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Why Come to Conference? 10 More Reasons

Here we go! Another 10 reasons to attend Conference this year:

31. It’s time to come together as one. This year has been a year with a lot of changes and shifts for many of us in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. At times like these, it’s important that we support each other, coming together in oneness, celebrating the victories, and sharing our learnings in service to the experience of Heaven on Earth.

32. Dress-up! This is an invitation (obviously) to dress up for the 50th Year Anniversary of MSIA. Let’s all look sharp to celebrate the 50 years that MSIA has supported us and this planet with its Love, Light and Sound.

33. Get to know the diverse ministries in MSIA. MSIA ministers have received blessings from Spirit delineating how we could go forward into the world and express the highest form of consciousness in the planet: service. Come to Conference and get to know the ministers in MSIA and find out how they are going forward into the world. There are many people in MSIA who share their ministry beautifully! Join us and see for yourself.

34. Dance, dance, dance. We have two parties planned! Fun is definitely on the schedule.

35. Prana’s Residency Program. Have you ever thought “Oh, Prana is one of the most beautiful places and the energy is so high!”? Imagine what a 1-week retreat to PAL&G would do for you. What about living here for 3 months? Prana has different types of residency programs, depending on your goal and availability. When you come for Conference, it might be a good idea to stop by Prana –  visit the beautiful gardens, the labyrinth, the solarium – be in the home of the traveler and find out whether the Prana Residency Program is a fit for you.

36. Be in-person. We all know how comfy it can be to watch or participate in an event from our living rooms or bedrooms. There are no questions that both approaches can work. That being said, there’s something powerful about putting your body on the line and having the experience of being present in-person. Choose what works for you, and know that if you join us in person, we’ll be very happy to see you.

37. John-Roger and John Morton Seminars. Over the years, MSIA has made countless recordings of John-Roger and  John Morton. During Conference, at the MSIA Store, you’ll get the chance to purchase so many good seminars from our Travelers, some available for the first time ever!

38. Because everything is translated. NOW Productions has worked to have all of the Conference events, media, and products translated into Spanish. We have a large Spanish community in California (myself included, even though Portuguese is my mother-language) and the community brings so much joy and loving! We’d love to share it with you.

39. Jewelry! The MSIA Products Department has prepared some beautiful jewelry for the MSIA Store. Make sure you get it blessed by John Morton!

40. Ordinations. MSIA ministers, this one’s for you! Give yourself the gift of being present for the ordinations that take place at Conference. There are no words for it. Just come!

This Article is part of Anna Sugai’s 50 Reasons to Come to the 50 Years of MSIA Celebration at the Conference of Heaven on Earth. Please comment below to share why you’re coming to Conference this year.

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