Heaven on Earth Sound Bath & Meditation [with Photos & Video]

By: David Whitaker
Photos by Lucia Doynel

June 28th, 2018

Heaven on Earth Sound Bath & Meditation [with Photos & Video]

The Conference of Heaven on Earth is underway. For our first event at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village, we had the Heaven on Earth Sound Bath & Meditation facilitated by Paul Kaye who was accompanied by Lucy P Dickinson on piano, along with Alethea Lamb who played her clarinet at the opening and closing of the event.

I wrote a little poem last night post-sound bath:

Start with nothing

Start with listening in the woods
and to the rising tide as the moon draws its circular path.

Start at the beginning,
before the words of God were spoken
before there were ears to hear.

Build slowly,
the first stone,
the first,
drop of water.

Then the second,
and then meeting the stone
to discover what it is to be wet.

Start at the beginning
with the simple rhythms of breathing
and hearts beating
into and out of
the Sound of God.

With the Heaven on Earth Sound Bath and Meditation, we started from the beginning, with the simple rhythms of breathing and the heartbeat; then the instruments of varying complexity. A simple gong and a crystal bowl play with the piano and the koshi bells; as we play and tune ourselves to them and bring the frequency of love inside of us.

It’s Radio Heaven on Earth and it’s time to tune in.

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