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The Love of a Master Book and Mystical Traveler Movie Events in Europe – Fall 2017 [with Photos]

My autumn European book tour was about turning up in person to do my ministry, share more about J-R, and distribute The Love of a Master books to friends and family.

I began by hand-delivering two copies to David and Kathryn Allen in Amsterdam. I didn’t know what I’d get out of our meetings, but I knew I had to visit them. It was also a remembrance of the time I was with J-R in Amsterdam on a KLM overnight flight before heading to Egypt in 1988. The reference point I have from traveling with John-Roger in 1988 to now is staggering—I was astounded by this city.

The Light work that J-R did throughout Europe is in plain sight everywhere. I had heard that the Netherlands has an Egalitarian state. Yes, they care about their people for sure. Bicycles riders are king; cars are last in this food chain. It’s true that you are more likely to be killed by a bike rider than a car or gunshot. Taking a two-wheeled tour around the city with the Allens was serious business. If you ever get a chance, you must have the Allens show you the beauty of Amsterdam through their eyes. Thanks, David and Kathryn, for your loving support.

I flew to Geneva to drop in on Veronique and Babadandan Ji and was once again shown the great parts of the city. In Geneva and other parts of Switzerland are numerous remains from the early Protestant refugees and settlements. We visited a church with many symbols on its walls; one in particular was a double-headed eagle similar to the design that J-R had printed for protection on T-shirts way back when. After our visit, Veronique served as my booking agent for high-speed ICE trains to travel from Geneva to Essen, Germany. 

In Germany, the first film I shot in 1984, “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” is a cult classic. The three-day House of Horrors convention in Oberhausen invited me for an autograph-signing extravaganza. I made new friends there, who all know about J-R now. I then boarded another High ICE Speed train to visit Arno Triebskorn in Karlsruhe, Germany, near Heidelberg—a great man all around, just beaming light. He picked me up at Mannheim and we drove down to Karlsruhe, hitting all the great spots: Speyer Cathedral, Heidelberg Castle, the bridge and Karlsruhe Castle. Karlsruhe translates to “Karl’s sleep.”

A bit of history: In 1988 before the Russia trip, J-R led a group of us through Germany to see Heidelberg and other cities, especially East Berlin where J-R planted the famous “Light Worm” in the wall. It was an amazing sight to see. I didn’t need to know how J-R worked the Light, I just knew he could turn it on.

Arno hosted a “Mystical Traveler” movie screening and mini Q&A lunch in a friendly, intimate space. The Love of the Master book event went well, with Christine and Samaneh visiting from Strasbourg. Where two or more are gathered, there J-R is and he was, even with just four of us. What a short but sweet magical time we had sharing in the spirit of love. Thank you, Arno and friends.

Following Spirit and J-R, I then jetted off to Malaga, Spain, and took a high-speed train to Barcelona. It’s been 10 years since I had last set foot in Barcelona with J-R on the “Spiritual Warriors” movie tour in 2007. Every night I was having J-R dreams and spirit dreams. I got the hit to call Anne Naylor and surprise her with copies of The Love of a Master. First, a high-speed train to Marseilles, then local trains to Cannes, France. Ha! I realized when I arrived at midnight, that Yes, the “Mystical Traveler” film has finally made it to Cannes, France.

I stayed across the street from where the festival takes place. Because it was off-season, it literally cost nothing to stay there. It was empty. I remembered when J-R took me to Monaco in 1990 to have a meal opposite the casino in Monte Carlo. The next day, I rented a car, a state-of-the-art 2008 Citroën.  Man, I didn’t know how to drive this spaceship. It basically drives for you! 

Anne and I headed to have lunch where J-R took me in 1990. It was great to see her. The Light was with us doing our ministries. We kept running into friends, and lunch turned into dinner. We met Anne’s friends who live in Monaco and insisted that we eat together. It was a late night of dining and being together with like-minded souls…a real blessing. Thank you. Anne. What a treat to just be spontaneous and right on track with Spirit!

Love and Light

Jesus Garcia, D.S.S. aka Zeus


4 thoughts on “The Love of a Master Book and Mystical Traveler Movie Events in Europe – Fall 2017 [with Photos]”

  1. I’ve just read this fantastic article and thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel as though I am right there with you Jsu, traveling through Europe by rail, talking about your book (and sharing the light) with joy and humor. The feature is so vivid and immersive. I LOVE your enthusiasm. Also, it was delightful reading about old friends – Kathryn and David Allen and Annie Naylor. Hearing about Annie reminds me of many extraordinary seminars we attended together back in London. It was also great hearing about the House Of Horrors Convention too. What fun! Altogether a great read. I was so inspired by your piece, in fact, that I immediately ordered your book, which I am now reading. It is fascinating reading about your life and your unique experiences with J-R over so many years. Your devotion to him is deeply moving.
    Elaine Lipworth xxx

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