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The Traveler and the Mapuche

I am glad to know and cannot fully express the exquisite and delicious energy that I felt in the Power Within Workshop with the Mapuche community yesterday.

I want to thank the Traveler, Spirit and God for all their support with this workshop. The workshop took place in Nueva Imperial about 45 minutes from Temuco where we landed at the airport. We had about twenty people, all new to MSIA and the energy was deep and powerful and I, for one was deeply moved and touched.

I felt as though I was living in a fairy tale of sorts like one thousand and one nights in a remote place full of ancestors and previous lives surrounded by the whisper of songs and the purifying rain. Where I was, and what was this all about, only God and my heart know.

I asked my friend Ariel, to call in Spirit in his language and according to Mapuche tradition (Mapuche is the Indigenous name of the biggest Native Tribe of Chile and means people of the Earth). I was taken to a familiar place and tears streamed down my face as though I was hearing an ancient, bedside lullaby.

That was the start of what I knew would be a magical and most memorable encounter. I felt like centuries were being balanced and ancient issues were being resolved.

The group was a mix of folks in their 30’s and twelve high school students. As the time passed and I shared I could see how Spirit was touching, moving and healing. This became quite evident in sharings which were filled with gratitude and others in which slight openings appeared and we peeked into a deeper place inside.

I had a dream many years ago when I was quite young. I cannot remember if it was when I was a teen or when I came into MSIA. Nonetheless, I was asked to come in front to a whiteboard in a classroom setting and then I heard a voice from Spirit saying I would return to Chile many times because I had things to teach or share. I was deeply reminded of that vision when this workshop was given. I’ve also had a dream to one day do a workshop for the native peoples of the place where I was born and this was now being fulfilled. I was overjoyed beyond words.

Afterwards, I was invited to lunch along with Maritza, Nigel Moleker (who set up sound), Dalia Ayala, and Vero Pino as well as all the Ministers and Initiates who supported the workshop with their Light and Sound. The lunch was at Ruka, a Mapuche lodge. Ariel and the proprietor (who also owns a restaurant) talked and exchanged concerns, asked questions, and reflected on the values of community, win/win philosophy and the purpose of our lives. At seven PM, we said our goodbyes. What we shared still lives like a powerful stream inside my heart.

God Bless,

Notas del Viaje:

Me encanta saberlo y les puedo decir que no tengo palabras para expresar la exquisitez y delicia energética que sentí con el taller de ayer con la comunidad Mapuche. Me sentí que estaba viviendo un cuento de mil y una noche en un lugar remoto Y precioso lleno de ancestros y vidas pasadas con el silbido de cantos y la lluvia purificadora. En donde estuve y que fue todo, solo Dios y el corazón sabe.

Sentí como se armonizaban siglos y se aclaran temas ancestrales. Estaba de regreso en un lugar muy conocido y cuando Ariel pidió La Luz a su forma lagrimas corrieron como se estaba escuchando algo que conocía desde muy antes como el adulto que recuerda la canción de cuna.

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  1. Extraordinary in many ways. Taking the Travelers Teachings to a different culture, yet we know we are all one in higher consciousness. Lots of planning, loving preparation were needed to make the whole experience uplifting for everyone. I send my Loving Light to everyone who participated , Rene Porcile

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