Success: A Natural Process
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By: John-Roger, DSS

May 3rd, 2018

Success:  A Natural Process </br> [with Video]


This John-Roger article was originally published in the Movement Newspaper, February 1986.

“Our most rewarding goal is to have freedom. Freedom of the spirit, of the mind, the emotions, the body and yes, even financial freedom. So we can walk the earth and not be trapped by it.” – John-Roger

Human beings are goal oriented species. Within each one of us is a mechanism that is designed to succeed. Part of what often blocks our success is not knowing what we want. We must have an understanding and the courage to discern what our goal might be.

Some may say, “As you act, you become,” and the Bible said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, he becomes.” Most happy people are successful. This does not always imply material success. (Our success mechanism does not recognize time, the mind recognizes time.) The success mechanism is a process within us striving to manifest what we have put into our mental imagination. So watch what you put in there!

People may say to me, “I don’t have a goal, how do I get one?” I ask them, “What would you like to do?” If they still don’t know, we look at some of the primary goals we used to get us here. We set the alarm to go off in the morning, we checked to see that there was food for breakfast. These are all goals. If you tell yourself that you don’t know what you are doing, you set a block for yourself, because you do know. You need to look at the situation for what it is and adopt the proper attitude which may be, every day, in every way I am getting better and better.

Envisioning is a way to stimulate the success mechanism. That’s how you prime the pump. You hold a picture of where you are going in your head. You’re not too concerned about the mechanism that gets you there. The thing of it is, sometimes we hold the picture of what we want in our head and then quarrel over how to get it. If you know where you are going that is all that is necessary.

It’s important not to have past debts standing in the way of our success mechanism, because they have a way of reaching into our subconscious and blocking us. Placing people in the spiritual light is a way to clear and release situations with them and inside ourselves. When we can avoid running our opinions on other people and treat them from a factual point-of-view, our communication improves. If we do get our opinions involved, we can let the other person know, “This is how I see it.” Then we can begin treating others like the divine beings they are.

It becomes very true that if you seek happiness it is important to create it from within. You can look forward to pleasurable things and nice sensations in the future, but claim your happiness now.

In spiritual love, we are able to laugh and enjoy each other. Spiritual love permits greater freedom. Our most rewarding goal is to have freedom. Freedom of the spirit, of the mind, the emotions, the body and yes, even financial freedom. So we can walk the earth and not be trapped by it. And where we walk, people say, “Thank God you were here. Thank God you spread your sunshine and your laughter and your love with us.” With the foundation of spiritual freedom, even in moments of stress, we can reflect back and see the humor in a situation.

To grow spiritually you give. It’s important to give emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, politically and socially. It’s your choice as to which way you want to grow. You must decide if you want to give or take. When you walk the most beautiful path of the Beloved you are able to give and take with anyone at any time.

Success is an attitude of saying, ”I’m the master here. I’m watching what I’m doing because it feels good to be happy.” Spiritual freedom is an attitude of doing. Your new lows can be yesterday’s highs. You can be successful with health, wealth and happiness. When you live your spiritual truth, joy will come in and make its home within you. People will be attracted to your loving nature. You can share your love, joy and light with them. But do them a favor, don’t force it on them. Let them reach out and take it. Make your goal of happiness part of your process of success.


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