Heaven On Earth Tour 2018 | Amalfi, Italy | Day 20

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October 4th, 2018

Heaven On Earth Tour 2018 | Amalfi, Italy | Day 20


“My job is to awaken the soul into the soul realm, so you can have heaven while you’re on earth.” John-Roger, DSS.


Amalfi, Italy | Day 20 | October 4, 2018

Today we journey to Anacapri by boat. We depart the beautiful Santa Caterina Hotel and head to the docks to board three boats with our luggage to head to the beautiful Island of Anacapri.

Anacapri is an island of Capri, in the Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy. The Ancient Greek prefix ana- means “up” or “above,” to signify Anacapri is located at a higher elevation on the island than Capri. It has a separate status from the city of Capri.

The boat ride takes a couple of hours by sea to reach Anacapri. The ride is very relaxing, and for those interested in catching some sun, sit on the decks as the coastline drifts by.

Upon arriving in Anacapri, we are greeted with many minivans to take us and the luggage to the hotel. The streets are very narrow and windy, so many small vehicles were the best way to transport the group. We arrive at the outrageously beautiful Caesar Augustus Hotel. The hotel is set on a hillside overlooking the bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

We are greeted by the son of the owner with a warm welcome and taken out to the terrace which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to see the most breathtaking views upon this mountain cliff. Next, we are taken to an outdoor restaurant to enjoy a beautiful lunch of fine Italian cuisine of pasta, vegetables hand-picked from the hotel garden, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, and bread.

After a full lunch and morning of sea adventures, we head off to unpack and explore the hotel and the many offerings it has for us.

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Julie Lurie


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Touring Photos by David Sand



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