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The Christ Mass


Editor’s Note: This article by John-Roger was first published in the New Day Herald in November, 1999.

“We’re actually celebrating our own birth. We’re celebrating our own resurrection. We’re celebrating triumphantly our own movement back into our own Self or Christ Consciousness.” – John-Roger, DSS

Let’s look at the idea of how you can look at things through the eyes of the Master. Each one of you, by using your own creative consciousness, brings forth the Self that is you in the Christ consciousness. It’s really easy to do. One thing you generate within you is the feeling of love for all mankind. You have to have a feeling of love for everything on the planet. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and protect everything, and it doesn’t mean you have to be aware of every leaf that falls; but it does mean that you have to be very open. Some of you may feel you can’t love your boss or your mother-in-law or someone else. Go back to the eyes of the Master. Would the Master love your boss? The answer is “Yes,” because the Master loves you. It’s very easy to move into this consciousness, but it’s more important to move further in your consciousness and tune into the inner Master, to let yourself open and flow with the Holy Spirit. Ask for It within your consciousness. Ask for It with a prayer of welcome.

There is nothing quite so precious as your Self. The Cosmic Self or the Christ Self is in contact with all knowledge and all universal wisdom; but, more important, it’s in contact with God. And through this consciousness of your own Self, you can rise up so high that you will even seem large physically. You can lift yourself so dynamically that you will give the appearance of filling the room with your presence. Yet you know that you can’t inflict yourself on one other Christ consciousness. As you look at people, you can see their beauty and their love; you can see their Light. You can adore them for the Christ they are and assist them, if it’s for their highest good, to lift into all consciousnesses that are theirs. God didn’t put you on this planet to be a beggar. He put you here and said, “You are the prince of the throne and you are heir to all powers, municipalities, and kingdoms. I will give you the Light. I will sustain you infinitely, and all you have to do is come back to me.” But you’ve heard the old saying, “Straight is the way and narrow is the gate,” and few can really enter in only because they refuse.

Your Christ Consciousness will bring you into a position where you can enter into your own Self awareness, into your own Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. It will bring you to the point at which you become the Messiah, the Promised One. You become the Alpha and Omega from everlasting to everlasting – because you already are. To me, that is the greatest heritage of the Christ Mass or Christmas as we celebrate it. We’re actually celebrating our own birth. We’re celebrating our own resurrection. We’re celebrating triumphantly our own movement back into our own Self or Christ Consciousness. In fact, many of us are rushing into it, arms and heart wide open, full of love and knowing not one thing is coming our way we can’t handle.

The story of the Christ is one of universal symbolism that says each one of us is the Anointed One, that each one of us becomes the Christ. But more important, each one of us becomes the Messiah. The story of the Christ is symbolic, and I believe if you update this in your mind and bring it in as new, right now, you might very well discover something going on inside of you that is the moving of your spiritual inner awareness. It’s true that some of us are more spiritually aware than others. But, on whatever level you find yourself, that will be the level on which you approach the Father, the level on which you approach the Christ. And therein will you worship and pay homage.

Baruch Bashan,

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