Heaven On Earth Tour 2018 | Amalfi, Italy | Day 19

By: Julie Lurie | Videos and Story
David Sand | Photos and Blog

October 3rd, 2018

Heaven On Earth Tour 2018 | Amalfi, Italy | Day 19


“My job is to awaken the soul into the soul realm, so you can have heaven while you’re on earth.” John-Roger, DSS.


Amalfi, Italy | Day 19 | October 3, 2018

Today is an exploration of the Amalfi Coast. We have the morning free and come back in the late afternoon for some blissful John Morton Sharing time with the group. The beautiful Santa Caterina Hotel is a fun place to explore. There are many verandas to view the Mediterranean Sea. Elevator rides to take you down a sheer cliff to a base camp area with a swimming pool, restaurant, exercise room and access to the sea to take a swim.

Others explore more areas of Amalfi. Some visit the Villa Rufolo, a Moorish-influenced Villa built in the 1200s and known for its cascading gardens & terraces overlooking the sea. Others pop into the Museum of paper, featuring exhibits on the history & production of paper for which Amalfi is famous.

In the early evening we prepare for an evening of John Morton sharing. Before the Traveler begins everyone is treated with beautiful glassware from the Amalfi Region. Sounds of delight ring through the room. John begins sharing, and we are again taken on a Traveler Journey. The evening ends with a beautiful dinner with the group.

In Loving Service,
Julie Lurie


Touring Photos by David Sand

Scroll down to the bottom to read David Sand’s Day 19 travalogue.


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From David Sand on Day 19:

Another glorious day in paradise on the edge of the ocean—the Amalfi coast. There’s ocean and sky and heavenly hotels, meticulously decked out in white and pastels, each room with a spectacular view of the sky and sea, and staff who are attentive to every whim or need. Three housekeepers show up at our door when we ask for an extra blanket. It’s like the family you always wanted as a child when you were newly arrived from heaven, still retaining the memory of desire so instantly fulfilled that it couldn’t be distinguished from desirelessness. (Photos include a brief excursion to Pompeii, about an hour away, that four of us made, including areas that have just been excavated in the last few weeks. It’s a short reminder of earth and fire during our sojourn in water and air.)

This is like postgraduate work. The trip has pared down to about 30 people on the “J-R legacy” portion, there’s more free time, the locales are even more stunning and there’s less to do—an atmosphere more suited to hanging out and doing SE’s, or participating in whatever sensory indulgence our karma pulls us to. Or doing both at the same time, a trick we’ve seen J-R and John do and which we attempt at our own risk, like swimming in the ocean without a lifeguard. It’s all about freedom and choice now, as we prepare for re-entry into the “world” where there’s a hazier order and guidance in the choices.

And the freedom at these heights is dizzying. It’s heaven brought down to the earth and also earth lifted up into heaven. Our hotel is perched right above the sea, and there’s an elevator that goes down through levels of bars, gardens and patios overlooking the sky-sea, until we reach the bottom where there’s a choice of swimming in the ocean or a heated pool. We’re backed up as close as you can get to the Mediterranean in a cliffside dwelling among the other cliff-dwellers, staring out into the sea from our white terraced apartments. We’ve been going and going until there’s nowhere left to go. There’s a longer view now but it’s just a view of blue, and as the energy inside gets clearer to match the view (some of us have been clearing for a month now), there’s more of that sense of wide-open blankness that reminds me of J-R’s eyes. From that vantage point the choices don’t matter because spirit is everywhere and everything is spirit. But if I don’t choose to look from that higher vantage point I’m back in the karma. It’s a funny kind of paradox, an anticlimactic climax to the trip, a question that has two right answers as long as you can remember the question.

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Wow!!! All these write-ups, pics + videos are all Magnificently Glorious + Wow, We Are All Soooo Blessed!!!!! Thank HUUUUU angels + much awesome ongoing Loving Light fthg!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks for all the days of sharing the glories of this world and beauty, yes so much beauty!