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+ 10 Reasons To Come To Conference This Year



11. Be in the energy of the Mystical Traveler
Being in the same place and energy field as the one holding the keys to the Mystical Traveler Consciousness is indeed a blessing. When the Mystical Traveler within meets the Mystical Traveler in the world, marvelous things can happen. It’s a party in Heaven, it’s a party on Earth.

12. BlessingsFest with John Morton
Have you ever participated in this event? It’s one of the most beautiful and best kept-secrets of Conference. It’s a time to be with John Morton and to ask for and receive from the bounty of blessings that are available to us, all while enjoying a delicious buffet brunch at the Four Seasons. And guess what? We have a RAFFLE for BlessingsFest this year. Stay tuned for your chance to win.

13. The Initiates Meeting
If you’ve been a Soul initiate for years or are just receiving your Causal initiation, this is one of the most magical events of Conference. Make sure you’re here, either in person or via Live Stream.

14. MSIA’s 50th Anniversary Dinner Celebration
We’re planning a big party on Saturday night: a celebration of John-Roger, John Morton’s 30 years as the traveler, and 50 years of MSIA! Think family, think friends, think food and dance and fun!

15.Ah…The pools at the Four Seasons.
What’s that sound? It’s me trying to decide which pool to dive into at the Four Seasons. The Westlake Village location offers both indoor and outdoor pools. On your way to the pool, make sure to stop by the spa, with its his and hers sauna, steam room, and services.

16. Meet New friends
This year’s Conference is open to all. Invite your friends and family to this fun, intimate, and sacred place. Or come alone and make some new friends. Either way, our intention is to get together for sharing, laughing, and loving as we realize the spiritual and divine beings that we are.

17. Get blissed out
It’s been said that when we get together with the intention of living loving that miracles can happen. Let’s let go and get free – it’s time for Heaven on Earth.

18. MSIA Services
The Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday before conference are days when MSIA Staff do Services. Spaces are limited so make sure to send your requests for Polarity balances, Aura Balances, and Innerphasings soon. To do so, contact Marjorie Eaton at

19. Discover the MSIA Store
This year, the MSIA Store is preparing something very special. Full of John-Roger and John Morton seminars, specialties, and amazing products. Get your shop on!

20. Service
When we’re together in loving and holding the Light, we can be of great service to the planet. So join us!

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