Ask And You Shall Receive

By: Lynn Thayer

July 25th, 2018

Ask And You Shall Receive


Dear New Day Herald,

My name is Lynn Thayer and I have a story I’d like to share with you and others.

A couple of months ago I was blessed to have a 4-legged companion named Blake, and we would go for 3 to 4 hour walks (usually people could make it in an hour, but with my body it takes longer).  Anyway, while getting ready for this journey one day I was thinking about J-R and said out loud “God, I wish that I could get one more big hug from J-R to keep me going.”

I used to go through much pain and tiredness to do the walking and, honestly, did not think I’d get through it that day.  But, we started out anyway and made it out of the park where I live and began walking down the main street.  No one was ahead of us on the sidewalk so I just dropped Blake’s rope (a very long leash) and leaned down and told him to “go.”

I looked up and saw why Blake had started wagging his tail and standing still.  Out of nowhere came walking a tall black man dressed all in white.  All white — from his dress hat down to the polished white shoes and white cane he was walking with.  Only his sunglasses were not white.

I stood there in amazement.  Where did this sophisticated man come from?  The way he held himself was like a man of honor and he walked straight towards me.  I was dressed in hiking shoes, shorts, etc.

He continued towards me and began to smile and hold out his hand to me.  Without thinking or blinking an eye, he was giving me the biggest and longest hug I have ever had.  I did not let go but held on tightly.

Finally he let me go and smiled and said, “I will be here for you always when you need a hug.”  I threw my arms around him again and thanked him, not wanting to let go, but I did.

He asked, “how are you now?”  No words would come out but my heart was so warm.  This man put his hand in mine and tipped his head and whispered, “Remember, I will be here to hug you when you need it.”  Then he stepped around Blake and I and continued on walking.  I looked down at Blake and then looked back up – he had vanished.  No one was on the sidewalk.

I walked on for a few minutes when it hit me what had just happened (takes me awhile), and the awe of it struck me.

I have met this man again, and we have hugged.  This time we both were in hiking outfits when he appeared again and asked me how I was doing.  I answered “fine” and immediately started kicking myself for lying to myself.  He looked quizzically at me and laughed softly.  I asked for a hug, which he did willingly, then I answered “I feel so much better.”  I asked him his name and he took a moment and said, “Eric.”  I hugged him again and once again he held me tightly, then let go.  He smiled and said, “we both need to complete our journeys” and “see you again.”  Once more he was gone.

I hope to see “Eric,” or whoever this beautiful being is, again.  Each time I feel more within myself, my True Being.  When I need another hug, these memories come flooding back.

Hopefully, I will be able to meet him again before leaving this area and give him the biggest hug that I can because I sort of know what J-R meant when he said “I will always be there for you, Lynn.”

Thank you J-R for the hugs.

Hugs to you all,

Lynn Thayer

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What a beautiful and loving gift you received. Brought tears to my eyes.

So very sweet to have that gift. Thanks, Lynn, for sharing your hug with us as well:)

WOW! I’m a believer!

Exquisite! Thank you, Lynn!