A Record Setting Peace Theological Seminary Graduation
[with Photos and Video]

By: Deborah Martinez
Photos by Lucia Doynel and Lucy P. Dickinson

June 30th, 2018

A Record Setting Peace Theological Seminary Graduation <br/> [with Photos and Video]


Thursday afternoon at the Conference of Heaven on Earth, we experienced a glorious celebration at the Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy (PTS) graduation ceremony.  PTS was founded by Dr. John-Roger in 1977, and this year we witnessed the largest graduating class in PTS history.

Through the Master of Spiritual Science (MSS) program and the Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) program, students learn the lessons of the physical and spiritual worlds as they rediscover their true nature and become more aware of the Divinity and the loving within. As John-Roger said in his remarks at the first DSS graduation, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand and it’s inside, so let’s go get it.”

PTS expanded its graduate offerings worldwide through live streaming starting in 2014 with the DSS Online Program, followed by the MSS Online Program, which began in 2016.  Thus, it truly was a worldwide graduation this year, as students came to Los Angeles from all over the planet to receive their degrees, some as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Finland, Colombia and Chile. Those who could not attend in person were celebrated as well — their photos and names were displayed on the big video screens around the ballroom and live online for all to see.

The PTS graduation is for those students who have completed either the MSS degree or DSS degree. 92 students graduated with the MSS degree (plus 8 audits), and as each graduate crossed the stage to receive their diploma, joyful applause broke out around the ballroom.  

35 candidates graduated with the DSS degree, each candidate knelt to receive the doctoral hooding from PTS Spiritual Director John Morton. Very inspiring for all who experienced receiving the doctoral hood and all the friends and family who witnessed this in the audience. 27 of the DSS grads participated in the optional Year 4 of the program and also received the Certificate of Completion in Advanced Ministerial Studies.

Each DSS graduate completes 3 years of required coursework plus a Practical Treatise which is their individual and creative contribution to Spiritual Science and the story of their transformation through the DSS program. Sina Skates, one of the DSS graduates, said this about the experience of graduating as a Doctor of Spiritual Science:

“When I knelt down to receive the doctoral hooding and they announced my Practical Treatise title, I felt this powerful energy of Light come down around me, and I knew that I had claimed my Practical Treatise. The Practical Treatise program is one of the most profound experiences of the DSS. I claimed my transformation, but more than that, I claimed who I truly am…expressing my authentic self as an ongoing process of discovery and unfolding.”

John Morton, the Spiritual Director of PTS, gave a loving and inspiring commencement address, reminding the students to continue on in their expansion, learning and growth.  This put a beautiful cap on a magical and majestic graduation.

We celebrate our Graduates!

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Do you want to learn more about the MSS and DSS programs? Visit msia.org/pts.

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