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Poems by Enoch AKA Jeffery Albert

I am a minister in San Diego.  One of our ministers down here is in hospice at the Veteran’s Medical Center here in La Jolla. I have been visiting Jeffery Albert (he goes by Enoch) for about 6 months.

During this time he has written five poems for the Traveler. He has been in the movement a long time and he wants to share them with all of MSIA.

-Cindy Norton


In the beginning of Creation

If there was one

The Sound of the Universe

Resonated like a beehive

An ancient didgeridoo

Or the sound of HU

The steps of the silent ones were everywhere

The Stars and the Planets had not been formed

The galaxies were waiting to be born

So many of us were in a very deep sleep

Yet we woke up and Creation started


He held us and all of Creation in his hands

He walked and talked in such a way

That we did not always understand

He was all about Love and Light and Celebration

There were many times when we turned our backs on him

Yet he loved us anyway

He left us many treasures of wisdom

So we could truly realize what he is

J-R you are the stoke

The Owl

The Owl called my name from the deep

I remembered it from a very long time ago

At first I rejected it

But now the sound of my name

Is becoming stronger and stronger

It has become a comfort

Which will be with me as I travel on

And travel on

And travel on

In Spirit

As I fell forwards into Spirit

I fell backwards into Spirit

I became the wonders of God

The Joy of thy Travelers

The Breath of God

The Essence of Being

I wanted to stay yet I had to come back

I opened my eyes

And all things were the same as before

Except I was in Spirit



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