t loved yourself, that may hurt. That’s all right. That awareness puts you in a position to adjust. Whatever you’ve used as the reasons, those were arbitrary, like whatever came out of the deck – you’re a blond, you’re a brunette, you’re five-seven, or you’re this shape or this color. All those circumstances don’t translate to, “Therefore, I love myself.” They just translate to, “What do I love? I love this characteristic and this characteristic. I have this history. I have this involvement. I made these choices. I have these results, and I choose to love them all.”

It’s very important to get your love for yourself resonant as a love of God so it’s the foundation of who you are for all of the creation. Loving becomes the source for how you express yourself and how you involve yourself. What’s also amazing is loving heals whatever needs healing.

When you resonate in the love of who you are, it’s vibrating and it’s in the foundation of how you express yourself. You go forth in love as your true nature or you don’t go forth. When it’s in that level of resonating, then it has a way of healing all your relationships, all down the line, right through your existence. What that means is all of the things that need healing are going to be healed here and now in the way you relate to yourself and then to others with your love. What’s also beautiful is your loving is not actually dependent on other people or conditions at all. Loving is truly your nature.

God is in control, which is really good because God always has our best interests in mind. As we understand this control, we can then understand how God’s will is done as the loving of all. So with that understanding, then we choose to be loving of all.

We are here to heal and balance ourselves with whatever has happened in our life throughout our existence. We heal by being in acceptance, loving and forgiveness. As we can do this with ourself, we can do this with others. Complete healing is forgiveness of all things. Healing comes from the willingness to forgive.

Impeccably You

When you’re true to who you are, there’s an impeccability that comes through. It registers as a kind of clarity or cleanliness. You are someone who is true and clear. So how would you come into this impeccability?

Part of it is how you regard and identify yourself. Of course, it would be wonderful in some way if we could just sign on as, “I’m loving, true, and impeccable,” and just because we sign on, we are thus so. However, it’s one thing to profess, but it’s another thing to be a living demonstration.

It takes tremendous dedication and courage to uphold impeccability. You’ll find out about your commitment and courage because in the world impeccability isn’t necessarily sanctified and honored. When someone has this impeccability and sense of honor, then their life has a way of holding it up. There is a kind of reliability with that person – that when they speak, they give their word to be the truth. And if their word does not hold up in the truth, then there’s a real good reason that still honors the truth. It’s like God spoke instead and moved what is involved in a new direction that upholds God’s impeccability. One of the limitations that God puts in place is what we can handle. That’s completely in our favor.

God registers as the highest consciousness, the consciousness of the highest good. The omniscience allows for the knowing. The omnipotence is the ability to do what needs to be done. God has the power, the knowledge, and the authority, to keep the highest good in place for all the creation. By employing the highest good, then the limited mind can be suspended and released. And what it often looks like is, “I don’t know how it’s going to work out. I just know I want the highest good and have the willingness to do whatever that requires.” When you can register that you want the highest good then you may need to ask to release any limitations that are no longer serving the highest good.

Appeal to the authority of God and ask God to act as your co-creator. Trust and surrender to the Christ Beloved within you as you. And remember, you will be tested from the inside out. But the Lord is within you, as you, loving you always and forever more.

Baruch Bashan

A Moment of Peace: Birthing the Christ Within

Let’s take a moment to go within and then I’ll share a vision in my way, and you can see the vision you have in your way, however that works for you. We can see ourself walking into the place where the birth of the Christ is shown in the physical form, in the body of an infant. And there is a great light emanating. And what brought you into this place was your own attunement and awareness of that light, however it came to you, that you saw it in some way, that someone told you about it and told you where to go, and perhaps even led you there.

And in this presence with this light are the sacred and the holy. In silence is the first sound. And then whatever sounds are there, the natural sounds that go with the world, the silence is pervasive. And there’s a most beautiful feeling. You can feel it physically on the skin and the way you feel the air. You can hear sounds that are like music, sounds of great instruments, sounds that become resounding and resounding joy, peace on earth. So you have the experience that this peacefulness, this love, this radiant joy and beauty are everywhere, that everyone is beholding it, however they do that.

So we are in the presence that unites us all, that makes all things new, restores the beauty, the purity, the sanctity. So there is great understanding. There is the view of what would paradise be on earth. There are the sounds of laughter. There are the sounds of delight. And that peace that is restful, so there’s nothing that would in any way disturb this peace. It’s all no more.

And in the sky is a great light that is that star that is also part of the signs that we are in the birth of the Christ. And we’ve been led to this moment in our own way.

And as you permit it, this consciousness can move in you and be awake, and transform your life, that from this day forward you have the strength, you have the wisdom, you have whatever is needed to work out all of these situations.

You have a great companion who goes where you go, who is most willing to assist and guide, and show you how to move into your own strength and your own wisdom.

Behold this day, the Christ is born in you, and all are beloved of God.

Baruch Bashan

The Anointing of the Christ Blessing

Led by John Morton at Passage into Spirit at Asilomar Beach, CA on December 17, 2016

Let’s consider that we have all been prepared, and in our conscious awareness we are aware that we are the Light. So however you do that for yourself, and it is something we can do as an awareness that we see, that would be the most obvious, and I’m going to suggest to you that the way that you see this, is in something that is very natural for you. So it could be like you’re seeing it right here on this beach, that right now you’re in the Christ Light, and that Light also is in what you see. So that’s whatever you’re seeing right now even if you have your eyes closed. And you’re seeing inwardly through the creative imagination or, you’re seeing inwardly in the awareness of the Christ consciousness. That it has clarity in what you see, and a beautiful Light. Here’s a way I would relate to it in this setting. Imagine that in this creation it was once the dark, and then there was Light. Now look and behold what you see.

That what you previously saw was something we would call the dark, and now you see the Light, and in the Light we also see God’s nature. God’s sound can be heard, that it’s in movement, it’s in harmony, It can be felt as a Divine presence. In our awareness, we know that we don’t have to do anything in this presence; it’s already being done. At some level we know we are choosing to be anointed to wake up in the Christ. And let’s consider that what we are doing with the Traveler is waking up. So it’s an eternal wakefulness; it’s an eternal life. For some of you, you may have the higher dimensions of what this is. That that’s also what you are seeing, so go with that, however it comes forward in your consciousness. It can also be a place in the other place, so you can see the Traveler. You can know that whoever is present, whoever you see in this clarity is also of this anointing. That everything is natural, everything is easy, there’s no effort in what is taking place.

The anointing is simply the willingness to live in the Christ, to know that it resides with you in every breath. That it does ask of us that we would love one another, and in what that is we know that it is everything. That we would love everything, and everyone, regardless. And as we consider what that means in this world, that we’re still here, those of us who are in bodies. ‘Cause there’s also those who are in the radiant form, who are with us. So there will be a testing, because it’s part of what goes on in this world, in every moment. We all have the opportunity to choose back to say I am the Christ and to make it so.

So we do have the choice, and once it’s spoken, and once it’s done, it’s the blessing of the anointing of the Christ. And then we are arisen, we are born again; it’s new life always with us as a reality. And while we’re in the body, in the practical nature of our human condition, we falter, we forget. And so it becomes necessary for us to know how to forgive, how to let go, how to trust one more time, that we are in the Christ blessing. It is always forever more, now as a demonstration that we can reset the Christ. Redo what it is to turn into the Light, to become the Light, to not hold againstness, and as we do this as a community, like we are right now here in this place, I’ll call it Pebble Beach. That we are open into extending this out. That we can take this Blessing forward in the learning that we are all partaking in. We are doing things for the last time. So let’s consider we are in the last round of this earth, unless of course Spirit directs, and we accept, and we come in some kind of return. Like many others have from on high, to enter into this world for whatever is here in the Christ blessing.

And that we have chosen to come in the awakening of a golden age long ago referred to, looked at called forward by those who have been our predecessors, and those who have prepared the way. So we are partaking in that, even as we know we were those. And so we have returned in our own way, with the Prophets, and in the manifesting of the prophecies. And to our friend Jesus, and John-Roger and all those in this line, we take a moment to honor, and give thanks for this blessed day, this blessed anointing. That we are holding true in what you have bestowed upon us, and it is to be shared openly, and powerfully with what we bring forward, that we are living scripture. That we are being looked upon as those doing this manifestation of the Christ, we are all anointed of God. The blessings already are.

Baruch Bashan

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