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Dining and Dancing with Angels: Heaven on Earth Concert & Luncheon
[with Photos]


“If the heart sings a song of love, go. If there is no response or there is doubt, steer clear.” -John-Roger

Apparently many got the heart-memo to go to the Heaven on Earth Concert & Luncheon at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (PAL&G) on June 27th. The angelic beings present were as abundant as the fine food and music. It was meant as a prologue to the Heaven on Earth Conference. More than a mere preface though, heavenly blessings were poured on visitors from around the world.

Cherubs grinned from the chandeliers as docents led tours through the historic mansion. Wind chimes serenaded guests who journeyed to the center of the labyrinth, the rose of love. Fountains joyfully splashed as flowers showed off their pretty petals in the gardens.

Classic Americana cuisine appeared in the dining room at 1 p.m. Tweety-Bird-yellow corn cobs, ruby red watermelon and turkey burgers on golden buns were plucked quickly from the buffet. Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars, the official dessert of Heaven, disappeared in nanoseconds, too.

A second helping of sweets was served thanks to internationally acclaimed musicians, pianist, Merrill Collins and violinist, Nicole Bush. One audience member leaned back, closed her eyes and looked as if angels were transporting her to another realm. The ladies’ rendition of Caccini’s Ave Maria took this writer to Heaven (It was only the passing of a FedEx truck that reminded me of existence on planet Earth). Surreptitiously glancing to catch others’ reactions, I noticed glistening eyes and moist cheeks. Upon the conclusion of the concert, everyone jumped to their feet in gratitude with a standing ovation.

As the doors closed and people headed for home, someone whispered, “Create more moments of Heaven on Earth for you.”

Maybe it was a lingering angel.

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  1. Lynette Lorraine Walsh

    Blessings Kim and Paul, Many thanks for the moments within the Heaven on Earth Concert and Luncheon.

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